827 Chu Haoyue’s Shock

Chu Yunfan thought for a moment before saying, “Dad, Mom, you guys go on ahead.
I have to pay a visit to Junior Leader Chu first.”

Chu Wencheng nodded and said, “Indeed you should.
We’ve received a lot of care from Junior Leader Chu over the past few years.
You should go and thank him at once.
Your grandpa’s birthday banquet is tomorrow anyway.
You can just come tomorrow.”

Chu Yunfan smiled.
He was grateful to Chu Haoyue.

Although it was Chu Haoyue who prevented the Chus from falling out completely with the Jiangs, Chu Yunfan could understand why he did it.
The Chus were a big family with a lot of people, and that included those who relied on the Chus for survival.
There were at least hundreds of thousands of people within the family, and that was discounting the branch descendants.
The number would certainly increase by several folds if they were counted.

No matter how outstanding Chu Yunfan was, he was only one person.
The Chus would naturally weigh the pros and cons before deciding on whether to make a move.
If they casually fell out with a huge force like the Jiangs because of an ordinary branch descendant, then even if the Chus had ten times the resources, it would not be enough.

It wasn’t until Chu Yunfan proved his amazing strength that matched his talent that the Chus began to take him seriously.
They even didn’t hesitate to use nuclear bombs to fight against the Jiangs.

His status in the Chu family was completely different from before.

However, Chu Haoyue had already shown that he valued Chu Yunfan when he was still weak.
He had stood up for him many times, and he was also the one who had ordered the Jiangs to be annihilated by nuclear weapons in retaliation for what they had done to Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan had received help from Chu Haoyue many times.
When he was still weak, Chu Haoyue had been of great help.
Even if Chu Yunfan didn’t express it, that didn’t mean that he had forgotten about it.
Chu Haoyue had protected his parents many times and saved Chu Yunfan from worry.
Just this alone made Chu Yunfan very grateful.

Chu Haoyue’s help had been instrumental in helping Chu Qingxuan find a famous instructor.

Regardless of whether Chu Haoyue wanted to win him over or because they were both from the Chu family, this favor was real.

Chu Yunfan had to return all these favors.

Yang Yayun agreed with her son, so she said, “Do you know the way there?”

“Grandpa is a marshal of the Federation.
It won’t be difficult to find out where he is! Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

Although there were a few federal marshals, there weren’t that many of them.
If Chu Yunfan would be able to easily find his whereabouts.

“All right, we’ll be leaving first then.
Come tomorrow.
You go on ahead and thank Junior Leader Chu on behalf of your mother and me,” Chu Wencheng said.

Soon, Chu Wencheng, Yang Yayun, and Chu Qingxuan left for the shuttle, while Chu Yunfan waited at home.
He knew that Chu Haoyue would get the news soon and rush over.

Upon arriving at the villa, Chu Yunfan had already sensed that there were at least ten experts lying in ambush in the surroundings, guarding this place at all times.

It was impossible for other forces to infiltrate the Chus’ ancestral home, so those experts must be people arranged by the Chus to protect his parents.

Although these people hid very well, to Chu Yunfan, they were like huge light bulbs.
It was impossible to hide from him.

Now that Chu Yunfan was back, the people who were protecting his parents would definitely report to Chu Haoyue as soon as possible.
And once Chu Haoyue received the news, he would come very soon.

Sure enough, he didn’t have to wait long before a figure appeared outside the villa.
It was none other than Chu Haoyue.
When he saw Chu Yunfan, although he was already mentally prepared, he still showed a look of great joy.

It was different from before.
Chu Yunfan was only just a junior with potential in his heart back then.
Now, Chu Yunfan was enough to be on the same level as him.

This wasn’t a change in concept.
Although Chu Haoyue belonged to the younger generation, in terms of strength, he had already stepped into the ninth Innate Stage.
This alone made him stand at the peak of the Federation.

With the Chus’ strength and Chu Haoyue’s talent and identity, it was only a matter of time before he stepped into the peak of the Innate Stage.

He might even have the chance to step into the Divine Abilities Stage!

No one in the Chu family dared to treat him as a junior.
Currently, there were very few people in the family who could defeat him.
In a few years, apart from the Great Ancestor, he would have a great chance of becoming the number one person in the Chu family.

Therefore, although Chu Haoyue treated people gently and was forthright, he was extremely proud.
In the past, he helped Chu Yunfan only because they were kin.
But now that Chu Yunfan had returned, the strength Chu Yunfan displayed was enough for him to acknowledge.

There were only a few people in his generation whom Chu Haoyue acknowledged, and Chu Yunfan was one of them.

So, when Chu Haoyue saw Chu Yunfan, he was overjoyed.

“My good boy, you didn’t die!” Chu Haoyue said with a smile, “It’s been so long and you haven’t contacted me.
You need to be taught a lesson!”

Chu Yunfan revealed a bitter smile and said, “I was afraid that the Jiangs would catch wind of my reappearance.
I also needed time to cultivate in seclusion.”

“So you’re out of seclusion now?” Chu Haoyue said as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

When the Jiangs send people to find trouble with me now, I’ll kill all who come.” Chu Yunfan sneered when he thought of the Jiangs’ constant pursuit.

Chu Haoyue looked at Chu Yunfan in surprise.
Chu Yunfan’s words weren’t spoken casually.
There were many experts in the Jiang family, and although Chu Yunfan had killed many of them, he had also suffered a serious injury.
However, if one thought that the Jiangs didn’t have any more experts, they would be making a huge mistake.

As one of the eight great families, he knew that the Jiangs’ foundation was definitely not limited to just this.
Moreover, in today’s world, science and martial arts were equally important.
Although cultivation strength was important, the strength of high-tech weapons could not be underestimated.

Of course, it was impossible to make up for the many Innate Stage experts Chu Yunfan had killed.
However, it was not difficult for the Jiangs to build hundreds of advanced mechas that were comparable to the Innate Stage.

Even the Chus could do it.
The foundation of the eight great families was not just this.

“It seems like you’ve made great progress.” Chu Haoyue said.

“Indeed, I have.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

As he spoke, he released all of his aura.
Chu Haoyue, who was standing opposite him, instantly felt a mountain-like pressure coming at him.
He glanced at Chu Yunfan and immediately felt the energy in Chu Yunfan’s body sweep over him like a great river.
It almost suffocated him.

It was as if his aura would collapse if he looked at it again.

Chu Haoyue quickly retracted his gaze, not daring to look at Chu Yunfan again.
Chu Yunfan also took the opportunity to withdraw his aura.

Chu Haoyue’s face was filled with shock, and he couldn’t hide it anymore.
With his current cultivation level, who couldn’t he look at?

Just from a glance, he could feel that Chu Yunfan had suppressed his aura.
What kind of amazing cultivation was this?

“Congratulations, Junior Leader, on your great improvement in cultivation.” Chu Yunfan looked at Chu Haoyue with a faint smile.

From Chu Haoyue’s flustered expression, Chu Yunfan could already tell that Chu Haoyue had already reached the peak of the Innate Stage.

It was obvious that Chu Haoyue had also gained a lot from the medicine garden on the island.

Of course, Chu Yunfan didn’t think that he was the only one who had gained something from the island.
He couldn’t have possibly swallowed all the benefits.

With the Chus’ strength, it was only a matter of time before Chu Haoyue reached the peak of the Innate Stage.
It was just that the trip to the island had accelerated this process, and this was what people opportunity.

Chu Haoyue’s face revealed a mixture of surprise and a bitter smile.

He was originally proud of himself.
He had just reached the peak of the Innate Stage last month.
This was already an extraordinary defeat in and of itself.
Although the Chus did not make a big deal out of it, it did cause a huge commotion among the upper echelons of the family.

At this point, not only had Chu Haoyue entered the peak of the Innate Stage, his strength had reached the peak-Innate Stage as well.
His strength could be ranked in the top ten of the Chu family.

With his age, it was practically a sure thing to aim for the number one position in the family in the future.

How could he not be proud? But when he saw Chu Yunfan’s progress, he felt he had been dealt a huge blow.

When Chu Yunfan released his full aura, Chu Haoyue felt as if he couldn’t bear to even look at it.
Even when facing the number one expert in his group, his father, Chu Yan, Chu Haoyue had never felt this way.

That feeling was almost the same as when he was facing his Great Ancestor.

Although the Great Ancestor was in seclusion all year round and rarely came out, when he met the Great Ancestor, it was like a vast sea—boundless and high.

But Chu Yunfan was a little different.
His aura was even fiercer, like the scorching sun at noon.
It was difficult for people to look at him directly.

But the feeling was the same.

How could Chu Haoyue not be shocked?

“Your cultivation base… Could you have already entered the Divine Abilities Stage?” Chu Haoyue asked incredulously.

That was simply impossible.
When he met Chu Yunfan a few months ago, although Chu Yunfan was strong, he had yet to even touch the threshold of the ninth Innate Stage.
Now, in just a few short months, Chu Yunfan had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage? How was this possible?

This was not just riding on a rocket.
It was riding on a spaceship that was going at the speed of light.

“No, I haven’t stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage.”

Chu Yunfan shook his head, but then he changed the topic and said, “But I think I can contend against those at that level.”

When Chu Haoyue heard this, the breath in his lungs froze.
He didn’t believe that Chu Yunfan would lie to him about this.
Moreover, that imposing aura just now couldn’t have been faked.

This was even more shocking than Chu Yunfan stepping into the Divine Abilities Stage.
For Chu Yunfan to step into that level, it was nothing more than the fact that Chu Yunfan had obtained some kind of extraordinary inheritance, which allowed him to advance at a tremendous pace and break through his cultivation.

He had yet to step that level, but he could already contend against those at that level.
This simply subverted Chu Haoyue’s view of the world.

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