834 Crippled With a Single Punch

Chu Yunfan didn’t know that he had scared these people so badly.

He followed Adjutant Li to see his grandfather, Marshal Yang Feiyang.

Chu Yunfan followed him to the main living room and saw his mother, Yang Yayun, coming up to him with a dark expression on her face.

As he followed his mother into the living room, Chu Yunfan felt the tension in the air.

The atmosphere in the main reception room was extremely heavy.
The person sitting at the head of the table was the main character of today’s birthday banquet, Marshal Yang Feiyang.

As a Federation marshal, although he didn’t appear in public, it wasn’t difficult to find a photo of him.
On his left-hand side sat a man with a strong military aura.
He looked to be in his forties.

Chu Yunfan had seen his grandfather’s family’s photos from his mother yesterday, so he recognized this person.
It was his first uncle, Yang Yunqing.

Yang Yunqing had been with Yang Feiyang since he was young and had joined the army very early on.
He was now a Federation general and was also a famous officer of the Federation Army.

After Yang Yunqing was a middle-aged man who looked much more refined.
He looked like a refined gentleman.
This was his second uncle, Yang Yunyi.

Unlike Yang Yunqing, Yang Yunyi was a civil servant.
He had joined the government a long time ago and was now the mayor of a satellite city.
His future was also limitless.

Next to Yang Yunyi was his father, Chu Wencheng, the Yangs’ first son-in-law.

All Chu Wencheng was followed by the husband of the youngest daughter of the Yangs, Wan Jun.
Like Yang Yunqina, Wan Jun was a middle-aged man with a strong military aura.

He was a subordinate whom Yang Feiyang valued greatly.
Later, he married the youngest daughter of the Yangs and became a core member of the Yang family.

These people were the core of the family circle, and behind them sat their wives.

Chu Yunfan wasted no time looking at them and went straight up to Yang Feiyan.

“Grandpa, I have come to pay my respects.
May you live longer than the Southern Mountain and be as blessed as the Eastern Sea.”

Upon seeing Chu Yunfan, Yang Feiyang forced a smile onto his face, but then his expression immediately turned serious again.

The people in the room were obviously not in the mood to entertain Chu Yunfan.

“Feiyang, is this your grandson? Not bad.
He’s a fine-looking man.”

There was another group of people in front of the Yangs.
The leader of the group was an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion.
He had a head full of white hair, but he was quite energetic.
He sat as still as a mountain and had a strong military aura.

He seemed to be a little older than Yang Feiyang.
Everyone respectfully called Yang Feiyang “Marshal Yang,” but this white-haired man had addressed the marshal by his name.

Next to this old man was a young man dressed in a simple but gorgeous robe.
He had a somewhat arrogant expression.

And behind him were two tall and strong-looking experts.
One look and you could tell that they were martial arts masters.
Their energy surged through their bodies, and they were extremely powerful.

Chu Yunfan didn’t make a scene and followed his mother to the side.
He didn’t know what was going on.

“Feiyang, have you considered what we just discussed? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” the old man said and peered at Yang Feiyang.
There was a hint of coercion in his words.

“Although you and I are old comrades, the Federation is in a precarious state right now.
It’s not appropriate for us to ally with outsiders,” Yang Feiyang said.

“Marshal Yang, you’re mistaken.
Although we’re from the holy land, we’re all human.
One day, we’ll take over the Federation.
How can we be considered outsiders?” the younger man suddenly said, “We’re far better than the demons and the marine folk.

“On top of that, as far as I know, there are eight great families and ten great sects in the Federation.
What’s the difference?”

“Hmph, the Federation is a place that the Federation’s predecessors have fought hard for countless years to build.
You think you can take over as you please? Have you ever made any contributions to the Federation?” Yang Feiyang said as he looked at the young man.
“Even the ancestors of the eight great families have shed their blood for the Federation.
If you want to integrate into the Federation, you have to follow the rules and make contributions.”

“Does this mean there’s no room for discussion?” The young man shrugged.
“You’re putting me in a difficult position.
I just boasted to others, and you’re now putting me in a difficult position.”

“That’s right, Feiyang.
Do you think we’re the only ones working with the holy land? Even the Jiangs—the pillar of the country and one of the Great Eights—are now joining hands with the Fluttering Blooms.
Since the president is nowhere to be found, we’re only seeking self-protection,” the old man said.

When Chu Yunfan heard this, he instantly understood that the holy land had already infiltrated the Federation to this extent.
He had already used his terminal to connect to the Internet and had already found out the identity of this white-haired old man.

He was another Federation marshal, Helian Tieshu.

This old man had a large number of supporters in the army, but even he had begun to cooperate with the holy land.

However, thinking about it, it was not surprising.
Currently, the Jiangs had already cooperated with the Fluttering Blooms.
Even the Chus had received an invitation to cooperate.

The current situation was indeed getting more and more chaotic.

Chu Yunfan did not object to cooperation with the holy land.
There was no doubting the benefits of cooperation.
After obtaining a more complete inheritance, the strength of the Federation would have an astonishing increase.

However, that was based on the foundation of the Federation, while the people of the holy land wanted to take over the Federation.
Chu Yunfan could not accept that.

“I don’t care what others think.
I’m a soldier, and I’m only a soldier.
I won’t get involved in these things,” Yang Feiyang said simply.
“And you all think the president is dead? What if he comes back?”

“Hmph, your president is already dead.
Do you really still expect him to come back? What a joke,” the young man said with a sneer.


Yang Feiyang slammed the table and said angrily, ” The president is not someone you can slander!”

“I didn’t want to do this, but you forced me to,” the young man said, “You’re making things difficult for me.”

As soon as the young man’s voice fell, the two figures behind him suddenly made their move.
They formed a strange seal, and powerful Spirit Energy suddenly gushed out and rushed straight toward Yang Feiyang.

No one had expected them to suddenly attack.
With his strong mentality from many years of fighting, no other tricks were enough to pose any threat to Yang Feiyang’s mind.
They would just be pushed back by the powerful mental strength he possessed.

However, these two people’s seals were different.
They used an ancient seal technique that could attack one’s mentality.
Yang Yuanfei was caught off guard and was hit square on.

His eyes suddenly became dull.

“How dare you!” Yang Yunqing was shocked and angry.

He was the first to react.
Being a Federation general naturally meant that his cultivation was amazing.

Wan Jun was also a martial arts expert.
Even Yang Yunyi, who was a civil official, had a cultivation base that was not weaker than that of an Innate expert.

The weakest among them was actually Chu Yunfan’s father, Chu Wencheng.
Although Chu Yunfan had helped him a lot in this regard, he had only reached the peak of the Acquired Stage and had yet to step into the Innate Stage.


At this moment, Helian Tieshu suddenly exploded.
A terrifying aura burst out and instantly suppressed the few people who were about to attack.
The terrifying aura of a peak-Innate expert burst out all of a sudden, and he seemed to have suppressed the entire hall.

No one had expected Helian Tieshu and the others to suddenly make a move.

“Feiyang, don’t blame me for this.
Since you refuse to get on our boat, you’ll die today,” A sharp glint flashed in Helian Tieshu’s eyes.

“Whoever dares to move will die!”

Helian Tieshu’s terrifying aura had instantly suppressed everyone.


In the midst of the panic, Yang Yayun hurriedly nudged Chu Yunfan who was next to her.
Everyone’s eyes turned to him, thinking that Yang Yayun was simply desperate.

“Looks like there’s no other way.
How dare they try to take control our Federation’s marshal from the shadow? The galls you have.” Chu Yunfan slowly strode forward and stared icily at the young man.
“I’d like to see what power you have.”

“Hahahaha, what an arrogant brat!” A sharp glint flashed through the young man’s eyes, and his palm slammed down toward Chu Yunfan like an eagle’s claw.

When this claw came down, there was a burst of crackling sound.
This young man was of an unknown origins, but he had clearly entered the seventh Innate Stage.

It was because of this strength that he dared to be so presumptuous in front of a general.

“You’re seeking your death.” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly.

He charged forward, clenched his fist, and threw out a punch.


Chu Yunfan’s punch was like a cannonball.
It pierced through the young man’s aura and dispersed it.


The fist and the claw collided in mid air.
The young man was instantly sent flying backward as if he had been struck by lightning.
He fell back at a speed faster than when he had come.


The young man screamed and fell to the ground.
It was only then that everyone saw the young man’s condition.

They all gasped in shock.
His whole body was twitching and blood spurted out of every orifice.

He had been crippled by Chu Yunfan’s punch.

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