836 You’re the Legendary Chu Yunfan?

A famous general of the Federation, Helian Tieshu, was seriously injured by Chu Yunfan with one punch and then crippled in two.
This overturned the worldviews of those in the living room.

Just now, they had felt how terrifying this peak Innate expert was when he attacked.
He was able to suppress the entire scene by himself, and everyone was unable to move.

An ordinary peak Innate might not even be as powerful as Helian Tieshu.
Back then, he had also galloped unhindered on the human-monster battlefront and had experienced many years of killing and blood.

It could be said that other than the Divine experts, he was one of the strongest experts in the Federation.

But in two punches, he was crippled.
Such terrifying strength made the Yangs feel as if they had seen a ghost.

And after crippling four upper-level Innate experts, Chu Yunfan still didn’t seem to be winded in the slightest.
This was simply terrifying.

It was obvious that he was still at ease.
A battle of this level was not enough to force him to use all his strength.

However, just the tip of the iceberg of his strength was enough to shock the Yangs.
He had already surpassed the terrifying combat power of peak Innate Stage.

And looking at Chu Yunfan’s age, he was most in his twenties.
Even if he had started cultivating in his mother’s womb, this was far too shocking.

Everyone looked at Yang Feiyang with worried looks on their faces.
Just now, Yang Feiyang had been attacked by the spiritual attack, so they all unconsciously looked at Chu Yunfan.

For some reason, they hoped for Yang Feiyan to be checked by the person with the highest cultivation.

Chu Yunfan took a look and said, “Grandpa was hit by a strong mental shock.
He’ll be fine after a while.”

Upon hearing his words, everyone was relieved.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation was the highest here, and it was simply unfathomable.
And since he had spoken, it would probably be all right.

Sure enough, after a while, Yang Feiyang woke up.
The moment he stirred, his eyes glinted fiercely.

He was recalling the sneak attack.

“You sure are bold!”

He slapped the armrest of his chair and only came back to his senses after a long time.
The two experts who had ambushed him were already dead, and even Helian Tieshu, whom he had been so afraid of, was covered in blood.

He was a little puzzled.
How things turned out like this?

According to the situation earlier, he was restrained, so the Yangs should have no way to resist.

At this moment, Yang Qingyun, the eldest uncle, quickly stepped forward and explained what had happened.

Yang Feiyang suddenly felt a chill down his back.
If the other party had succeeded just now, the entire Yangs would have fallen into the other party’s control, and they would not have been able to escape.

Originally, with his cultivation level, he wouldn’t have been so easily ambushed by the other party, but it had almost succeeded because of Helian Tieshu’s leadership.

Although his relationship with Helian Tieshu wasn’t particularly good, there was no doubt that they were comrades.
He didn’t expect Helian Tieshu would suddenly attack and try to control him.

The more he thought over it, the more worried he got.
Helian Tieshu actually dared to attack so unscrupulously.
The situation of the Federation was even more serious than he thought.

Although he was one of the top executives of the Federation, he was in charge of the military and was not very clear about what was happening inside the government.

And judging from what happened today, despite the calm exterior, the situation was probably getting worse.
Otherwise, even with ten times the courage, he wouldn’t have dared to make a move on a marshal like him.

After some thought, he remembered that the person who saved his family was actually his grandson whom he had never met before—Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was only in his twenties.
If Yang Feiyang hadn’t seen him fight with his own eyes, who would have thought that he could be so strong?

Yang Feiyang knew Helian Tieshu’s cultivation level very well.
They were on the same level.
Even if he wanted to defeat Helian Tieshu, it would be very difficult.
But now, Chu Yunfan had defeated him so easily.

Such an outcome was shocking.

When Yang Feiyang looked at Chu Yunfan, his eyes contained a complicated expression.
Even though he had accepted the return of his eldest daughter and eldest son-in-law, he had never thought much of Chu Wencheng.

However, he liked his granddaughter, Chu Qingxuan, from the bottom of his heart.
Her natural talent was needless to say, and the difficulties she had faced over the years had made her exceptionally sensible.

But now, it seemed that this grandson’s talent was even higher than his granddaughter’s.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation base was comparable to the peak of the Innate Stage in his twenties, and he might even have surpassed it.
Such a shocking thing was rare even among the Eight Greats.

It was already shocking enough for someone to reach the peak of the Innate Stage in their thirties.
Normally, those who reached the peak of the Innate Stage were in their sixties or seventies.

Someone like Chu Yunfan was unprecedented.

However, the truth was right before him, so Yang Feiyang had to admit it even if he couldn’t believe it.
He nodded and said, “I’m sorry for the trouble.”

“Grandpa, you’re too polite.
It’s just a small matter.
They’re just some rascals who were seeking their own deaths,” Chu Yunfan said with a faint smile.

The whole family didn’t know how to respond.
In their eyes, the weakest of the attackers was at the seventh Innate Stage, and Helian Tieshu was at the peak.
But from Chu Yunfan’s mouth, they sound like insignificant people.

However, thinking about how Chu Yunfan easily won, it seemed to be true.
No matter how strong one was, they were too weak when facing Chu Yunfan.

“Wait a minute, you’re that Chu Yunfan?” Yang Feiyang suddenly asked.

Even though Yang Feiyang’s words sounded a little strange, Chu Yunfan immediately understood what he meant.

“Yeah.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

Yang Feiyang felt a deep sense of relief when he heard this.
No wonder.
If this Chu Yunfan was actually the Chu Yunfan who had turned the Jiangs upside down, then everything made sense.

That person was someone that the Jiangs hated down to their core—to the point that they didn’t even hesitate to use a nuclear bomb to deal with him.

If Chu Yunfan didn’t have some skill, how could he have retreated from the Jiangs in one piece?

When Yang Feiyang heard about the incident, he put himself in the shoes of the Jiangs.
He was afraid that even if there were ten of him, they wouldn’t be able to escape from it.
It was simply too inconceivable.

“No wonder.
But I didn’t expect you to be my grandson.”

Yang Feiyang only knew that his grandson’s name was Chu Yunfan.
He thought that it was just the same name and didn’t pay much attention to it.
Moreover, it was rumored that Chu Yunfan was dead, which made him even more convinced that it was not his grandson.

Who knew that this grandson who suddenly appeared out of nowhere was actually the legendary Chu Yunfan?

The others were confused, but Yang Yunqing, Yang Yunyi, and Wan Jun suddenly understood.
Compared to the others in the Yangs who didn’t know much, they had heard of the legendary Chu Yunfan.

At this time, they too felt that the pieces had fallen into place.
If Chu Yunfan was a completely unknown person, his sudden appearance would inevitably shock them.
But now, it was not like this.

Chu Yunfan had already made a huge splash before.
Even the higher-ups of the Federation had paid attention to this.
It was normal for such a person to display such a brilliant performance.

As for the third generation of the Yangs, they all looked at this cousin who had suddenly appeared with some confusion.
If they were a little repulsed by this cousin who had suddenly appeared, they had now completely dispelled such thoughts.

What a joke.
How could they dare to offend such a fierce person? Moreover, as members of a large family, they knew best what it meant to have strong backing.

Then, Yang Feiyang looked at Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun and said, “Why didn’t you tell me that your son is so powerful? You made me worry for nothing.”

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun were aggrieved.
Although they had long known that their son was very strong, they only knew it through some scattered channels.

They had not known exactly how strong Chu Yunfan was.

Who knew that his sudden burst of strength would be so shocking, especially when Yang Yayun had only regarded it as a last-ditch effort.
After all, she hadn’t been able to find anyone else to rely on earlier.

Who would have thought that Chu Yunfan would be so powerful?

Yang Yayun couldn’t help but glare at Chu Yunfan.
It was all his fault for hiding it from her.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been chided by her father.

Chu Yunfan smiled bitterly.

At this moment, Yang Yunqing came out and said, “Dad, what should we do with these people?”

He looked at the crippled attackers, his face revealing a hint of disgust.

“Lock them up.
I’ll deal with them after the birthday banquet is over,” Yang Feiyang said as he frowned.

He was different from Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan could kill them as he wished, but he had to consider the consequences, especially since Helian Tieshu was the also a marshal.
The death of one of them would shake the Federation.

“Let’s go and enjoy the celebration first.
We’ll settle this when we get back,” Yang Feiyang said.

When he looked at Chu Yunfan again, he found him pleasing to the eye.

“It’s time to let those people know that I, Yang Feiyang, am not to be trifled with,” Yang Feiyang said with a cold smile.

Everyone nodded and followed Yang Feiyang out.
As for Helian Tieshu and the others, someone would take care of them.
They didn’t need to worry about them.

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