850 Fearlessly Fighting Against a Divine Expert

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.
The Jiang and Tang experts who were frantically attacking were dumbfounded.
No one had ever thought that there would be such an unforeseen event.

Jiang Siying was their leader and the pillar of support for the two families.
But now she had been destroyed.

Siying is a peak-Innate.
Even if she was hit by a missile, she would at most be heavily injured.
How could she be turned into a bloody mist?!”

Jiang Xuanlei was shocked.
He widened his eyes in disbelief.

He knew very well that Jiang Siying’s strength was almost on par with his.
She had married into the Tangs for the sake of the family.
If she didn’t have such strength, how could she have secretly developed such a large-scale force in the Tangs for so many years?

In the end, with the help of the Jiangs, she completely overturned the Tang family.
Who knew that she would be killed by her own people in just a short while?

“It was because all the power in her body had been sealed.
She couldn’t use a single ounce of her power.” the vice-sect master standing beside Jiang Xuanlei said slowly.

At this moment, the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master was like a volcano that was about to erupt.
It was as if there was an endless fury brewing within him.

“Truly damnable!”

The vice-sect master slowly walked toward Chu Yunfan.
Every step he took seemed to trample over everyone’s hearts.
Many felt their bodies tremble.

The crowd was shocked.
They were all Innate Stage experts.
Their control over their bodies could be said to have reached its peak.

Now, with just a few steps, the energy and blood within their bodies were shaking.
They could not control their heartbeat.
It was simply terrifying.

It was also the first time many people had seen a Divine expert.
His terrifying aura alone managed to suppress the entire scene.
Whether it was an Acquired, an Innate, or even a peak Innate expert, they were all meaningless in front of him.

They were all ants.

“You b*stard! You’ve infuriated me!” The vice-sect master walked up to Chu Yunfan and said, “I will use the cruelest of methods to kill you!”

The anger on his face was about to explode.
Chu Yunfan had killed the person he wanted to protect right before his eyes.
This was a great humiliation to him.

This was especially so for someone like him, who had just stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage and was full of himself.
This was simply a great humiliation.

“Those who aren’t related should get lost.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for accidentally injuring you.”

The vice-sect master still had some rationality left in him.

Everyone present was a high-level figure of the Federation.
Even though he was not afraid of causing heavy casualties, his Fluttering Blooms could then forget about advancing into the Federation if that happened.

Hearing this, everyone began to retreat frantically, not daring to get close.
Many of them had already flown thousands of feet away in just a few leaps.
They flew to the top of high-rise buildings thousands of feet away and watched from a distance.

No one dared to ignore the words of the vice-sect master.
The power of a Divine expert was far more terrifying than they could imagine.

The vice-sect master slowly rose into the air.
His entire body emitted an astonishing light as if he were a god.

In a short while, he had risen tens of feet into the sky.

Many Innate experts looked at this scene with envy on their faces.
Since ancient times, mankind’s desire to fly had never stopped.
However, only Divine experts could do so.

They looked at Chu Yunfan again but saw that he had no intention of running away.
He just stood with his hands behind his back, staring icily at the vice-sect master who was floating in the sky.

Chu Yunfan looked like a warrior who was about to go to war.

At the same time, there was also a huge uproar on the Internet.
Many streamers had changed the name of their stream.

[Chu Yunfan’s battle with a Divine expert!]

Such shocking headlines instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone clicked on the post one after another.
As the broadcast was from very far away, even a camera could not capture the scene.
Only some photos were circulated.

However, just these photos set off a huge uproar on the Internet.

Chu Yunfan had killed Tang Jingang so easily and calmly.
Even people with lower cultivation could see that Chu Yunfan’s strength was far above Tang Jingang’s.

Then, in the endless rain of bullets, not only did Chu Yunfan survive, but he also used the rain of bullets to kill the high and mighty matriarch of the Tangs, Jiang Siying.

Many people felt that it was unbelievable.
The woman who had stirred up trouble in the Tang family plotted against her husband and seized the reigns of the Tang family had died so easily under the rain of bullets.
She was so weak that it was unbelievable.

More people knew that it wasn’t that Jiang Siying was weak, but that Chu Yunfan was strong.

Today, if it wasn’t for the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms, Chu Yunfan would have been able to sweep through the Tangs single-handedly.
With his power, he could even change a colossus.

Unknowingly, Chu Yunfan had reached this point.

And the photos that were taken later on were released.
That Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master whose entire body was flickering with flowing light was merely an image.
Yet, it had a kind of might that could shake the Heavens and Earth.

He dominated the world as if he was on a different level from ordinary creatures.
He was like a living god.

In front of the terrifying might of the vice-sect master, Chu Yunfan, who was dressed in martial attire, looked extraordinary.
However, he was also like a small boat in the middle of a stormy sea that could capsize at any moment.

[He’s not running? What is he waiting for?]

[Is he really going to fight against a Divine expert?]

A Divine expert is too strong.
Not crossing that line is not crossing that line.
It can’t be faked]

On the Internet, countless people were paying attention to this, especially after seeing the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master rise into the sky.

“Very good, you aren’t running away.
You have some backbone.”

A sinister smile appeared on the vice-sect master’s face.
He looked at Chu Yunfan as if he was looking at an ant.

“In that case, I’ll let you die a quick death.”

The vice-sect master stretched out his hand and a golden flower shot out from his palm.
This flower instantly took form.
It grew from a bud to a full-grown flower.
It was extremely beautiful.

However, the flower was flying straight toward Chu Yunfan at an astonishing speed, leaving a long trail of light in the air.

In an instant, it arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.

Everyone held their breath.
Although they all knew how terrifying it was to have a Divine expert, Chu Yunfan shouldn’t be so vulnerable, right?


Just as the golden flower was about to land on Chu Yunfan’s body, he raised his hand and sent it flying as if he was shooing away a fly.

Boom, boom, boom!

After a series of volcano-like explosions, a small dust cloud slowly rose up.
A terrifying power soared up to the sky, forming a huge tornado.
The 300-foot-tall tornado could be easily seen even from the outside of the Tangs’ ancestral residence.

The earth shook.
Many could feel the building under their feet shaking even from above.

Many Acquired experts trembled when they saw this scene.
They had never seen such a terrifying fight before.
Even if they had used large-caliber firepower, it would only be this powerful.

And that was merely an attack that the vice-sect master had casually launched.
This was a Divine expert.

The Spirit Energy of the whole world was in chaos, and there was a power that could destroy cities and countries at any time.
Was he human?

Even the gods of the world could not contend with this level of power.

Many people thought of the many ancient myths and legends of the past.
Those legendary gods had destroyed the world, but those were only legends.
Now, such people really existed.

Perhaps the gods and immortals in the myths and legends were actually experts who had reached the Divine Abilities Stage.
Ancient people were so ignorant that they regarded them as gods.

Meanwhile, the Innate experts also looked as if they had seen a ghost.
Compared to this level of attack, they were too weak.
An expert who had reached the Divine Abilities Stage was like a moving fire station, able to pour out countless terrifying fires at any time to destroy everything.

If they didn’t do anything to stop it, a Divine would easily destroy a city.


The strong wind caused by the explosion made Chu Yunfan’s clothes flutter, but his expression remain unchanged.
He just waved his hand and said, “If this is all you’re capable of, you’ll die here today.
Show me your true strength.
Otherwise, you’ll only make people laugh.”

No one had expected Chu Yunfan to say something like this.
He didn’t show any weakness in the face of a Divine expert and even dared to provoke the expert.

However, when everyone thought about how he had casually sent the golden flower flying, they also came to a realization.

That golden flower looked harmless, but in fact, it was on par with a large-caliber artillery shell.
An ordinary peak Innate expert would have to dodge it, not daring to take it head-on.

Peak Innate experts were hard to kill because they had sharp senses and were hard to hit directly.
It didn’t mean that they wouldn’t die even if they were covered by fire.

“You’re quite capable, but if you think you can fight me, you’re gravely mistaken.”

The vice-sect master looked at Chu Yunfan with a hint of surprise.
He wasn’t surprised that Chu Yunfan was able to withstand his attack, but it was too easy.

In an instant, an overwhelming pressure was released.
Even though they were far away—having retreated more than a thousand feet—the crowed almost fell to their knees.

It was a clear suppression from a different level of life.


The vice-sect master waved his hand, and in an instant, a strong wind blew.
Endless Spirit Energy of nature condensed together and turned into a terrifying tornado that was thousands of feet long and hundred of feet wide.

It blotted out the Sky and Earth as it rushed toward Chu Yunfan.

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