Chapter 823: Breakthrough to Seventh Innate Stage!

After a month, Chu Yunfan had finally completed the Thunderclap Physique.
He had even opened up a new path of cultivation.
Even the Mighty Emperor Battle Book didn’t have any records of this new physique.

Even Chu Yunfan didn’t know how to explain this state.
It should be said that on top of the ability to control lightning had been added to the Imperial Physique.

The True Energy he had cultivated with the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method also contained the power of thunder, which made his explosive power even more terrifying.

In addition, there was subtle electric currents stimulating his physical body at all times in his body, promoting his physical body to change in a deeper direction.

It was an unknown situation, but it was confirmed that his body was transforming in a more powerful direction.

“It’s time.”

Chu Yunfan could feel powerful energy boiling inside his body.

It was a terrifying power that had surpassed the previous strength, and he was just a little bit away from breaking through to the seventh Innate Stage.

And not just the ordinary Innate seventh stage.

His combat strength was about to soar to the ranks that only the Divine experts had reached.

At that time, Chu Yunfan’s strength would have a fundamental leap.
Even now, Chu Yunfan was already at least twice as strong as before.

As a sixth-Innate expert, he had touched the threshold of the Divine Abilities Stage.
The power of the Imperial Physique and the Thunderclap Physique were really amazing.

In the Ancient Zenith Civilization, those who were gifted and born with special physiques stood above the rest of humanity.
This was the reason.

At his current level, if Chu Yunfan were to meet an expert like Jiang Zhanwang again, he would be able to exhaust that person’s blood and energy in just one strike, and then kill him with another.

This was not even taking into account if he were to use the Demon Descends Illustration.

Now, the outside world thought that Chu Yunfan was dead.
They didn’t know that he was secretly continuing to increase his powers.
When he reappeared, he would definitely shock the world.

“I should breakthrough to the seventh Innate Stage first.”

Chu Yunfan could already feel that he was only half a step away from breaking through.
Under such stimulation, the barrier to the next level was nothing.

Chu Yunfan circulated the Emperor Method, and faint electric light appeared all over his body again.
He looked like a man made of electricity.
His concentrated his power as much as he could, then consumed the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

The moment he consumed the fruit, it immediately turned into a warm current that flowed into his limbs and bones.

It spread into every cell and he could feel that the barrier of his level began to slowly shake, as if a force was helping him to tear down the barrier.

The intense pain rose from the depths of his body.
The electricity on his body became denser and denser, and a burst of lightning and thunder appeared around him.

The Thunder Winged Beast’s expression became solemn.

On the other side, Tang Siyu had finally completed the transformation of her physique.
She had gained the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique.

She now possessed an otherworldly temperament, and at this moment, she looked like a fairy who had descended from the Heavens.
Her ethereal temperament had become even stronger than ever.

It was as if her level of life had suddenly increased by a lot.
She was now one of the few powerful life forms in existence.

When she spotted the electricity dancing across the surface of Chu Yunfan’s body, she knew that he was still in the process of breaking through.
She, who had just completed the transformation of her physique, could feel the benefits as soon as she had finished.

No wonder Chu Yunfan said that after gaining the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique, it would only be a matter of accumulation if she wanted to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.

Tang Siyu could feel that the meridians in her body were at least several times wider and tougher than before.
Moreover, the amount of True Energy that could be stored in her Dantian was also much more than before.

At this time, she felt that her body was empty.
The True Energy that she had cultivated could not fill her whole body.
This was a feeling that could only be felt after breaking through a major cultivation level.

Moreover, she felt that her aptitude had improved a lot as well.
Although she had been well enough before, she could feel an obvious improvement now.

There were many problems that she couldn’t understand in cultivation.
But now, with some thought, she could understand it.
She could draw inferences and never forget what she had seen.

It wasn’t just her body that had gotten better.
It was clearly a transition in her entire life.

By the time Tang Siyu reached the peak of the Innate Stage, ordinary peak Innate experts would not be able to withstand a single blow from her.
She was a true king among her peers.

Initially, she felt that it would be extremely difficult to break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.
But now, she felt that as long as she accumulated enough energy and experences, she would naturally be able to step into this level.

The Arcane Sky Spirit Physique had all sorts of mysterious abilities, and they had yet to be fully released.

After observing for a while and confirming that Chu Yunfan was all right, she began to enter secluded cultivation once again.
She wanted to rush from the ninth Innate Stage to the peak Innate Stage.
After gaining the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique, her cultivation speed had undergone a dramatic change.

Chu Yunfan did not stop for even a moment.
He felt that his cultivation speed was soaring.
His cultivation speed was already far faster than an ordinary person, but now he felt that it was even faster that.

Bit by bit, day by day.

Cultivation knew no time!

All of a sudden, the electricity on Chu Yunfan’s body suddenly became more intense, turning into many electric snakes that soared into the sky.
The aura on his body rose to a whole new level.

His eyes flew open, and the momentum from his body was released uncontrollably.
He had finally broken through the barrier of the seventh Innate Stage.

A lightning storm formed around him.
After a long time, the lightning storm finally disappeared and was absorbed into his body.

“The seventh Innate Stage,” Chu Yunfan slowly said these words.

The effect of the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit was really amazing.
Not only had he stepped into the seventh Innate stage, but he had also rushed to the peak.

He opened his palm, and a ball of thunder crackled within it.

These thunder orbs were from the divine ability that he had mastered.
By relying on these thunder orbs, he wouldn’t be afraid even if he encountered Divine experts.
Ordinary Divine experts would be no match for him.

As for those at the Innate Stage, no matter how many of them came, they would all die.

At this moment, he truly felt the difference between an expert of the Innate Stage and an expert of the Divine Abilities Stage.
It simply couldn’t be calculated with logic.

“It’s time to head out.”

Chu Yunfan looked at the time.
Three months had already passed.
He had spent a very long time to break through.
But compared to the time that other people had to spend to break through to the Divine Abilties Stage, it was not worth mentioning.

For example, his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, had disappeared for half a year.

Chu Yunfan gazed at Tang Siyu.
A pearlescent light circulated around her body, and her power had become even purer and more complete.
She was only one step away from breaking through to the peak of the Innate Stage.

And the Thunder Winged Beast had also reached the peak of the Innate Stage.
Ordinary peak Innate experts were no match for this beast.

This was a power that Chu Yunfan could put his absolute trust in.

Chu Yunfan exited the Mountain River Diagram.
He was still still out on the Infinite Sea where the island had been located.
But now, the island had disappeared, and stormy waves could be seen in all directions.

He turned and flew toward the shore.
A pair of thunder wings formed completely from the power of thunder appeared on his back.

This was also one of the divine abilities he had obtained after consuming the Thunderclap Fruit.
Originally, Innate Stage cultivators did not possess the ability to fly, and staying in the air for a short period was not counted.

Now that he had this pair of thunder wings, he was equipped with the ability to fly.


Chu Yunfan flapped his wings, and the power of thunder surged.
His whole body instantly glided a hundred meters away.
Very soon, Chu Yunfan got used to this flying state, and he soared through the sky.

Just an hour later, Chu Yunfan could already see the coastline of the Kunlun Realm.
The last time he had made his way out to the island, it had taken him a whole day.
But now, he had flown across the sea in just an hour.
It was easy to imagine how his speed had improved.

‘These thunder wings are consuming my True Energy too quickly.’

Chu Yunfan sensed that the True Energy in his body had been completely consumed, and this was the True Energy of his Imperial Physique, which was many times more abundant than that of ordinary people.

If it was an ordinary person, it wouldn’t take long for them to run out of True Energy and fall.

‘But the effect is indeed amazing.
This has eliminated my biggest weakness.’ Chu Yunfan thought.

Those experts who had reached the Divine Abilties Stage could fly.
If he didn’t have the corresponding means, even if he had the combat power of a Divine expert, he would still be killed by them.

After reaching the shore, Chu Yunfan put away his thunder wings to avoid attracting attention.
A few hours later, Chu Yunfan arrived at a city.
Then, he bought a plane ticket and took a shuttle directly to the Chu family’s ancestral home.

His parents were currently living at the Chu ancestral home, and they hadn’t contacted each other for a long time.
Chu Yunfan was worried about them.

After boarding the shuttle, Chu Yunfan finally had time to check his terminal.
In addition to Lu Qingxuan’s constant messages, Gao Hongzhi had also sent a message every once in a while.
He didn’t believe that Chu Yunfan had died, so he would send a message every once in a while to urge him to hurry up.

Apart from that, his parents had also received the news that he was still alive from Lu Qingxuan, but they only sent a vague message, afraid that someone would find traces of Chu Yunfan.

They didn’t say much, but Chu Yunfan could see the concern between the lines.
His heart ached, and his eyes watered.
In this world, no matter when, only your mother and father would not abandon you.

I’m home!

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