Chapter 818: Jiang Zhanwang Couldn’t Even Withstand Three Moves!

Even Marine Whale couldn’t stop Chu Yunfan.

As an expert who originally a sea monster, Marine Whale was far more powerful than an ordinary peak Innate expert.
But against Chu Yunfan, there was no difference.

At this time, Chu Yunfan’s momentum had reached its peak.
He swept through the Warrior Spirits that tried to stop him, but he easily killed them all.

At this time, Jiang Zhanwang had already arrived in front of the fruit.
Just as he was about to break the barrier surronnding the fruit and take it away, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly swept over from behind.

He was instantly alarmed.
He quickly looked back and saw Chu Yunfan flying toward him with a staff in his hand.
The backup he had arranged, the Jiang experts, had been swept away and killed.

They had failed to stop Chu Yunfan.

Jiang Zhanwang suddenly recalled who Chu Yunfan was.
Lately, Chu Yunfan had caused quite a stir in the island, so he knew a little about him.
However, he had never taken it to heart.
He thought this Masked Master was just an arrogant person who came out of nowhere.
Such a person could be easily killed.
There was no need to take him seriously.

Who knew that Chu Yunfan would actually reach him?

He spotted Jiang Qing and the group of Jiangs experts lying in a pool of blood on the ground.
He immediately exploded in anger.

“Little one, you’re courting death.” Jiang Zhanwang fixed his eyes on Chu Yunfan, and a sharp glint suddenly burst out from his cloudy eyes.

“Jiang Zhanwang, I’ll kill you,” Chu Yunfan said simply.

Chu Yunfan and the Jiangs had long been irreconcilable enemies, so there was no need to say anything more.

“You’ll kill me?” Jiang Zhanwang laughed.

He instantly unleashed al the aura within his body.
The terrifying aura that belonged to a peak Innate expert erupted.
Almost half of the battlefield could feel this terrifying aura.

The Spirit Energy in the sky turned into clouds of energy under his will.

This person’s strength was far above that of an ordinary peak Innate expert.
Among all the people Chu Yunfan had met, only the Seventh Divine Servant could be compared to him.

This kind of person was just half a step away from the Divine Abilities Stage.
Half a dozen Innate experts would be nothing to him.

Of course, there wasn’t many such people.
Even with the Jiang family’s size, there was only one such personamong them.

Chu Yunfan observed Jiang Zhanwang.
There was a thick shroud of death around Jiang Zhanwang.
It was no different from the time when Chu Yunfan had swallowed the Celestial Demonic Disintegration Pill two years ago.

Jiang Zhanwang was the younger brother of the Jiang Great Ancestor, and he had been active in the last ten generations of the Jiangs.
It was normal for the Jiang Great Ancestor to reach the Divine Abilities Stage.
But Jiang Zhanwang still being alive puzzled many people.

When Chu Yunfan saw Jiang Zhanwang, he immediately understood that he must have used some kind of secret technique or modern advanced technology to survive until now.

However, hundreds of years had passed, and it was an undeniable fact that the old were weak.
The fist was afraid of the young.
This principle was universal.

The current Jiang Zhanwang must be using all of the life force he had to temporarily return to the peak of his combat strength for a certain period.
However, his life force was already running low.

In other words, if he couldn’t enter the Divine Abilities Stage, he would surely die.

Jiang Zhanwang was probably planning to fight to the death.
Whether he lived or died depended on the result of this battle.

This was a desperate bet.
Jiang Zhanwang’s life was already at its limit.

“You’re just an old dog struggling to survive.
Do you still think this is your era? I’ll kill you today and then your brother another!” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

A shocking killing intent burst out from Jiang Zhanwang’s eyes as he shouted, ” “You brat! You’re too arrogant! I can’t let you live!”

After saying that, Jiang Zhanwang took a step forward.
His skin began to emit waves of light and he radiated with a majestic aura.

Jiang Zhanwang burst out all of a sudden, unleashing all of his energy.
A saber appeared in his hand and launched out with the Life Ender technique.

All the killing intent in the world gathered together and condensed on the saber.
It was as if all the killing intent in the world was about to be released at this moment.

Chu Yunfan’s entire body was locked down and he was about to be suppressed.

Aside from the Jiang Great Ancestor, Jiang Zhanwang was the only other person who had cultivated the Life Ender to such an extend.
Although others also practiced this technique, they paled in comparison.

The momentum of the attack was condensed to the extreme.
It was truly terrifying.
Even a peak Innate expert would be killed by this attack.


As the blade fell, the terrifying pressure that was set off swept up dust in all directions, setting off a dust storm that was several feet high.

The world changed color, and even the Wei xperts and the Deep Sea Whales were alarmed.
At the same time, their expressions turned ashen.

At their level, how could they not see how terrifying Jiang Zhanwang’s attack was?

Their eyes locked on the figure in the dust storm.
They realized that many people and horses were being slaughtered behind them.
Many experts had been died from the aftermath of this strike.

Wei Zixiong and Marine Whale, these two young master-level figures, the hope of their respective clans, had both died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.

If Chu Yunfan wasn’t going up against Jiang Zhanwang, they would have killed him right then and there.
Now, they could only hope that both Chu Yunfan and Jiang Zhanwang would be seriously injured.

After all, Jiang Zhanwang was also their competitor.
One less would be for the best.

“The Masked Master is going to die.
After all, Jiang Zhanwang is a master who became famous hundreds of years ago.”

“When Jiang Zhanwang became famous, the Mask Master’s ancestors weren’t even born yet.”

“Is this the strength of the second strongest Jiang? I’ve heard people occasionally mention that the Federation was at a disadvantage during that era, and the battles were far more intense than they are now.
Now, it seems that it’s true.”

Many people in the distance spoke up one after another.
They all felt that Chu Yunfan was doomed this time.

But when the dust settled and Chu Yunfan emerged from the dust storm, everyone was shocked.
Chu Yunfan didn’t dodge or evade, and he even took the Life Ender head-on.

It wasn’t the scene of Chu Yunfan being severely injured as they had thought.
There wasn’t even a speck of dust on him.

“Impossible!” Jiang Zhanwang’s eyes widened.
His wrinkled old face was filled with disbelief.

“iang Zhanwang hadn’t held back at all, but Chu Yunfan was actually able to withstand his attack without sustaining a single injury.

“What’s so impossible about that? Jiang Zhanwang, you’re old.
This isn’t your era anymore!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

Of course, ordinary people wouldn’t dare to take this attack head on.
But Chu Yunfan, who had cultivated the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, was different.

Even unarmed, Chu Yunfan’s combat strength would not be reduced by much.
He was still terrifying, and the power he could exert was even more amazing.

“Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon!”

Chu Yunfan swung the staff in his hand and smashed it down.
With one swing of the staff, the dust storm parted and the skies cleared.

The terrifying power of this strike was even stronger than Jiang Zhanwang’s attack.

This was the advantage of Chu Yunfan’s young age and vigorous energy and blood.
His casual attack was an attack that Jiang Zhanwang had to use all his strength and stimulate all his life potential to release.

Jiang Zhanwang’s eyes glinted.
He raised his hand, and another attack was thrown out to meet Chu Yunfan’s.

The staff light and saber light collided, and it was as if the light of creation was tearing everything apart.


The fierce battle between the two sides broke out.
It was a terrifying collision.
Jiang Zhanwang’s arms trembled slightly, and the weakness of his old age was completely exposed.
He didn’t even have time to recover his energy, but Chu Yunfan, who was standing opposite him, seemed to be fine.

Chu Yunfan felt the blood in his body boil after just launching the first of the three inquires.

“Hahaha! This feels great! Again!” Chu Yunfan laughed and swung his staff at Jiang Zhanwang again.


It was another terrifying collision, as if two missiles had collided.

The crowd was shocked to see that Jiang Zhanwang’s hair, which was originally flecked with gray and black, had turned completely white after this attack.
The age spots on his face had intensified.

This was clearly a sign that he had exhausted his life force.

Jiang Zhanwang had already realized how terrifying Chu Yunfan was.
Chu Yunfan could crush those of the same age as him, let alone an old man like him.

However, he realized that it was impossible for him to retreat.
Chu Yunfan’s terrifying aura had locked him down, forcing him to face his enemy.

Chu Yunfan had pulled the battle into his favor.
Even some of the experts who focused on technique were helpless against Chu Yunfan’s brutal fighting style.
This was because he didn’t care what kind of fighting style the other person had.
With just one simple move, he would force the other party to defend.

There was no other choice.

“This next move will kill you!” Chu Yunfan shouted loudly.

The third inquiry swept out, and terrifying power burst forth.
Each inquiry was more terrifying than the last, and the power of each move was more shocking than the last.

“Three Inquires of the Mad demon, the third inquiry!”

As the staff swept down, Jiang Zhanwang used the last of his strength to try to fight against Chu Yunfan.
However, the light of the Life Ender condensed but was instantly scattered.

The staff landed on Jiang Zhanwang’s body, breaking all of his defenses.
The inner armor he was wearing was instantly shattered, unable to withstand Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strike.

He was sent flying and fell to the ground like a kite with a broken string.

His chest had caved in completely, and his eyes were wide open.
He died right then and there.
He couldn’t believe that he died in the hands of a junior so easily.

It hadn’t even been three moves.

Jiang Zhanwang was dead.

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