Chapter 820: Great Harvest, the End of the Journey

Wei Shan had died.
It was another clean sweep.

Everyone was speechless as if they had just realized how strong Chu Yunfan was.
At this moment, they no longer had any doubts over his strength.

This kind of strength terrified them.
They were many experts here who had stepped into the ninth-Innate Stage, or even the peak-Innate Stage.
But compared to the strength that Chu Yunfan was currently displaying, they were indeed far too lacking.

It could be said that they were not on the same level at all.

From a distance, Chu Haoyue watched Chu Yunfan’s display of power.
At this time, he no longer doubted Chu Yunfan’s strength.

But who exactly was this Masked Master? How could he possible possess such strength? Even with the Chu family’s intelligence network, they could not find any information regarding this person.

It was indeed the strangest thing.

“Sh*t! Save him!”

The marine folk experts finally reacted, and they all rushed toward Chu Yunfan and Dawn Whale.

But it was too late.
Chu Yunfan had taken the lead and pounced on Dawn Whale.
He used the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations and rushed toward Dawn Whale.

“I’m going to kill you!” Dawn Whale roared and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Half of his hair had turned white, and the rest of his hair had turned gray.
A large part of his life force had already been depleted, and a large part of his life force had been fed into the halberd in his hand.
This halberd that forged from Deep Sea Dark Iron burst out with an astonishing light, and was much more powerful than before.

In an instant, Dawn Whale exploded.

“I’ll exchange half of my life force for your life!”

Dawn Whale’s eyes flickered with a terrifying light, and he wished he could swallow Chu Yunfan whole.

He never thought that he would be forced into this dead end, but there was no other way.
Even if he had to use half of his life force, it was better than dying here.

However, the smugness in his eyes only lasted for a moment.
He watched as a stream of light danced across Chu Yunfan’s palm.
One of Chu Yunfan’s hands suddenly grabbed his halberd.

In an instant, his halberd light was pierced through, and then crushed into pieces.

Chu Yunfan’s palm did not seem to be made of flesh and blood at all, but rather, it was as if it was cast from metal.


Dawn Whale had exchanged half of his life force for this terrifying attack, but Chu Yunfan shattered it instantly.


Dawn Whale couldn’t believe that Chu Yunfan had so easily resolved his attack.

However, by the time he truly sensed the danger, it was already too late.
Chu Yunfan’s hand reached out and grabbed his neck.

When Chu Yunfan’s hand connected with Dawn Whale’s neck, with a loud crack, Dawn Whale’s neck was snapped.

All of this was done in a clean sweep.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan finally calmed down a little.
The Imperial Physique was truly terrifying.
No wonder the Alchemy Emperor had been able to fight against so many emperors at the same time.

The Alchemy Emperor could be considered a peerless expert.

Although Chu Yunfan had yet to cultivate the Imperial Physique to its peak, he had already displayed an invincible might.

Three experts in the peak Innate Stage and three experts that were half a step away from the Divine Abilities Stage had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.

They had no power to fight back at all.

From the beginning to the end, Chu Yunfan had a carefree look on his face.
It was obvious that everything was under his control, and this was not his limit.

He had single-handedly suppressed all these unparalleled experts.

Everyone was dead silent.
Whether it was the experts of the major families or the rogue cultivators, they were all shocked speechless.

Since Chu Yunfan had appeared, he had given them shock after shock.
It was as if he was not a person of this world.
He subverted the rules time and time again.

However, all the previous shocks added together were not as shocking as this.

Chu Yunfan had easily killed three experts who were hald a step away from the Divine Abilities Stage.

Was there anyone in the Innate Stage who was a match for him?

He’s too powerful.
Who was this Masked Master? I thought he was too timid to show his true face, but it seems like that’s not the case!”

“I’m afraid no one will be able to do anything to this Masked Master unless they use nuclear bombs or ask for help from a Divine!”

This was especially true for the experts of the Jiangs, Huangs, Weis, and the marine folks.
Although Chu Yunfan was in a hurry and didn’t kill all of them, he still managed to kill a huge majority of them.
More than half of them were either dead or injured.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes scanned the crowd.
Those who had been beaten by him didn’t dare to come up and find trouble with him.
The marine folk experts who had rushed out retreated at an even faster speed.

What a joke.
With the strength Chu Yunfan had displayed, killing these marine folk experts would be as easy as blowing away dust.

At this time, the marine folks were extremely hateful of those who had spread the rumors.
What that there were no experts among the humans? It was all a big joke?

Such strength was simply terrifying!

From among the marine folks, apart from Divine experts, there was probably no one else who could compare to Chu Yunfan.

“This is going to be a big fight.
Wait, no.
This is going to be an explosion fight!” someone exclaimed.

The moment the man opened his mouth, it was as if a pot had exploded.

At this moment, the warrior spirit of the Primeval War Ttree took the opportunity to kill many of them.
Only then did the crowd realize that this wasn’t the time for them to watch a show.

The warrior spirits started attacking them.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan looked at the other precious great herbs.
However, before he could do anything, hundreds of warrior spirits swarmed toward him.

They surrounded him, making him unable to attack.

Suddenly, the island began to shake violently, and the earth seemed to be sinking.

Everyone was stunned before they started to panic.
They instantly realized that the island was sinking.

Everyone started cursing.
Didn’t they say that there was still some time? Why was the island sinking so early?

This island was originally deep under the Infinite Sea.
Later on, the marine folks had forced it surface.
Now, it was finally going to sink back into the sea.

“Let’s go!” someone shouted.

Everyone began to escape toward the periphery of the island.

If they didn’t get out now, the whirlpool that would be set off when the island sank would devour everyone within the proximity of the island.

Once they sank into the sea, they would enter the world of the marine monsters.
Unless the martial artists was in the Divine Abilities Stage and had developed incredible magical powers and abilities, they would not be able to move freely in the water.

If they were swallowed into the sea, they will only end up as food for the marine monsters.

Even the marine folks who would be able to survive in the sea didn’t dare to stay.
It was too dangerous to stay remain the island at this time.

However, Chu Yunfan had no intention of escaping.
He charged toward those the warrior spirits and swept through their battle formation.

“Is he crazy?!”

Many people saw Chu Yunfan’s actions and thought that he had gone mad.
The island was about to sink.
If he didn’t get out now, he would surely die.

‘Forget him! He’s gone mad! Let him die here!’ this was was many people thought.

In this trip to the island, Chu Yunfan had come out on top.
Even the great families had no advantage over him.
They failed to obtain any great herbs.
Chu Yunfan had got them all.
It was really too hateful.

They were delighted to see Chu Yunfan acting this way.
It would be best if he died on the island.

After a while, there was no one left on the battlefield.
Everyone was frantically trying to escape from the island.
The sea water had already submerged Chu Yunfan’s lower body, and it would not be long before the entire island sunk into the sea.

Chu Yunfan took advantage of this time to break through the battle formation formed by the warrior spirits, rushed to the bottom of the Primeval War Tree, and swung the long black staff in his hand.

He swept away a few small barriers, and with a loud shout, he conjured a large hand made of Spirit Energy.
He then grabbed the medicinal herbs inside these small barriers.

He didn’t even look at what kind of medicinal herb they were.
He just stuffed them all into the Mountain River Diagram.

At this time, the island was sinking faster and faster.
It would soon drown Chu Yunfan.
The terrifying suction force formed by the sinking of the island would drag everything into the water.

And finally, without any hesitation, Chu Yunfan dove into the Mountain River Diagram.

On the surface of the sea, a huge whirlpool sucked everything into the water.
Countless marine monsters that couldn’t escape in time were also sucked in.

In the distance, many of the human experts who had managed to survive were looking at the huge whirlpool with ashened expressions.

If they hadn’t left in time, they surely would have died here.
In fact, there were many experts who had not managed to escape and got sucked into the sea.
Now, they were most likely dead.

Above the sea, these experts gathered together, exuding a powerful aura.
Even the monsters in the sea did not dare to approach them.

“The Masked Master is dead!”

“He must be.
I’ve been watching the whole time, and no one came out.
I didn’t expect that such a powerful master would die in such a place!”

“It was greed.
He finally died because of his own greed.
What a pity!”

“Hahahaha! This is karma! Karma!”

Some of the Jiang experts laughed out loud.
Chu Yunfan’s strength had made them feel despair.
But now that he had died in the Infinite Sea, it was a great relief to them.

“It’s such a pity that someone like him died from greed.”

Chu Haoyue looked on from afar.
After confirming that Chu Yunfan didn’t escape, he couldn’t help but sigh.

For a time, there was a lot of discussions.

The journey to the medicinal garden on the island had finally come to an end.

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