Chapter 821: Three Great Herbs, Striking the Jackpot!

The island sank into the Infinite Sea and disappeared without a trace.
However, the storm set off by the trip was just the beginning.

Although all parties had gotten big harvests from the island, many of the plants found there were extremely precious herbs that were rarely found in the outside world.

After all, unlike the medicinal herbs that grew freely in the wild environment, the medicinal herbs on the island were all specially selected and cultivated.
They were the most needed for human cultivation.

Whether it was the rogue cultivators or major forces, as long as they had gone to the island, they would have obtained a lot of gains.
Being able to reach the island out on the Infinite Sea proved that their strength was among the top existences of the entire human race.

There was no doubt that these people would have a significant increase in terms of strength in the future.
To the Federation, this was undoubtedly a good thing.
There had been many similar incidents in the past.

The foundation and strength of the Federation were constantly enhanced through the discovery and exploration of such ruins.

What really caused the entire Internet to be in an uproar was the man in the mask—the Masked Master.

From the moment he appeared, he had been a mystery.
No one knew where he came from or what roots he had.

It was this person who had appeared out of nowhere and had caused such a huge commotion.
And no matter how the major forces worked together to cut him off or how hard they searched for him, it was of no use.

And the appearance of this Masked Master was a process that constantly subverted people’s understanding.

No matter what kind of colossus, all of them seemed like insignificant figures before him.
He said he would kill them, and he did.

He had not held back in the slightest.

He had killed ten peak Innate experts and three who were half-step away from the Divine Abilities Stage.

No matter how one looked at the situation, it was a miracle to the people of the Internet.
Chu Yunfan had achieved the impossible.

“Absolutely terrifying.
Who is this Masked Master?”

“Judging from the strength he’s shown, the major forces won’t be able to subdue him unless they use nuclear bombs or implore their Great Ancestor.”

“But no matter how powerful a person is, they can’t overcome the greed in their heart.
If he isn’t dead, and he dares to return to the Federation, he will definitely face the crazy revenge of all the families.”

Many people shuddered at the thought of the madness.
This time, at least two hundred Innate Masters had died at the Masked Master’s hands.
Each family, including the marine folks, had never lost so many masters in one big battle.

Now, they had all died at the hands of the same person.

Among them, the loss of so many ninth-Innate and peak-Innate experts was even more painful for the families.
Not to mention Jiang Zhanwang, Wei Shan, and Jing Xu, who were all half-step away from the Divine Abilities Stage had been killed.

These people’s cultivation level was not something that peak Innate experts could compare with.

The Jiangs, the Huangs, the Weis, and the Deep Sea Whales were all involved.
Which family didn’t have a Divine expert backing them up? Their fury would be enough to turn the Federation upside down.

Just like with Chu Yunfan before, to eliminate the Masked Master, they surely would not hesitate to use nuclear bombs.

The Federation would be in turmoil if that happened.
The various forces were not to be trifled with.
However, the Masked Master was surely not weak.
Unless a nuclear bomb was used, or a Divine expert was called upon, it would be difficult to pose any threat to him.

But for the Masked Master who seemed so carefree, they might be even more unscrupulous.

No one thought that the Masked Master would be a match for the major families, but many felt that he wouldn’t need to face them.
After all, no one would know who he was if he took off his mask.

However, the final result was beyond everyone’s expectations.
The Masked Master, who was about to set off a tempestuous storm, died on the island.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, no one saw him escape.
Even the satellites in the sky were watching that place.
The satellites of all the families watched for three days and three nights, but no one saw him come out.

It was impossible for Chu Yunfan to have escaped from the water, because the number of monsters in the water had reached a terrifying level.
That was a place where humans could not venture.

Unless it was a Divine expert, it was impossible for anyone to enter the water and escape unscathed.
Although Chu Yunfan was strong, it had not crossed that level yet.

There were also marine folks who were clamoring on the Internet, saying that Chu Yunfan was definitely dead.
He had been torn to pieces by the marine monsters.
He had killed so many of their kin, and now he was killed by the monsters of the sea.

It was considered divine retribution.

Many people fell silent.
Such an expert was like a shooting star that swept across the sky.
He appeared quickly and disappeared quickly.

A short-lived flash in the pan was nothing more than this.

Many people stopped discussing it after they were done with their exclamations.
After all, major events were happening all over the Federation, and this was only one of them.

If the Masked Master was still alive, he wouldn’t have disappeared so easily.
The main point was that he was dead now.
After a few days of observation, the major forces confirmed that he was dead.

Soon, the waves caused by Chu Yunfan disguised as the Masked Master completely disappeared.

While the outside world was in chaos, Chu Yunfan was taking stock of his gains in the Mountain River Diagram.

In front of him were the last few herbs he had managed to get.
Among them, he valued the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit the most.

With the help of this fruit, he would be able to improve his abilities.

In addition to the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit, Chu Yunfan also got two stalks of medicinal herbs.
If it were an outsider, they would probably not recognize these herbs.

When Chu Yunfan took stock, he was pleasantly surprised.

These herbs weren’t like the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit that could directly increase one’s strength.
Instead, they were herbs that could change one’s physique.

One of them was called the Thunderclap Fruit.
It looked like a ball of lightning and looked extremely gorgeous.
This fruit was quite rare even during the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Any creature that consumed it would undergo a change in its physique and gain something called the Thunderclap Physique.

They would be imbued with the ability to control thunder.

The thunder abilities were one of the most powerful types of power.
People who obtained this power, if they did not die young, would often grow to become powerful experts.

However, this herb was extremely rare.
It was almost impossible to find even one of it even in a decade or even centuries.
It was unknown where the Ancient Zenith Civilization sect had found the seed and planted it in their medicinal garden.

This was an incredible opportunity.
If he waited until this fruit ripened, he would become a peerless genius.
His future prospects would be simply limitless.

The other herb was the Arcane Sky Spirit Fruit, which was also extremely rare.
If Chu Yunfan didn’t have the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, he wouldn’t have been able to recognize this fruit.

As far as he knew, among the many emperors in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, there had been a great figure known as the Arcane Sky Empress who gained the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique after consuming this fruit.
Later on, she stirred up a huge storm and became one of the strongest people in the world.

These were secrets that only experts who had reached the level of Alchemy Emperors would know.

“We’ve hit the jackpot!”

Chu Yunfan was overjoyed when he saw the two herbs.
To him, these two herbs were even more important than the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

Even during the Ancient Zenith Civilization, these herbs that could change one’s physique were very rare.

Generally speaking, ordinary people were born with ordinary physiques, but some were born with extraordinary physiques.
These people were often the ones with great destinies, and their cultivation speed was many times faster than ordinary people.
Ordinary people regarded cultivation as a natural chasm, but to these people, cultivation was simply like a smooth road.

These people were known as geniuses, and their cultivation speed could drive many people to their graves.

Furthermore, these people’s battle prowess was even more terrifying.
Within the same realm, it was difficult to find a worthy opponent, and it was not impossible for them to cross realms to battle against powerful enemies.

However, there were very few who were born with this kind of physique.
They were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.
In addition to being born with this kind of physique, some people would consume natural treasures and their physiques would also undergo corresponding changes.

For example, the Thunderclap Fruit and the Arcane Sky Spirit Fruit were both such treasures.
Such opportunities were rare.
Once someone obtained them, they would often become the focus of the sect’s cultivation, and their future prospects would be limitless.

There were also special cultivation techniques like the Imperial Physique that Chu Yunfan cultivated.
It could slowly change a person’s physique into an extraordinary physique, and the Imperial Physique was one of the best.

Most of the people with special physiques during the Ancient Zenith Civilization had been treated as gods.
Of course, there were also some born with special bloodlines.
Their ancestors might have extraordinary origins, and they might even have the bloodlines of monsters or even divine beasts.
The power of these people were also limitless.

This was also the reason why Chu Yunfan was so ecstatic.
This was an extraordinarily fortuitous encounter.
Any one of these great herbs would be priceless and an incalculable treasure.

It was an incredible opportunity to obtain any one of them, let alone three great herbs in one go.

“The risk to stay was not in vain,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“What are you giggling about?”

Chu Yunfan’s actions alerted Tang Siyu, who was still in seclusion.

“Hahaha, we struck gold this time!” Chu Yunfan exclaimed as he hugged Tang Siyu.

Tang Siyu’s pretty face turned red.
She pushed Chu Yunfan away and looked at him with a reproachful look.

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