Chapter 78: He Said Three Moves, and He Did It in Three Moves!


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It was only the first time they were exchanging blows, but Feng Deying already felt a strange force shaking him so much that he could barely hold on to his sword.

Although he had exchanged blows with Chu Yunfan previously, at that time, Chu Yunfan was only at the beginning stages of his cultivation.
He had been far from terrifying, and it had only been a little over a month since then.
“First move!”

Chu Yunfan uttered these two words with an expressionless face.

Feng Deying was ina state of shock but when he heard these words, he could not help but feel furious.
He was, after all, an elite in his class—even throughout the school.
His and Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was at the same level at most.
Now, Chu Yunfan wanted to defeat him in three moves.
This was
simply going too far.

Feng Deying shouted and immediately steadied his body.
Then, the sword in his hand struck out with an astonishing amount of True Energy.
An expert in the Sea Qi Stage could place his True Energy on their weapon, greatly increasing the weapon’s offensive power.
It could also make the person’s speed
faster and strength stronger!

However, Chu Yunfan remained expressionless.
He had already activated his True Energy.
The scabbard suddenly swung down, cutting Feng Deying’s True Energy into nothingness.
Although Feng Deying’s True Energy was quite powerful, it was still unable to damage the scabbard that was mixed with
primordial adamantine.


The scabbard ruthlessly smashed onto Feng Deying’s sword.


Another metallic hum sounded, and the terrifying power once again spread out.
Feng Deying’s arm began to tremble violently and he took several steps back.

Everyone present saw this scene.
Many of them felt as if they had breathed in a lung full of cold air.
Two moves, and each time, Feng Deying was the first to attack.
Theoretically, he should have the upper hand.
However, Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry.
He held his saber which was still within its scabbard
in one hand and counterattacked, suppressing Feng Deying.

Nobody here was stupid.
They could see who was stronger and who was weaker.
However, they did not believe what Chu Yunfan said.
He said that he could defeat Feng Deying in three moves.
This was already two moves!

“What great strength!” Zhang Teng said as a look of surprise flashed through his eyes.

Tang Siyu looked at Chu Yunfan with a strange light in her eyes, but this was rather normal.
Ever since she started to notice this classmate, Chu Yunfan had displayed all kinds of skills more than once.
This was just one of them.

“Second move!”

Chu Yunfan spat out these two words again.

Feng Deying grew even more furious.
Chu Yunfan had gone too far.
At that time, he felt that his entire arm was going numb.
It was a shock.
Just how much strength did Chu Yunfan have?!

At this moment, Chu Yunfan, who had been passively receiving attacks, finally made his first move.
The first strike was one of the moves of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
The strike slashed down like a mountain.
The scabbard came down toward Feng Deying’s face like a bolt of lightning.
Feng Deying turned pale with fright.
He did not have time to put up any defense and hurriedly raised his sword to block.


There was another loud sound of metal clashing.
The sword in Feng Deying’s hand instantly flew away.
Feng Deying could not hold on to his sword.
The palm of his hand that was holding the sword was split open, and blood dripped down.

His entire arm was completely numb from the shock!

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Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan’s scabbard was like a hot knife cutting through butter.
Its momentum did not decrease, and it fiercely landed on Feng Deying’s chest.


Feng Deying let out a blood-curdling scream as his entire body flew back more than three meters before landing heavily on the ground.
His body curled up like a lobster as he rolled on the ground in pain.

At this moment, everyone realized that a bloody scar had appeared on Feng Deying’s chest.
Because even his martial arts uniform had been slashed open by the scabbard.
A huge bloody scar could be seen.

‘When many people saw this scene, they could only gasp.
Although this strike had only been from a scabbard, if it landed on their body, one could imagine how painful it would be.
As they looked at Chu Yunfan again, they could not help but look at him in a different light.
This attack was really ruthless.
‘What shocked everyone more was Chu Yunfan’s strength.

Feng Deying was an elite of a focus class.
From the fact that he had defeated two students of Class 2 in a row, it was clear that Feng Deying’s strength was indeed extraordinary.
But even such a person was defeated by Chu Yunfan in three moves.
He said three moves, and he did it in three moves!

From the beginning to the end, Feng Deying was completely crushed.
He could not even retaliate!

“He’s so powerful! He only used three moves!”

“What’s even more terrifying is his strength.
His saber technique was not subtle.
Its terrifying strength was fully displayed!”

“This is what we often say about having extraordinary talent.
The people of the past would always choose those who had extraordinary talent in cultivation.
People like us would have to practice our asses off every day, and we would still be unable to match the innate strength of others!”

A moment later, many of the students in Class 1 reacted one after another.
They hurriedly lifted Feng Deying to the side and sprayed him with a healing spray.
Only then did he feel a little better.
He was no longer in so much pain that he was rolling on the ground.
Although Chu Yunfan had used only a
scabbard, the width and spread of the bloodstains showed how much pain he was in.

Meanwhile, the students in Class 2 cheered one after another.
Previously, they felt extremely aggrieved after having two people defeated in a row by Feng Deying, Now that Chu Yunfan had defeated Feng Deying cleanly and easily, it also helped them vent their anger.
They could not help but look at Class 1

and be pleased with themselves.

“Well done! You helped me vent my anger!” Gao Hongzhi gave a thumbs up.
The upset feeling from being defeated by Feng Deying just now had been swept away.
“How was that, Zhang Teng?” Ou Yang raised his eyebrows and said.

“What do you mean, how was that? You’ve only won one out of three rounds!” Zhang Teng immediately retorted, unwilling to be outdone.
“In terms of overall victory, our Class 1 is still stronger!”

Hearing this, Chu Yunfan glanced at Class 1 and said, “We just won one round? I represented Class 2 in that fight.
Who from Class 1 will come forward to teach us?!”

Immediately, Chu Yunfan’s words frightened more than half of the students in Class 1.
Feng Deying’s miserable state just now had already rung a warning bell for them.
The person in front of them was not an ordinary person.

Chu Yunfan swept a glance at the students and then said, “Why? Does no one dare to come forward?”

The students in Class 1 seemed to be able to see a hint of ridicule on Chu Yunfan’s calm face.
He mocked that they did not have the courage to accept the challenge.

Meanwhile, Zhang Teng’s face was as dark as the night sky.
Chu Yunfan was clearly stepping all over them.
If he had not told Ou Yang that both of them would hold back and were not going to step forward, he would have immediately gone up to teach this guy a lesson.
Finally, one of the students in Class 1 who felt that he had been belittled finally could not help but jump out.

“Tl fight you!”

This was a youth with a medium build.
His face was somewhat rough.
He was holding a huge mace in his hand and looked extremely mighty.
His gaze when he looked at Chu Yunfan was filled with unruliness and provocation.

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