830 I’ll Teach You a Lesson by Giving You a Light Punishment

After Chu Haoyue left, Chu Yunfan immediately entered the Mountain River Diagram and told Tang Siyu the information that Chu Haoyue had revealed.

“D*mn it!”

Tang Siyu’s eyebrows went up so high that her beautiful face gained a murderous look.

Although she did not have a particularly deep relationship with her family, they were still a family.
Now that some outsiders were toying with the Tangs, a trace of killing intent emerged in her heart.

“I think this is a good thing.
The eviler that woman is, the easier it will be for you to gain control over your family after she dies,” Chu Yunfan said, “But the most important thing right now is to find out where the higher-ups of the Tangs who opposed her are being held.
Even the Chus couldn’t locate them.”

However, he didn’t think it was a problem.
If the Chus had managed to find out everything about the Tangs, that would mean they were nearing their demise.

“Let me investigate this,” Tang Siyu said, “There are some things in the family that are difficult for outsiders to find out, but I have connections.
I know a few people that can be trusted.”

“All right, but be careful.
It’s good if you can find out.
If you can’t, then forget it.
You can ask after that woman is dead,” Chu Yunfan said.

Tang Siyu smiled sweetly.
“Don’t worry.
With my current strength, as long as it’s not a Divine expert, no one can stop me.
Even ordinary experts peak-Innate experts will be no match for me.
There’s nothing to worry about.”

“You’re right,” Chu Yunfan said after some thought.
He too agreed that as long as she kept a low profile, there shouldn’t be a big problem.

“In that case, we’ll wait for a month before destroying this alliance.
The Jiangs have a big plan, but I won’t let them succeed!” A sinister smile appeared on Chu Yunfan’s face.


The Kunlun Realm, Yong’an City suburbs, Full Moon Mountain.

This place was very lively today.
All the influential figures of the Federation had either come in person or sent their representatives here.

This was because today was the birthday banquet of the Federation’s Marshal Yang Feiyang.

Although Yang Feiyang was not the most famous marshal and had always been relatively low-key, he was one of the top few people in the Federation Army after all.
His birthday still attracted the attention of many.

Full Moon Mountain was fully decked out in decorations.
The atmosphere of a birthday could be felt everywhere.

At the same time, martial law could be seen everywhere.
After all, discounting Marshal Yang Feiyang, there were many other big shots from all over the Federation present.
If there was a security problem, it would immediately become the front page news.

On this day, a young man in casual clothes walked slowly toward the foot of Full Moon Mountain.
He instantly attracted a lot of attention because compared to the others who were dressed in grand outfits, his outfit was so casual.

He wore a cap, a black t-shirt with words on it, a pair of washed-out jeans, and a pair of white canvas shoes.
He looked like an ordinary urban youth.
But it was precise because grand outfits were ordinary and common here that he stood out like a sore thumb.

The people who were entering and leaving at this time were either soldier in military uniforms or rich noblemen in luxurious robes.
People like him were different from the rest.

This person was none other than Chu Yunfan.
However, he ignored the gazes from the crowd and went straight to the checkpoint at the foot of the mountain.

He was immediately stopped by the soldiers on duty.

“Please present your invitation and state your identity.”

Chu Yunfan fished out a bright red, gold-stamped invitation card.
Nowadays, there were not many who still used paper invitations.
Generally, only those with some inheritance and heritage would do this.

The soldier checked the invitation and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with it.
He then asked, “Who are you? You are required to register yourself.”

“Chu Yunfan.
I’m Marshal Yang Feiyang’s grandson.”

Chu Yunfan reported his identity truthfully, and the soldiers instantly changed their attitude toward him.
A grandson was a direct relative, not an outsider.

“Wait a minute.
I’ve never heard of Marshal Yang ever having a grandson.” Suddenly, just as the soldiers were about to let Chu Yunfan through, a group of people who had been observing the proceedings finally spoke up.

It was a group of young men and women in their twenties.
These people were all dressed in luxurious robes, and it was obvious that they had extraordinary origins and high status.
Compared to Chu Yunfan’s outfit, they were obviously not on the same level.

One of them, a young man, stepped forward and pointed at Chu Yunfan.

“And who are you?” Chu Yunfan glanced at the young man and sneered.

“Are you blind? This is the second young master of Lieutenant General Wang’s family.
Lieutenant General Wang and Marshal Yang’s family are very close.
You said you’re Marshal Yang’s grandson, so it’s impossible that Brother Yuan has never met you.”

Another young man stepped out and talked down to Chu Yunfan with a sense of superiority in his eyes.

This group of people was all children of martial families, and the elders in their families were in the high general ranks.
The children of the rich and powerful in the military circle naturally interacted more with others in the same circle.

“That’s right.
I’ve been to Marshal Yang’s house many times and I know all of his descendants.
I’ve never met you before,” Wang Yuan stated plainly.

Hearing Wang Yuan say this, the soldiers who were originally planning to let Chu Yunfan go instantly put up their guard.
Chu Yunfan could even feel the energy in their bodies condensing, ready to attack at any time.

Those who were arranged to be the guards of military marshals were definitely the elites of the army.

“Sir, I’m afraid we can’t let you in right now.
We need to verify your identity with the higher-ups,” the captain said.

“Go ahead.
Verify it all you like,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
As for the young descendants of the military families, he wasn’t even bothered to look at them.

“What’s there to verify? Do you think I’m wrong? I’ve never met him before, so there must be a problem.
I don’t even know where this dog got an invitation.
We should just arrest him immediately and find out who ordered him to do this,” Wang Yuan said as he pointed at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan simply ignored him, which immediately made Wang Yuan’s anger burn.

He was the leader of this influential group, and his father’s official position was the highest among their parents.
When had he ever been ignored like this?

Chu Yunfan’s brows slightly furrowed, and he finally got angry.
Originally, he didn’t want to lower himself to the same level as children.
Although he was about the same age as them, the people he met were all important people of the Federation.
Why would he bother putting up with a group of children of the rich and powerful?

However, this person’s overbearing attitude finally angered him.

“Wang Yuan? Don’t you know the saying ‘trouble comes from the mouth?’ I’ll forgive you for your ignorance.
Kneel and apologize to me and I’ll let you go.
Otherwise, even your father won’t be able to protect you.” Chu Yunfan said as he sneered at Wang Yuan.


“You’ve sure got balls!” Wang Yuan was instantly enraged by Chu Yunfan.

“Take him down now!” Wang Yuan shouted as he pointed at Chu Yunfan.

The soldiers looked at Chu Yunfan, then at Wang Yuan, but didn’t make a move.
Although they were soldiers, they weren’t stupid.
Seeing Chu Yunfan’s attitude, they were not afraid of verifying his identity with the higher-ups.
It was clear that Chu Yunfan was prepared, and the possibility of him being an imposter was too small.

If they made a move against him, they would be the ones in trouble.

“Kneel!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

Wang Yuan’s originally angry expression instantly changed to one of shock.
His legs went soft, and he suddenly knelt before Chu Yunfan.

He struggled to get up, but he found that he couldn’t stand as if there was a mountain sitting on his shoulders.

“Since your father doesn’t know how to discipline his kid, I’ll discipline you for him.
Today, you have to kneel here for one hour as a small punishment and a big warning.
If your father wants to find trouble, just let him come.
I don’t believe that a lieutenant general will be able to stir up trouble here,” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

With his current cultivation level, a mere lieutenant general was nothing in his eyes.
What a joke.
He wouldn’t even care about a general.
He had already surpassed that level of existence.

There were only a few people in the Federation who could compare to him now.

The group who had been making a ruckus just now were dumbfounded.
No matter how stupid they were, they could now tell that Chu Yunfan was no mere person.

Although they were from influential families, their families did not relax their discipline.
In terms of cultivation, they were considered superior among their peers.
Wang Yuan’s cultivation had already entered the peak of the Acquired Stage.
In the next few years, he would have the opportunity to enter the Innate Stage.

But now, just by shouting, Chu Yunfan had instantly made Wang Yuan knelt without any ability to resist.
Although they were arrogant, they were not stupid or blind.
They understood that they had kicked the hornet’s nest.

Looking at Chu Yunfan, he was about the same age as them, but he was so much more powerful.
Even if he was not Marshal Yang’s grandson, he must have an extraordinary background.

They’ve definitely messed with the wrong person.

Wang Yuan was originally furious, but after hearing Chu Yunfan’s words, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him.
He knew that he had provoked the wrong person.

At this moment, a middle-aged military officer flew down the mountain and arrived at the scene.

“Adjutant Li!”

Upon seeing this officer, Wang Yuan immediately called out to him.

When the middle-aged officer saw Wang Yuan kneeling, he was stunned.
He didn’t know how things had turned out this way.

Soon, the soldier on duty reported everything to him.
Then, to everyone’s surprise, the middle-aged officer came to Chu Yunfan first, bowed, and said, “Young Master, the young miss, sir, and madam arrived yesterday.
You’re the only one left.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.
How could they not understand that Chu Yunfan was really Yang Feiyang’s grandson?

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