854 A Great Uproar

No one knew exactly how much of an attack the vice-sect master had experienced in that short period to the point that he was completely crippled.

But from the fact that his body had been blown apart, they could understand that he had suffered an unimaginably terrifying attack.

Everyone was stunned, as if they couldn’t accept this sudden change.

Before this, even the most optimistic person did not think that Chu Yunfan could kill the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master.
Even if he could defeat the vice-sect master, it would still require a challenge of absolute imagination.

This was because no one had ever heard of anyone being able to do so.

That was definitely a great miracle.
And now, this miracle had appeared in front of them.
They couldn’t believe it and couldn’t react for a while.

It took a long time for anyone to react.

“Chu Yunfan killed a Divine expert!”

This sentence was like poking a hornet’s nest, making everyone burst into an uproar.

Especially on the Internet.

[For the first time in history, an Innate defeats a Divine!]

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[Absolutely shocking! An Innate master killed a Divine expert!]

[The legend of Divine experts has been broken!]

All sorts of explosive-sounding posts appeared on the Internet and spread throughout the Federation.

Before the battle had even ended, the entire Internet was already in an uproar.

[Impossible! How could a Divine expert lose to an Innate expert?!]

[This is impossible! It must be fake news!]

There were a lot of people who couldn’t believe it.
This had completely subverted their worldview

“He won! He won!”

In a villa in the Chu ancestral home, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun were hugging each other and crying.

Chu Yunfan hadn’t told them that he was going to kill a Divine expert.
It was Chu Qingxuan who suddenly returned home who told them about it.

Divine experts were too powerful.
After being deified for so many years, their strength had long been deeply rooted in everyone’s mind.
No one thought that an Innate expert could ever succeed.
And yet, Chu Yunfan had done it.

At first, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun had been extremely worried.
But now, all their worries had turned into pride.
No matter what, Chu Yunfan was their son.


In Shanhe Alchemy at Donghua City, the company’s upper management—including Lu Qingxuan—were all watching this great battle on the Internet.
Everyone knew that although they were in charge of the company, the real core of the company was none other than Chu Yunfan.

Once he won, it would only be a matter of time before Shanhe Alchemy took off.
Countless people within the Federation would rush to give them money.
Countless banks would be crying and shouting to give them loans.
Countless talents would also surge in from all over the Federation to join their company.

But if they failed, the consequences would be beyond doubt.
Everyone, including Lu Qingxuan, would be thrown into the abyss.
The seemingly prosperous and developing Shanhe Alchemy would be swallowed up in one gulp.

In the beginning, they were a little reproachful.
Why was Chu Yunfan so reckless? Was a Divine expert so easy to deal with?

If it were so easy to encircle and annihilate Divine experts, the Federation wouldn’t have such a headache now, let alone an Innate expert challenging a Divine expert.

That was simply courting death.
No matter how amazing Chu Yunfan’s talent was, before a Divine, it would still be courting death.

Before this, no one believed that he could do it.
They waited for the results as if they were waiting for the final judgment.
Who knew that they would be met with a miracle that even they themselves could not believe.

“Hahaha! We won! We won!”

One of the higher-ups couldn’t help but burst out laughing.
They had actually won.
Chu Yunfan had actually won! Regardless of whether he had really entered the Divine Abilities Stage or not, there was no doubt that he had the strength to contend and even kill a Divine expert.

There was no difference between him and a Divine expert.

Shanhe Alchemy now had the support of an expert who was comparable to a Divine.
There was no doubt about their future development.
Sooner or later, they would become the giant of the Federation.
They would become powerful and awe-inspiring figures like the current upper echelons of the Federation’s corporations.

The situation was reversed in an instant.

Lu Qingxuan was the first to let out a long sigh of relief.
Her eyes were a little teary.
In the blink of an eye, five years had passed.
Chu Yunfan had also grown from a young and inexperienced boy to a peerless expert whose name shook the Federation.

And because of Chu Yunfan’s victory, they didn’t have to face a disaster.

“Now that we’ve won, it’s up to us now,” Lu Qingxuan said, “Help me contact the presidents of the banks and discuss the loan.
I want our company to expand tenfold in one year!”

An Innate expert couldn’t support such a company, but a master who was comparable to a Divine could.


“Hahahaha, the Heavens are really pouring blessings upon our family!”

In the depths of the Chu ancestral home, all the higher-ups of the Chu family had gathered to wait for the final result.
Compared to ordinary people on the Internet, they could see more because they could observe the battle through their family’s military satellites.

They had seen the entire process of Chu Yunfan killing the Divine expert.

Chu Haoyue let out a maniacal laugh.
At first, he didn’t think that Chu Yunfan could do it.
Even if Chu Yunfan could escape from the hands of a Divine expert, it would have been enough to shake the world.

Who knew that Chu Yunfan would actually kill the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms?

It was equivalent to the Chus having another Divine expert.
This was equivalent to adding another layer of protection to the complicated situation within the Federation.

“Mobilize all our forces.
Do not let the Jiangs retaliate!” Chu Yan, the head of the family, barked.

This time, no one in the family had any objections.
Judging from the battle prowess Chu Yunfan had displayed, it was hard to imagine how far he could go in the future.

This was not as simple as the Great Ancestor having a successor.
He would be able to go even further than that.

Moreover, the Chus were the first among the major forces within the Federation to cultivate a new generation of successors with divine power.
This gave them an absolute advantage over the other families.
There was no need to doubt how powerful a Divine expert was.
Everyone understood that.

In this round, the Chus had the complete advantage and might even become the number one family in the future.

“Haoyue, regarding Chu Yunfan helping us to concoct the pill, pass down the order that we will do our best to cooperate with him.
We’ll give him the highest priority in all the tasks.
If we succeed, our family will produce another Divine expert and the situation will be settled.
The Jiangs will not be able to do touch us,” Chu Yan said.

“Understood!” Chu Haoyue said excitedly.

He remembered what Chu Yunfan had said before.
Chu Yunfan would help him to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.
With Chu Yunfan’s current status, it was absolutely impossible for him to tell lies.

And now, Chu Haoyue had the chance to enter that level, so how could he not be excited?


“He actually won!”

At the same time, in the Tangs’ secret base, many of the Tang higher-ups—including Tang Bailu—were watching this scene.
They couldn’t believe that Chu Yunfan had managed to turn the tide.
Not only did he display a combat strength comparable to a Divine expert, but he also managed to kill him.

They knew very well that in a battle between experts of the same level, killing was ten times harder than defeating.
In other words, they had underestimated Chu Yunfan’s strength.

“He actually did it! This is unbelievable!” one of the Tang seniors said.
At this time, they were all still in shock.

At that moment, Tang Bailu suddenly said, “The ex-clan leader is bedridden because of his treacherous wife and can’t make any decisions.
As the saying goes, a snake can’t run without its head, and a country can’t go a day without a king.
We don’t have a leader now, so it’s time to elect a new one.”

Tang Bailu’s words stunned all the higher-ups.
They did not know why Tang Bailu would suddenly say something like that.
Shouldn’t they first confirm the situation of the original clan leader, Tang Tianluo?

Why was she so eager to push for a new clan leader? No matter what, this was not appropriate.
It was not in line with the procedures and not in line with the ways of the world.

Then, Tang Bailu continued, “As the saying goes, ‘When selecting a capable person, one should not avoid his or her family.’ Tang Siyu is the most outstanding disciple I’ve ever taught.
She’s only in her early twenties, but she’s already reached the peak of the Innate Stage.
Such strength is enough to convince the public.
In terms of status, she’s the daughter of the ex-clan leader, so she’s the most suitable.
I propose that Tang Siyu take over the position.
Does anyone object?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they immediately understood Tang Bailu’s thoughts.
Many of them originally had the intention of fighting for the position.
In terms of strength, they were not weak, and there were even peak Innate experts among them.

In this aspect, Tang Siyu did not have an advantage, and she did not have much experience.
And what was this nonsense about her being the daughter of the ex-clan leader.
How could a daughter of a mistress be a valid reason?

Everyone knew that there was only one real reason, and that was Chu Yunfan who was standing behind Tang Siyu.

No matter what his cultivation level was, it was a fact that his battle prowess was no longer inferior to Divine experts.

The Tangs lacked such a top-notch expert to back them up.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been bullied by the Jiangs to such an extent.
If the Tangs Great Ancestor were here, they wouldn’t have ended up like this.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

“I also agree!”


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