842 The Undercurrent Is Surging, and a Storm Is Coming

The Jiangs quickly came to a decision.
Unless they used a nuclear bomb, Chu Yunfan’s strength meant that they could only use some forbidden means.

The most reliable way was to let their own Great Ancestor take action personally.

There was no need to mention the Jiang Great Ancestor’s strength and reputation.
Especially after confirming that he had killed the Tang Great Ancestor and turned him into a living puppet, his reputation grew to be like the Sun in the Sky.

In the eyes of the entire Jiang family, this was simply an irreconcilable hatred.
However, to outsiders, this was a great deterrent.

In the past, when the Eight Greats were placed side by side, it was hard to say who was stronger.
But now, the Jiang Great Ancestor was clearly stronger and stood out among the Eight Greats.

This was also the reason why the Jiangs had suffered so many losses in the past few years.
More than a hundred Innate Stage experts had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
The Jiangs had suffered greatly.

However, the Jiangs’ reputation had not fallen, and it was largely due to the Jiang Great Ancestor’s strength.

Everyone was clear that although the Jiangs had lost a lot of Innate experts, it wasn’t a huge loss compared to the overall strength of their family.

The Jiangs had been established within the Federation for more than two hundred years.
Its deep heritage was not something that outsiders could imagine.
If this was all they had, they would not be worthy of the title of one of the Eight Greats

Moreover, the loss of Innate experts could be made up through more training.
And with advanced mechas as combat power, the loss would not be much.

Only the Jiang Great Ancestor was like a stabilizing pillar.
Once he was lost, there was no way to replenish it, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

Naturally, the Jiang Great Ancestor would be the priority.
Although the Jiangs were afraid of Chu Yunfan, it was only fear.
In their eyes, they indeed had the means and ability to kill Chu Yunfan.

Although they didn’t know how Chu Yunfan was able to escape the attacks of nuclear bombs every time, they didn’t believe that he wasn’t afraid of nuclear bombs.
Even Divine experts wouldn’t dare to act so recklessly.

Even a Divine expert would die if they were in the center of a nuclear explosion.

“But even so, we can’t let him get away with this.
Doesn’t the Fluttering Blooms want to cooperate with us and the Tangs? Since we’re going to cooperate, then let’s have them show some sincerity.
If they can’t even deal with a mere Chu Yunfan, then the Fluttering Blooms are useless.”

Jiang Xuanlei made the final decision.

On a mountain peak in the Kunlun Realm, a group of people with strong auras were waiting on both sides.
At this time, the sky was like a scroll, and a huge crack tore open.
A god-like figure with golden light flew out of the crack on a beam of light.
In just a moment, he had arrived in the center of the group.

It was a man who looked to be in his thirties.
He had a handsome face and a cold expression.
He wore a purple-gold robe and a jade belt around his waist.
He looked dignified.

“Greetings, Vice-sect Master!”

Everyone saluted in unison.

The expression on the faces of those present was incomparably respectful.
Although the other party’s status in the sect was only one level higher than theirs, this very gap was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

This man was the youngest vice-sect leader of the Fluttering Blooms.
A terrifying existence who had truly crossed that line.
Although he had only crossed it for a little more than a year, he had already established his own prestige in the sect, and no one could rival him.

If there were people from the holy land here, they would naturally be able to recognize that these people were the higher-ups, elders, deacons, and so on of the holy land’s Fluttering Blooms.

These people held high positions within the Fluttering Blooms, and the people who could make them wait here were naturally not ordinary people.

And this person was the Fluttering Blooms’ newly promoted vice-sect leader.

Although the man was young, no one dared to question him.
According to the rules of the Fluttering Blooms, only those who had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage could become high-ranking members.

Once they crossed that line, it was like a heavenly moat that separated gods and mortals.

“How are the preparations?” The vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms asked.

“Everything has already been carried out in an orderly manner.
The cooperation between our sect, the Jiangs, and the Tangs has also been further deepened.
However, the Jiangs and the Tangs have suddenly raised a request, and that is for you, vice-sect master, to come forward and kill a person,” one of the leading elders replied respectfully.

“Kill who?” The vice-sect master’s eyebrows furrowed, clearly somewhat unhappy.
“Was this their Great Ancestor’s idea or someone else’s?”

“It’s their family’s Jiang Xuanlei.
According to the information we found, this person’s name is Chu Yunfan, and he’s a direct descendant of the Chus, one of the major families of the Federation.
This person’s cultivation is extremely profound, and he’s known as the number one person among the younger generation of the Federation.
Even peak Innate experts are no match for him.
The Jiang Great Ancestor is in outer space and won’t be able to return for a while.
This troubles the Jiangs, so they’ve requested that you take action.
My guess is that… they’re testing the strength of our sect,” the elder continued respectfully.

This man’s cultivation base had already reached the peak of the Innate Stage, but he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect to the vice-sect master.
One step was the difference between life and death.

“Hmph, if these people don’t show some of their power, how could they be willing to do so? Just because they have high-end weapons like nuclear weapons in their hands that they dare to bargain with us?” The brows of the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master furrowed even deeper.
“But these are just petty tricks.
Fine, I’ll deal with this Chu Yunfan when the time comes.
The geniuses of the Federation are too strong, and it’s not a good thing for us.

When the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master said these few words, the corner of his mouth revealed a disdainful smile.
This so-called title, in his opinion, was simply laughable.
What number one person of the younger generation? In the eyes of outsiders, Chu Yunfan might be powerful and could even defeat a peak Innate expert.

However, in the eyes of someone like him who had crossed that line, those who hadn’t crossed it were just ants.
No matter how strong an ant was, it was still an ant that could be stomped to death with one step.

“Vice-sect Master, according to our previous investigations, the disciple who was highly regarded in our sect, Lin Chengfeng, disappeared after he came to the Federation.
Later, we found out that this matter is related to this Chu Yunfan,” the elder said.

With the Fluttering Blooms’ strength, although their infiltration into the Federation wasn’t too deep, the resources they could mobilize were quite a fair bit.
Furthermore, they had the help of a behemoth like the Jiangs, so it wasn’t difficult to find out some things that weren’t completely confidential.

That was how they were able to find out that Lin Chengfeng had been beaten to death after entering Shanhe Alchemy.
The Federation Police had announced to the public that he had trespassed on private property, and there had been no further investigations after that.

Chu Yunfan’s identity as a Federation University student wasn’t completely useless.
His senior coursemates’ network spread all over the Federation.
Lin Chengfeng was just an outsider without any foundation, so who would make things difficult for Chu Yunfan for his sake?

The entire Fluttering Blooms was ashamed.
They knew that it was related to Chu Yunfan, but they couldn’t do anything to him.
When they wanted to kill Chu Yunfan, he suddenly disappeared, and they presumed him dead.

Who knew that when he reappeared, even a peak Innate expert was no match for him? They didn’t dare to act rashly.

They weren’t like the Jiangs, who had high-end weapons like nuclear weapons in their hands.
However, things were different now.
With the arrival of the vice-sect master, the Fluttering Blooms finally had the power to suppress everything in the Federation.

A Divine expert was enough to sweep across the Federation.

“Lin Chengfeng? So it was Chu Yunfan who killed him.
Then, this Chu Yunfan should die even more.”

The Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master’s brows were tightly knitted together.
He cared little for the death of a disciple.
There were countless disciples in the Fluttering Blooms, and there were also quite a few with talent.
However, he could not ignore this matter.

After all, a core disciple had died.
If he did not express anything, then wouldn’t everyone look down on the Fluttering Blooms in the future?

“In that case, help me tell the Jiang clan leader that I’ll take care of Chu Yunfan for him.
However, this is the only time I’m willing to be tested.
Out of respect for his family’s Great Ancestor, I won’t argue with him.
But he must remember that the dignity of a Divine can not be easily humiliated.
Next time, things won’t go so well,” the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms said coldly.

“Understood!” the elder hurriedly said.

“By the way, the last time you sent a message to the holy land, you said that the Tang Great Ancestor was killed?” the vice-sect master said.

“That’s right.
The person who killed him was the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor.
The Tang Great Ancestor was even made into a living puppet for the Jiang Great Ancestor’s use,” the elder hurriedly replied with respect.

“Hahahaha, this is really interesting.
The Jiangs and the Tangs can still join forces.
The Jiangs have some tricks up their sleeves,” the vice-sect master chuckled, “The Jiangs are a little troublesome to deal with.
If we let them absorb the Tangs’ power, wouldn’t they be ordering us around? The Jiangs killed their patriarch, so there will definitely be people in the Tangs who are dissatisfied.
You arranged for these people to be bribed, and the Jiangs want to absorb all of the Tangs’ power? At least half of them should be left for me, especially those high-tech talents.
The high-tech weapons of the Federation are redeeming.
Although they’re not the main path, they’re still a powerful supplement.”

“Understood,” the elder said.

Although their alliance with the Jiangs and the Tangs had only just begun, the people of the Fluttering Blooms did not feel that there was anything wrong with scheming against the two families.
This alliance was a means of using each other from the beginning.
Whoever was stronger would be able to lead this alliance.

The weaker ones, even if they were allies one second ago, could become hungry wolves the next second and pounce on them.

“It’s time to let everyone know the strength of our sect,” the vice-sect master said, “As for Chu Yunfan? After the alliance ceremony, I’ll find an opportunity to kill him.”

In his heart, the alliance ceremony was the most important thing, and Chu Yunfan was just a small matter.

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