841 The Sea Race Provokes Again, Filled With Righteous Indignation

After that, the news that the Jiangs had attacked the private jet that was suspected to be the jet carrying Chu Yunfan’s family also spread.
Everyone realized that the Jiangs were definitely declaring war on Chu Yunfan.

They used all kinds of methods to deal with him.

Soon, the video of Chu Yunfan casually defeating Jiang He appeared on the Internet.
Although the video was a little blurry because of the distance and most of it could not be clearly, everyone still saw Chu Yunfan’s demonic-god-like strength.

With just one punch, he sent a peak-Innate expert flying.

Many people couldn’t help but sigh.

[I remember that it hasn’t been long since he became the number one expert in his age group.
Now it seems that his title of number one within the younger generation has been cemented.]

[That’s true.
I’m afraid no one in this generation can compare to him.]

[What has he gone through in the past few years? How did he become so shocking and terrifying?]

Just as everyone was sighing over Chu Yunfan’s strength, many discordant voices suddenly emerged on the Internet.

[Chu Yunfan is just like a monkey who claims to be king when there are no tigers in the mountains.
It’s only because the human body is too weak that those people were blown up by a single punch.
If it were an expert of us marine folks, the one who would die would be Chu Yunfan.]

[That’s right.
With the physical strength of the marine folks, Chu Yunfan would be simply seeking his own death.]

[No matter how strong Chu Yunfan is, before reaching the Divine Abilities Stage, he’s still just an ordinary creature.]

There were suddenly many voices of doubt on the Internet.
Many people also understood that these voices were from the marine folks.

A few months ago, the marine folks had launched a large-scale attack on the Internet, and humans were no longer the only ones who used it.

In the past, there might have been foreign species who used the Internet in secret, but none of them were as high-profile as the marine folks.

It was as if the marine folks had made up their mind to go ashore and had begun to accept the advanced technology of humans.

In the face of these various provocative remarks, the humans were filled with righteous indignation.
But they had no way to refute them.
Although they could see from the video that Chu Yunfan was very strong, he had yet to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.

This was because when a Divine expert attacked, it didn’t look like this, so they estimated that Chu Yunfan should only have reached the peak Innate Stage at most.

Both Jiang He and Chu Yunfan were at the peak of the Innate Stage, but either Chu Yunfan was too strong, or Jiang He was too weak.

Previously, many thought that Chu Yunfan was too strong, while these marine folks thought that Jiang He was too weak which allowed Chu Yunfan to achieve such an amazing battle record.

There were supporters of both views.
Those who supported Chu Yunfan, although they were willing to believe in Chu Yunfan’s strength, could not find a more suitable reason to support it.

At this time, an account named the Third Crocodile Prince suddenly appeared.

[Chu Yunfan is very strong? It’s just because there are no tigers in the mountains so this monkey has become the king.
This level of strength can be found everywhere among us marine folks.
The physical body of humans is too weak, so your peak Innate Stage is not even comparable to our ninth Innate Stage.
In two months, I will personally go ashore and challenge all the experts of the Federation.
The first one I’ll kill will be this bastard.
Do you dare accept the challenge, Chu Yunfan?]

This direct letter of challenge blew up the Internet.
After the big talk of the Deep Sea Whales, now this the Third Crocodile Prince suddenly appeared.

No one knew who the Third Crocodile Prince was.
He dared to be so presumptuous.
Even after Chu Yunfan showed amazing combat power, he still dared to challenge Chu Yunfan.

However, there were soon posts from accounts that were suspected of being marine folk experts being spread to everyone.

[The Third Crocodile Prince is one of the top masters in the younger generation of the marine folks.
He has fought in the sea for many years and it’s difficult to find him a worthy opponent.
He’s definitely a top contender to be the first within the younger generation.
The so-called first of your human race is too weak compared with the experts of us marine folks.
You’re just a group of flowers raised in a greenhouse.]

[That’s right.
The experts of us marine folks have all been tempered in the battlefields of various races.
The more dangerous it is, the more it can be tempered.
Unlike you humans.
Those who are talented are well protected.
It may look like they’ve been tempered, but if they haven’t been through a few life-and-death situations, they are all trash.]

[Human experts are far inferior to marine folk experts.
Your physical bodies are so weak!]

After many marine folks explained, everyone knew what the origin of this Third Crocodile Prince was.
It turned out that he was the young clan leader of the Fierce Crocodile tribe from the deep sea.
His strength was beyond his peers.

He had fought on the battlefields of various clans for many years.
In terms of strength, even among the marine folks that boosted countless experts, it was difficult for him to find an opponent.
No wonder he dared to speak so loudly.

Some people had already guessed that Third Crocodile Prince’s sudden voice was probably caused by many people giving Chu Yunfan the title of the first person of the younger generation.

Since Chu Yunfan had become number one, he had to bear the pressure brought about by this title.
It was inevitable.

Many people were worried.
There were too many experts among the marine folks, and each of them was more ferocious than the last.
Humans had never had an advantage in this aspect.
If it were not for the addition of technological weapons, it would be difficult for the Federation to be a match for the marine folks based on the current development of Martial Dao.

The number of marine folks was at least ten times or even a hundred times more than the number of creatures on the land in the Kunlun Realm.
The number of experts they had was unimaginable.

Those who could dominate among the marine folks were far more powerful than humans could imagine.

Everyone began to worry for Chu Yunfan.
After all, although he had displayed great strength, it seemed that there was still a gap between him and the marine folks.
After all, he had not yet entered the Divine Abilities Stage.

After this letter of challenge, Third Crocodile Prince posted again.

[I heard that you offended the Jiangs of the Federation.
I hope I can meet you in two months.
It’ll be meaningless if you die.
I’m very interested to see how hard the bones of the number one expert of the young generation of the Federation are.
I’m pretty sure I can crush them with one hand.]

As soon as these words came out, the Internet grew even more heated.
Though many were not optimistic about Chu Yunfan at first, they could no longer bear it.
Third Crocodile Prince’s words clearly showed that he looked down on the Federation.

He looked down on the entire human race, which was why he was so provocative.

Even those who originally didn’t like Chu Yunfan hoped that Chu Yunfan could win.
They couldn’t lose to the marine folks’ Third Crocodile Prince in martial arts.

[Kill this bullsh*t Third Crocodile Prince!]

[You’re just a beast! How dare you be so impudent here!]

[He dares to challenge the experts of the Federation.
He’s simply overestimating himself!]

There were all kinds of clamoring on the Internet, not only for Chu Yunfan but also for the Martial Dao experts of the Federation.
Under this immense pressure, they had to stand up and say that if Third Crocodile Prince came, he would be dealt a heavy blow.

They had to make him understand that the Federation wasn’t that weak and that humans weren’t a weak race.

After these martial arts experts spoke one after another, the matter reached a climax.
Everyone was waiting for Chu Yunfan to speak.

And Chu Yunfan didn’t let down everyone’s expectations, leaving a message to accept the challenge.

[You’re just a long worm.
It’s so much work to roast and eat you.
If you want to die, then come]

[Hahaha, I knew it! Chu Yunfan isn’t someone who’s afraid of trouble!]

[Not even the Jiangs could make him afraid.
It’s just a long worm.
What’s there to be afraid of?]

[This is going to be interesting.
No matter what other people think, I will definitely support you.
You are the number one person among the younger generation of the Federation.
We can’t let others look down on you!]

Many left comments on the Internet in support of Chu Yunfan.

It was as if the battle in two months was about to begin.
However, it was unknown how many of these people were truly supporting Chu Yunfan, and how many were adding fuel to the fire, hoping that Chu Yunfan would die.

After all, many people didn’t think that Chu Yunfan would be able to survive.
They all thought that he was going to die, which was why they encouraged him.

On the Internet, this currently became the hottest topic.

At this time, at the Jiangs, Chu Yunfan’s sudden sacrifice had set off a great uproar.
Originally, they thought that Chu Yunfan was already dead.
They didn’t expect him to still be alive.
For the Jiangs, this was no different from a big slap to their faces.

Very quickly, the various elders and higher-ups of the Jiangs rushed back from multiple places.
Even those who had not made it back in time came in the form of virtual projections.

“He must die! Every day he’s not dead will be a great humiliation to our family!” an elder of the Jiangs said indignantly.

Chu Yunfan’s existence was a great humiliation to the entire Jiang family.

“He will definitely die, but that little b*stard is so powerful now.
In terms of cultivation, none of us can stop him,” another elder said in disagreement.

“I don’t believe that he won’t die after being bombarded by a nuclear bomb!” one of the elders shouted.

“What’s the use of a nuclear bomb? Have you all forgotten the results of the previous two times? There’s only one way now, and that’s for the Great Ancestor to personally take action!” another elder immediately said.

The results of the previous two nuclear bombs were already in front of them.
Chu Yunfan had survived.
Although they didn’t know how it was enough.

The argument went on for half an hour, and finally, it was Jiang Xuanlei who made the final decision.

“Let’s forget him for now.
Right now, the alliance with the Tangs and the Fluttering Blooms takes precedence.
Everything else can be put on hold.
Even if he doesn’t die now, he will die when the Great Ancestor returns.”

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