Chapter 822: One Month, Complete Mastery of the Thunderclap Physique

“Did you get a good harvest?” Tang Siyu asked Chu Yunfan.

She saw the three great herbs and could tell that they were all extraordinary, but she didn’t know how extraordinary.
After all, she didn’t have the memories of an Alchemy Emperor like Chu Yunfan and was just an ordinary person.

“Yes, huge!” Chu Yunfan said as he laughed,

“With these great herbs, it’ll be a piece of cake for you and me to break through to the Divine Abilities Stage,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

He had decided to let Tang Siyu have the Arcane Sky Spirit Fruit.
It was, after all, more suitable for women.

Back then, the one who consumed this fruit, the Arcane Sky Empress, too had been a woman, and she stood above countless men and created a legend.

After Tang Siyu had changed her physique, the problem of reaching the Divine Abilities Stage, which troubled countless people, would no longer be a problem.

To others, the cultivation barrier was like a natural chasm, but to warriors with the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique, it was nothing.

Once Tang Siyu entered the Divine Abilities Stage, she would occupy a high position within the Federation and could act as his support.

In his heart, he had long regarded Tang Siyu as his woman and his cultivation partner.
In the future, he would go further and further.
And under normal circumstances, Tang Siyu would never be able to compare to him.
However, it would be a different story once she gained the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique.

After listening to Chu Yunfan’s explanation, Tang Siyu’s pretty face flashed with excitement.
She stared at Chu Yunfan with her clear, beautiful eyes.
She had never told Chu Yunfan about how anxious she felt.

Chu Yunfan was so different from his past self who was so mediocre in all aspects that no one would recognize him.
He was so dazzling now, and would only be even more dazzling in the future.

On the other hand, she had a feeling that she could not keep up with him.
She had worked so hard for the past two years just for the chance to stand side by side with him one day.

If you are to ascend to Heaven, I will accompany you.
If you descend to the netherworld, I will be there too.

“When you’ve completed your transforming, you’ll be able to easily step into the Divine Abilities Stage.
As long as you accumulate enough power, you’ll naturally breakthrough.
Your cultivation will be incomparable,” Chu Yunfan said seriously.

It was also Tang Siyu’s first time learning about the existence of such a herb and such a physique.
The Federation’s research in this area was still very shallow.
Otherwise, they would not have regarded the Divine Abilities Stage as the ultimate challenge.

Even though she was born into a big family like the Tangs, she had never heard of these things.
The so-called “gifted” in modern times was not worth mentioning compared to these mutated physiques.

But she believed in Chu Yunfan.

“Once you’ve become a Divine, nobody in your family will stop you from returning,” Chu Yunfan said with a faint smile.

Now that the Tangs had lost their Great Ancestor and were without a powerful Divine master to hold down the fort, they would likely fall from their position as one of the Great Eights.

If Tang Siyu could become a Divine, the entire Tang family would have to kneel down and welcome her as the new clan head.

Even f her stepmother was there to stop her, it would be useless.
Unless the entire Tang family went crazy, compared to a Divine expert, a matriarch would be nothing.

Being a Divine expert would be enough to settle everything.

“Mm-hm.” Tang Siyu nodded, but she did not seem overly excited about this prospect.

To her, the Tangs were far less important than even one of Chu Yunfan’s fingers.
After all, she used to be the daughter of a mistress, so she had never received preferential treatment.
Later, she was to be married off to Jiang Lingxiao.
If it weren’t for Chu Yunfan’s efforts to turn the tide, she would have lost her freedom and would not be here today.

She did have feelings about her family, but compared to what she felt for Chu Yunfan, it was not worth mentioning.

Chu Yunfan decided to keep the Thunderclap Fruit for himself.
Although he was cultivating the Imperial Physique, it was not complete yet.

The power that would burst forth when the two unparalleled physiques were merged together was simply unimaginable.
His Imperial Physique already contained immense power.
Now, with the addition of Thunderclap Physique, he would naturally be even more amazing.

When he successfully stepped into the seventh Innate stage, his combat strength would rush into the Divine Abilities Stage.
Even Divine experts would be no match for him then.

That was not something as simple as one plus one plus two.

Moreover, he would have the power to control thunder.
When combined with the Thunder Spear in his hand, his power would be unparalleled.

“Now, there’s no need for you to rush to break through to the peak ninth Innate Stage.
You should complete the transformation of your physique first.
After you’ve gained the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique, you will have significantly lesser obstacles in breaking through.”

Chu Yunfan continued, “Once you’ve accumulated enough power, you will natural step into the Divine Abilities Stage.”

“What you said makes sense,” Tang Siyu thought about it and agreed with Chu Yunfan.

And Chu Yunfan also needed to first cultivate the Thunderclap Physique before breaking through to the seventh Innate Stage.

It would be difficult.
But with the help of the Thunderclap Fruit, everything would be much easier.

According to Chu Yunfan’s original estimations, it would take at least another year for him to cover any significant ground in his cultivation.
After all, although his Imperial Physique was powerful, he was still far from completing it.

But with the help of the Thunderclap Fruit, the timeframe could be greatly shortened.

Not far away from Chu Yunfan, the Thunder Winged Beast also opened its eyes and looked at Chu Yunfan.
It was about to enter the peak of the Innate Stage.

The Thunder Winged Beast was indeed worthy of being one of the top-ranked monsters.
Its bloodline was powerful.
Although it had just entered the peak-Innate Stage, it was already comparable to Jiang Zhanwang and the others whom Chu Yunfan had killed.

Although the beast was still not as great as Chu Yunfan, it was still enough to shock the rest of the world.

With the Thunder Winged Beast’s outstanding bloodline, as long as it was given enough time, in ten or twenty years, it would naturally be able to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.

Most monsters were equal.
Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for the Thunder Winged Beast to grow so quickly, but Chu Yunfan had fed it many good things in the past few years, and this process was shortened by more than tenfold.

However, Chu Yunfan was still not satisfied.
He had to find a way to make this glutton improve.
Without a doubt, the inner core of a Divine monster was the best way.
Monsters would devour each other’s inner cores, and this method of breaking through was very common.

Monsters had different physiques from humans.
Humans had difficulty absorbing these inner cores and needed to refine them into medicinal pills to exert the inner core’s medicinal power to the maximum extent.
However, monsters had very powerful bloodlines, so there were much fewer scruples.

However, that would have to wait until Chu Yunfan entered the seventh Innate Stage.

Thinking of this, he stopped hesitating.
He sat down cross-legged and gulped down the Thunderclap Fruit.
The Thunder Winged Beast sat down beside him and protected him.

Even though Chu Yunfan was currently in the Mountain River Diagram, which should be absolutely safe, it was the Thunder Winged Beast’s natural instinct to protect him.

After Chu Yunfan consumed the fruit, he felt as if he had just swallowed a Thunderbolt.
The terrifying power of thunder surged through his body.

Thunder was divided into five elements, and the Thunderclap Fruit was of the wood thunder.
But the destructive power contained within it was not bad at all.

During the Ancient Zenith Civilization, if one wanted to change their physique, one had to be very careful.
It was only because Chu Yunfan cultivated the Imperial Physique that he didn’t explode as an ordinary person would have after consuming the fruit so casually.

Even so, Chu Yunfan could feel that every cell in his body was being torn apart by the thunder power.
There was a terrifying force tearing his cells apart and reconstructing them.

At this time, the Imperial Physique in his body automatically emerged and entangled with the thunder power.
Then, it began to crazily fill Chu Yunfan’s body.

He discovered that the energy of the Thunderclap Fruit, which could originally change a person’s cells and physique from the depths of their genes, was absorbed by the Imperial Physique.

The Imperial Physique was infused with the power of thunder.
These two completely different physiques had fused together.

With the Imperial Physique acting as the main, and under the influence of the Thunderclap Fruit, Chu Yunfan started gaining the power of thunder.
It turned the originally controllable Imperial Physique into an unmeasurable level that was difficult to control.

This feeling was extremely painful, but it was also very enjoyable because he could feel that he had become even stronger.
The energy contained in the fusion of the two physiques was much stronger than when he had only the Imperial Physique.

This was a situation that had not been recorded in the history of the Imperial Physique, so he had no experience to refer to.
Under such circumstances, he could only rely on his strength to integrate the power of thunder into the Imperial Physique bit by bit.

In the depths of his cells, Chu Yunfan’s DNA began to change.
He was now like some people who were born with special abilities.
At the same time, the godhead in his mind emitted a burst of rainbow light which enveloped Chu Yunfan’s consciousness.

Chu Yunfan felt a sense of clarity he had never felt before.
Everything in front of him became so clear as if he could see through the surface of things and see the laws of development on a deeper level.

He felt as if he had turned into a legendary god, looking down at everything in the world from a high angle.

Originally, it was an impossible task for him to integrate these two physiques, but now, it was as if a golden road had appeared in front of him.
Countless pieces of information flowed in front of his eyes, and he found a way to integrate the two physiques.

He pushed forward bit by bit, and he succeeded bit by bit.

The endless power of thunder fused into every single one of his cells.

After a long time, Chu Yunfan finally opened his eyes.
Suddenly, two bolts of thunder shot out from his eyes, and around his body were faint and powerful flashes of thunder.

He had finally succeeded in fusing the Thunderclap Physique with the Imperial Physique.

With just a slight nudge of his internal energy, all of the thunder was retracted into his body.
It could not be seen from the outside at all.

Chu Yunfan looked at the time and realized that a month had passed.

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