844 Massacre, Divine Level Combat Power

The message that Tang Siyu had sent back was not long.
It was very short.
It was just two sentences, but it was enough.

Soon, Chu Yunfan met up with Tang Siyu, but this time she did not come alone.
There was a middle-aged woman in her forties following her.

Although this woman was quite old, she still had her charm.
Her figure was slender, and she seemed to be from an extraordinary background.

“Yunfan, this is my master, Tang Bailu.
If it wasn’t for my master’s protection over the past two years, I’m afraid my situation would have been much worse,” Tang Siyu introduced.

“Master, this is the Chu Yunfan I told you about,” Tang Siyu said.

Chu Yunfan suddenly understood who this middle-aged woman was.
Back then, in order to make Tang Siyu worthy of Jiang Lingxiao, the Tangs had specially arranged a top expert to be Tang Siyu’s master and guide her in cultivation.

“I see.
Thank you for your help over the past two years, Senior Tang!”

Although Tang Bailu’s cultivation base was only at the ninth Innate Stage, Chu Yunfan was willing to give her enough respect for the fact that she had sheltered Tang Siyu for two years.

“You’re Chu Yunfan?” Tang Bailu was a little surprised, even though she had seen Chu Yunfan’s projection more than once and knew what he looked like.

When they met in person, she was still extremely shocked.

Tang Siyu’s sudden appearance a month ago and the cultivation she displayed were even higher than her own.
This was already enough to shock her.

In just a few years, Tang Siyu’s cultivation had skyrocketed.
Tang Bailu vaguely knew that Tang Siyu’s mother had left behind an heirloom, so she could understand.

However, when she met Chu Yunfan, she was completely shocked.
Two years ago, Chu Yunfan had once attacked the Jiangs, but everyone knew that he had relied on some kind of pill to stimulate all his potential.

However, Chu Yunfan was different.
No one knew where he came from to actually be so amazing.

Tang Bailu stood in front of Chu Yunfan and felt that he was unfathomable.
If the internal energy in his body was like a long river, then Chu Yunfan gave her the feeling of a boundless ocean.

Although the Yangtze River was wide, it was not comparable to the boundless sea.

‘He’s indeed young and talented.
His future is boundless.’ Tang Bailu thought as she looked at Chu Yunfan with relief.

After the formalities, Tang Bailu immediately said, “According to our investigation, those who resisted that woman have been detained in a secret base.
There are a large number of experts guarding that place, and I’m afraid we can’t break in with our strength alone.”

The woman Tang Bailu was talking about was Jiang Siying, the one who controlled the entire Tang family.

“It doesn’t matter.
As long as we can find it, we can fight our way in,” Chu Yunfan said confidently as he stood with his hands behind his back.

Tang Bailu glanced at Chu Yunfan and decided to trust him.
She didn’t have any other choice now.

“According to the information we received, that woman wants to wait until after the ceremony to kill all of these high-level members.
If we want to save them, we have to do it as soon as possible.
Otherwise, it’ll be too late,” Tang Bailu said.

“However, when we try to save them, we will immediately alert that woman.
I’m afraid that will cause a lot of trouble.”

Chu Yunfan pondered for a moment and said, “Your guys should have array masters, right? I know an array that can completely seal off a place.
Even wireless signals, wired signals, and quantum signals can’t be sent out.
That way, that woman won’t be able to find out.”

“That’s a great idea.” Tang Bailu clapped her hands.
“With the help of these higher-ups, we can overthrow that woman’s rule and stop this alliance!”

“Overthrow? No, this time, none of them will get away,” Chu Yunfan said with a sharp glint in his eyes.

Not long after, a group of hundreds of people quietly sneaked into the periphery of the Tangs’ secret base.

These were the forces within the Tangs that opposed Jiang Siying’s rule.
Although many of them seemed to have surrendered on the surface, they were always thinking of rebelling against Jiang Siying’s rule.

And the ones leading them were Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, Tang Bailu, and others.

Not far away, many array masters began to fly in all directions, trying to occupy every corner and began to set up a sealing array.
Although they had never seen the array technique that Chu Yunfan had given them, it was not very complicated, so they quickly mastered it.

“The ceremony is about to begin.
We need to finish this as soon as possible,” Tang Bailu said, “Everyone, get your mechas ready.
Prepare to break in.”

On Tang Bailu’s orders, the ordinary experts behind her started to equip their mechas.
In an instant, it was equivalent to hundreds of Acquired and Innate experts.

The heritage of a big family could be seen in this.
They could compete with martial arts masters by relying on technological weapons.

As for Tang Bailu and the others, they only wore inner armor.
To make it easier for them to move around, they did not wear a mecha suit.
Without exception, they were all top-tier experts at the peak-Innate Stage—the pillars of the Tangs.

As for Chu Yunfan, he only looked at the base from afar, but he could even feel a sense of danger.
His sixth sense was reminding him that there was a great killing weapon in this base that was enough to threaten Innate level martial arts experts.

However, to him, this level of threat was nothing.

Soon, a huge barrier was formed in the sky.
Everyone’s mind trembled.
They instantly knew that it was time to make a move.

“Let’s go!” Tang Bailu ordered, and everyone rushed into the base like tigers.

The guards in the base also noticed the barrier and instantly became alert.
Hundreds of mechas rose into the air at the same time.

At the same time, white missiles almost immediately swept in the direction of the crowd.

Everyone’s expression turned cold, but then they became more determined.
It was normal to attack a well-equipped base like this.
Even if someone was sacrificed, they would not hesitate.
Once the three families formed an alliance, the Tangs would definitely have no power to resist and would be swallowed up by the other two forces.

“Prepare to respond!”

“Attack!” Tang Bailu shouted, and everyone started to prepare for the missile attack.
At this moment, a blood-red skeletal hand suddenly appeared in the air and grabbed at the missiles.

Those powerful missiles were swept away in mid-air and exploded, not causing any impact on the people.

Everyone was stunned.
They were already prepared to sacrifice themselves.
When this wave of missiles swept down, they would have to sacrifice at least a portion of their lives to survive.

With their speed, they were either in mechas or martial arts experts.
Before the second wave of missiles arrived, they would be able to get close to the base.
This was their original plan.

However, they hadn’t expected such an unforeseen event to occur.

They looked over and saw the blood-red skeletal hand extend through the air and finally land on Chu Yunfan’s body.

It showed that the attack just now was from Chu Yunfan.

At the critical moment, Chu Yunfan used the Demon Descent Illustration.
With his current cultivation level, he was no weaker than a Divine expert in one-on-one combat.

However, he was still not a Divine expert.
In terms of large-scale attacks, he was still far behind Divine experts.
However, the Demon Descent Illustration made up for his shortcomings.

“Charge! I’ll handle all the missiles! Don’t be afraid!” Chu Yunfan shouted, and a pair of thunder wings grew out of his back.
He soared through the sky like a god.

“Kill them!”

Chu Yunfan’s amazing performance boosted the morale of the Tangs experts who had already decided to sacrifice everything.

Tang Bailu looked at Chu Yunfan in amazement.
At this moment, she finally understood why Chu Yunfan didn’t need to ask for help.
He could suppress everything by himself.

Perhaps this time, the Tangs could really be saved.

At this time, the second wave of missiles swept across the sky.
However, this time, the Tangs didn’t pay much attention to it and charged toward the base at an astonishing speed.

Sure enough, Chu Yunfan made his move again.
He spread out his hand and a blood-red skeletal hand suddenly appeared, sweeping toward the missiles.




These missiles exploded one after another, forming a terrifying tide.
The strong wind was enough to blow everything over.

However, Chu Yunfan was not afraid in the slightest.
A layer of Innate True Energy appeared on his body, and the wings on his back flapped slightly.
His whole body seemed to be shuttling through the void.

Chu Yunfan’s sudden appearance shocked the mechas.
They were planning to attack the Tang experts who were launching a surprise attack on them.

But now that Chu Yunfan had suddenly appeared in front of them, the instantly launched all kinds of missiles at him, forming a rain of metal bullets.




The metal bullets couldn’t touch Chu Yunfan.
A huge blood-red skeletal hand appeared in front of him, shielding him from all the explosions.

On Chu Yunfan’s other side, a second blood-red skeletal hand appeared.
It grew larger and larger, and soon, it was over a thousand square meters in size.


Chu Yunfan’s blood-red skeletal hand suddenly grabbed down.
Dozens of mechas didn’t have time to escape and were caught.
Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, they instantly turned into a ball of smoke and exploded.

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