Chapter 824: The Arrival of a New Era

In the shuttle, Chu Yunfan looked through the news through his terminal while he longed for his family.

He had disappeared for another three months, which was enough time for many major events to happen in the Federation.

Three months was enough to make the sensation he caused three months ago disappear.
Even on the Internet, no one mentioned it anymore.
The hottest topic currently was the arrival of the holy land.

Different from the secretive situation half a year ago, the news of the holy land’s major sects entering the world on a large scale had caused an uproar.

The Internet was in an uproar, especially now that the president’s whereabouts were unknown.
No one knew whether he was alive or dead.
The Federation was facing an unprecedented crisis.
No one knew if the holy land’s arrival at their territory was a good or bad thing for the Federation.

But soon, Chu Yunfan discovered that there seemed to be a hand behind the whole incident that was constantly pushing this matter to ferment further.

Many people had announced on the Internet that the holy land had been able to survive until now by hiding in the holy land when the Ancient Zenith Civilization was destroyed.

The development of the Federation’s Martial Dao had come from the discovery of the Ancient Zenith Civilization ruins.
Now that the major sects of the holy land had joined, it would undoubtedly speed up the progress of the the Federation’s Martial Dao.

Many experts even came forward to advocate that the Martial Dao of the Federation would usher in a new round of explosive development, which would certainly benefit the whole nation.

The Internet was divided into two factions.
One side wanted to accept the holy land’s sects, while the other side wanted to reject them.

This had become the hottest topic in the Federation.

Chu Yunfan looked at the arguments from all sides and sneered.
Those experts who advocated the explosive development of the Federation’s Martial Dao were too naive.
If the holy land’s major sects were weak, then the Federation would naturally be the dominant one.
After absorbing the Martial Dao contained in the holy land, the Federation would naturally be able to usher in a new round of development.

But now, Chu Yunfan knew that the strength of the holy land.
In terms of high-end strength, they were far superior to the Federation.
If such a force was introduced to the Federation, under the circumstances that they did not have enough strength to digest it, wasn’t it just leading the wolf into the house?

And now, the experts who were promoting it on the Internet had selectively ignored the fact that the Federation’s strength might not be comparable to the holy land.

Even Chu Yunfan would not believe that there was no one behind this.

‘It seems like someone people just can’t wait to cooperate with the holy land!’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

From the information he read, he knew that the holy land was probably connected to all the major families and forces in the Federation.

There were even many forces that had risen to power because of the holy land.
They were secretly supported by the holy land sects.
But for some unknown reason, the holy land had never entered the world before this.

Judging from the way the holy land had acted before, it was impossible for it to cooperate with the Federation obediently.
They probably planned to dominate the Federation.

Chu Yunfan even suspected that the president’s disappearance and his instructor’s disappearance was because of interference from to the holy land.
Otherwise, the Jiang Great Ancestor wouldn’t have been able to find so many Divine experts to help him out of nowhere.

Those expert hadn’t been Innate experts.
It was impossible for them to appear out of nowhere.
Even if they wanted to hide, it would be very difficult.

Suddenly, just as he was checking the messages on his terminal, another topic started trending on the Internet.

The Jiangs and the Tangs, who had been at loggerheads with each other recently, were about to form an alliance again.
For a moment, everyone was in an uproar.

Although the matter of the Tang Great Ancestor being captured by the Jiang Great Ancestor and refined into a living puppet was ordered to be kept a secret, many people had seen it at the time that it could not be hidden.
Almost everyone knew about it.

Everyone thought that it was impossible for the Jiangs and the Tangs to get close to each other, and that they were basically going to shed all pretenses of cordiality.
In the past three years, the Jiangs and the Tangs had indeed been at loggerheads in various fields.

Although the Tang family didn’t have a Divine Great Ancestor anymore, they still had many high-end technological weapons, including nuclear bombs, as their trump card.
Even the Jiangs didn’t have an overwhelming advantage over the Tangs.

Under such circumstances, the two sides were constantly fighting in various fields, both out in the open and in secret.
It had set off many waves in the Internet.

And just when everyone thought that the two sides would continue to be enemies, the two sides settled down and were about to work together again.

Soon after, another piece of news spread out.
This time, the Tangs and Jiangs weren’t the only ones forming an alliance.
The alliance included a super-large sect from the holy land, the Fluttering Blooms Sect.

These things were like a deep water bomb, blowing up the entire Internet.

Everyone was boiling with excitement.
This was the first time that the sects of the holy land and the Federation had joined forces.
Nothing like this had ever happened before.

At this time, all sorts of news regarding the holy land’s Fluttering Blooms had begun to circulate on the Internet.
It was said to be a powerful force that was one of the top few in the holy land.

Not only did the sect have Divine experts, but its strength was so strong that in terms of martial arts experts, it was even above the Jiangs and Tangs.

With the number of Martial Dao experts in the Fluttering Blooms, in addition to the strength of the Federation controlled by the Jiangs and Tangs, this alliance was bound to shock the Federation even before it was established.

At present, other than the Federation Government, no other force could compare to this alliance.

No matter who led it, the establishment of this alliance had proved that a new era was about to arrive.
The relationship between the Federation and the various sects of the holy land would also be closer.

Everyone on the Internet was dumbfounded by the news, especially the members of the Tangs and the Jiangs, who had been at loggerheads with each other.
They were even more dumbfounde because they don’t know how things had turned out this way.

It was even more outrageous for the Tangs, who had a deep hatred for the Jiangs, to suddenly change their attitude.

Chu Yunfan was also shocked by the establishment of this alliance.

The power of this alliance was unrivaled except by the Federation Government.

He could imagine that the major forces couldn’t sit still.
Even if they wanted to remain neutral, they had to start seeking cooperation with the holy land sects.
Only then would they not be annexed by others in the coming era of the alliance.

A brand new era was about to dawn on them.

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