840 The Federation Is Shaken

Chu Yunfan had suppressed the entire scene.
For a moment, the entire place was deathly silent.
He had stunned everyone.

Many of the experts from the aristocratic families and sects had dealt with Jiang He before.
If they didn’t know Jiang He’s strength, they would have thought it was all a just a huge joke.

Jiang He was powerful, but he was so vulnerable in front of Chu Yunfan.
The gap between their strength was obvious.

Chu Yunfan said that they were just a bunch of trash, and they couldn’t refute him.
With his strength, he indeed had the qualifications to say such words.

After all, none of them couldn’t even block one punch.
If then weren’t trash, then what were they?

This birthday banquet was already about to end.
After such a major event happened, everyone hastily took their leave.
Today’s event was huge.

Especially Chu Yunfan’s comeback.
The moment he appeared, he displayed a power that shocked everyone.
It was different from more than two years ago.

Although Chu Yunfan had killed many Jiang experts at that time, he had relied on the power brought by the medicinal pill.
This was something that everyone could see.

Therefore, although they were shocked at that time, they didn’t really fear Chu Yunfan.

No matter how strong the borrowed power was, there was a time limit.
Power that was not one’s own was ultimately limited.

However, things were different now.
It was not like the terrifying phenomenon caused by Chu Yunfan’s battle two years ago.
The phenomenon that covered the sky and the sun looked extremely terrifying.

However, everyone also understood that although Chu Yunfan was playing it down.
He was now much more terrifying than before.

The birthday banquet ended in a hurry, but to the marshal’s household, this was just the beginning.
The ground was covered in the corpses of the Jiang family that needed to be cleaned up.
Other than the Jiang clan’s corpses, even Helian Tieshu and the others to deal with.

Soon, all the Yang family members gathered together.
And although Chu Yunfan was a junior, but he was allowed to sit in the same row as Yang Qingyun and the others.

However, no one felt that there was any meaning to it.
If it wasn’t for his young age, he would have sat at the head of the table.

After all, everyone had seen Chu Yunfan’s strength, so they wouldn’t be the least bit unconvinced.
However, Chu Yunfan himself didn’t care.

“Our current situation is a little tricky.
Yunfan, you’ve been exposed in front of everyone.
I’m afraid the Jiangs won’t let this matter go easily,” Yang Feiyang said after a long time and everyone looked toward Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, smiled faintly and said, “It doesn’t matter.
They’ll find out sooner or later anyway.
Besides, what can the Jiangs do now? Unless the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor personally comes, I have nothing to fear.”

“Then there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Yang Feiyang said, “According to the information I’ve received, the Grerat Ancestors of all the families—including the Jiang Great Ancestor—are now in outer space.
They’ve found a cave mansion in outer space.
It’s suspected to have been left behind by a great power of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
However, innate experts can’t survive in that location.
Only a few forces can get involved in it.
Not many people know about it, so it hasn’t caused any impact on the Internet.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
This was similar to the information he got from the Chus.

He had originally wanted to meet with the Chus’ Great Ancestor, but Chu Haoyue later told him that the Great Ancestor was not at the ancestral home, but in outer space.
With the current strength of mankind, only Divine experts could enter that place freely, and everyone else who wanted to go there needed the help of mechas or space fleets.

In this aspect, there was no doubt that the Federation had the complete advantage.

“But even so, this is still quite troublesome.
There’s also Helian Tieshu.
Although he’s shameless, he’s still a Federation marshal.
Now that he’s fallen in our hands, I’m afraid things won’t be easy to deal with,” Yang Yunqing spoke up.

“That’s fine.
Leave it to me.
I have connections within the army.
If worse comes to worst, I’ll just go to the head marshal.
We can’t let this matter go easily.
The holy land has infiltrated the Federation to this extent.
The army is the first line of defense for the Federation, but it’s still infiltrated to this extent.
It’s shocking,” Yang Feiyang said.

As he pondered over this, he suddenly looked a little distressed.

“Don’t worry, Uncle.
The Jiangs won’t be arrogant for long,” Chu Yunfan said.

An hour later, a private jet took off from the Yangs’s hangar and flew toward the Chu ancestral home.

However, before it could fly halfway, a missile suddenly descended from the sky and blew the private jet into pieces.

Not long after, another invisible plane flew across the sky, and Chu Yunfan’s family was in it.

Chu Yunfan looked coldly at the image transmitted into the private jet.
The first private jet had been blown to pieces.

There was no doubt that this was the Jiangs’ doing.
The Yangs had destroyed this private jet without a single person in it.
It was just bait.
Who knew that the Jiangs would actually be bold to this extent, daring to directly intercept and kill them on their journey.

This made Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun break out in a cold sweat.
Originally, they were going to leave on that first private plane, but Chu Yunfan had dissuaded them before boarding.
This was because before boarding, he had suddenly felt a strong sense of danger.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yunfan’s guess was right.
The Jiangs had been watching the Yangs.
They mistakenly thought that Chu Yunfan’s family was in this private plane, so they launched an attack.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was calm, because he had already expected this.
After the Jiangs completely shed all pretenses of cordiality and tore off their mask of warmth, there was nothing they wouldn’t do.

“As expected as the Jiangs,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

The news of Chu Yunfan’s comeback seemed to have exploded among the upper echelons of the Federation.

Chu Yunfan, who should have been dead, was still alive.
This was undoubtedly a great shock to the higher-ups of the Federation.
Especially since they all knew about the feud between Chu Yunfan and the Jiangs.

They would not rest until one party was dead.

Chu Yunfan was still alive, and he had killed more than a dozen Jiang experts in one move.
Even with the Jiangs’s foundation, they were starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

The strength displayed in this battle was shocking.
Everyone could feel that an even bigger storm was brewing.

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