Chapter 817: Settling It in One Go, Invincible

Chu Yunfan’s combat strength had exploded to the extreme after he killed ten peak Innate experts in one breath.
It was beyond everyone’s imagination.

He was like a god on the battlefield.

The experts of the Jiangs, Huangs, Weis, and marine folks were all frightened.

These people were all battle-hardened and had fought against countless powerful enemies.
But compared to Chu Yunfan, those people were not even worth mentioning.

In front of Chu Yunfan, numbers lost all their meaning.

Although Chu Yunfan had yet to enter the Divine Abilities Stage, it made no difference to them.

And they were too slow to react.
When they were about to inform Jiang Zhanwang and the other experts who were attacking the Primeval War Tree, Chu Yunfan was already flying toward them.

The experts of the Jiangs, the Weis, and the marine folks all received the news at the same time.
At first, they didn’t believe it.
What kind of news was this? How could anyone break through the blockade that they had all put up together?

However, when they turned around to look, they saw a figure holding a long black staff coming at them with great momentum.
Whether it was the rogue cultivators or the Primeval War Tree Warrior Spirits, none of them was a match for Chu Yunfan.

He charged over like a hot knife through butter.
They had to gather everyone’s strength to finally reach this step, but Chu Yunfan had done it all by himself.

“Stop him!”

The experts from the various clans immediately reacted.
Jiang Zhanwang, the top experts of the Wei family, and the terrifying experts from the Deep Sea Whales didn’t hesitate.

They charged forward with a mighty force.
Now, it was time to see who would be the first to obtain the great herb.

The battle royale between the three families was already chaotic enough.
They naturally couldn’t let another person join in.

“It’s you.
You’re just in time!” Wei Zixiong laughed manically.

He wasn’t scared when he saw Chu Yunfan.
Instead, he was happy.
It was his biggest shame that Chu Yunfan had managed to escape.
Now that his strength had improved greatly and he was at the peak of the Innate Stage, he naturally had no fear.

Shortly, the experts from the various families came to a tacit agreement to deal with Yunfan first.

Chu Yunfan fought his way through as if he was taking a stroll in a courtyard.
Even his breathing was steady and calm.

“Go to hell!” Wei Zixiong roared and led the Wei experts to attack.

“All those who get in my way shall die!”

Chu Yunfan still said the same words, but his aura had already risen to the extreme.

“Who do you think you are?! A Divine master?!” Wei Zixiong roared in anger.

Then, he instantly threw a punch at Chu Yunfan.

His entire fist burned with a fire that formed a huge blood-red crow as he punched out.

“Blood Crow Punch!”

It was an inheritance Wei Zixiong had obtained by chance.
It was an extremely shocking and powerful punch technique.

The air was torn apart as the blood crow devoured everything.

“You’re overestimating yourself.” Chu Yunfan said these words nonchalantly, and then the staff in his hand began to dance.

At this time, Wei Zixiong finally saw the shocking scene those experts who had intercepted Chu Yunfan before had seen.

With just one sweep, a shocking hurricane tide was formed.


The staff smashed down, crushing the blood crow into pieces.
Then, without losing any momentum, it smashed into Wei Zixiong’s fist.


A blood-curdling screech was heard as Wei Zixiong retreated.
His entire arm exploded in mid-air, turning into a rain of blood.

He frantically tried to escape.
He had never been so severely injured in a single strike before.
He had never thought that he would be so vulnerable.

“You can’t even withstand a single blow.” Chu Yunfan looked at Wei Zixiong with a sneer on his face.

Wei Zixiong didn’t know who Chu Yunfan was, but Chu Yunfan still remembered how Wei Zixiong had set up a trap to kill him.

If it wasn’t for that trap, the Jiangs wouldn’t have used a nuclear bomb, and he wouldn’t have had to hide from the limelight.

Now, it could be said that they were settling old and new grudges all at once.

“It’s too late to leave now!” Chu Yunfan laughed and activated the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations.
In a few flashes, he had already caught up to Wei Zixiong.

“Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon!”

Chu Yunfan shouted and swung his staff, bringing with it a terrifying aura that seemingly wanted to destroy the whole world.


With just one strike, Wei Zixiong let out a blood-curdling screech as his body was struck.
He was sent flying, his internal organs were crushed, and he stopped breathing altogether.

The Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon overlapped each other, and its power was unparalleled.
Chu Yunfan only used one move, and Wei Zixiong couldn’t hold out and instantly died on the spot.

At the end of the day, although Wei Zixiong had released all of his potential and entered the peak of the Innate Stage, he had only been at that level for a short time.
Naturally, he wouldn’t have a problem facing an ordinary peak Innate expert.
However, when facing a freak like Chu Yunfan, he was nothing.

To Chu Yunfan, this was all as it should be.
But to the others, it was as if they had seen a ghost.

No matter what, Wei Zixiong was a peak Innate expert, but Chu Yunfan had easily killed him.

The eyes of the Weis turned red.
They had never suffered such a great loss since the holy land descended.

The death of a young master who had the potential to enter the Divine Abilities Stage was enough to shock the entire clan.

“Kill him! He can’t be allowed to live!”

After the Wei experts were stunned for a moment, they pounced at Chu Yunfan like crazy.

But before they could reach him, the Jiang experts had already arrived in front of Chu Yunfan, and the person leading them was the First Elder of the Jiangs, Jiang Qing.

Previously, when Chu Yunfan barged into the Jiangs’ ancestral home, Jiang Qing was crippled by Chu Yunfan with a single punch.
Luckily, the family saved him.

Jiang Qing’s cultivation had not changed much compared to two years ago.
At his age, it was normal for cultivation to stagnate for years.
However, Chu Yunfan, who was standing in front of him, was even more terrifying than two years ago.

“Life Ender!” Jiang Qing shouted as a saber light burst out from his hand and slashed at Chu Yunfan.

The saber light that was several feet long tore everything apart.
Even an ordinary peak-stage Innate expert would have to be very careful in order to block this attack.

But Chu Yunfan barely even glanced at it.
He raised his hand and instantly shattered the saber light with his bare hands.

“Mad Demon Staff!”

Chu Yunfan shouted and swung out with his staff.
It was accompanied by a tornado that filled the sky as it ruthlessly struck down.


Jiang Qing let out a blood-curdling screech as he was sent flying backward.
The hand that was holding onto his saber exploded.
He was in an extremely miserable state as blood gushed out of his wound.
All the cells in his body had been shattered.

Chu Yunfan’s next attack followed like a shadow.
He grabbed at the air with his hand, and blade qi filled the sky.
With a slash, Jiang Qing was killed before he could even react.

Suddenly, the entire place went deathly silent.
None of these people had expected such an outcome.
Everyone’s expression seemed to freeze on their faces as if they had seen a ghost.

Wei Zixiong, who had just stepped into his cultivation realm, was killed, but it could still be accepted.
However, Jiang Qing was a veteran peak Innate expert, yet he was killed so easily.

On the other hand, the experts from all walks of life in the distance didn’t seem surprised at all.
They had all seen Chu Yunfan’s sweeping instant kill against those Innate experts.
Compared to that amazing performance, this was nothing.

“How is he so strong?!”

Marine Whale had just arrived with the marine folk experts, and he witnessed Chu Yunfan easily kill Jiang Qing.

Marine Whale was drenched in a cold sweat.
He had challenged Chu Yunfan on the Internet, but who knew that he would see Chu Yunfan’s heroic performance in person?

He could even feel that Chu Yunfan’s face under the mask was looking at him with some contempt and ridicule.

“Marine Whale, didn’t you say that you wanted to kill me? I’m here now, so why don’t you come and try me?” Chu Yunfan sneered at Marine Whale.

Marine Whale’s expression was extremely unsightly.
He was born to be the young master of the Deep Sea Whale.
He had never once backed down when someone challenged him head-on.

“Kill him! We can’t allow him to live!”

The experts of the Jiangs and the Weis had all gone crazy.
The First Elder of the Jiangs had died.

Chu Yunfan retracted his gaze from Marine Whale.
Jiang Zhanwang and the other two were already very close to the Primeval War Tree.
They were almost upon the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

He did not have much time left.

“All those who get in my way shall die!” Chu Yunfan shouted and raced forward, chasing after Jiang Zhanwang and the others.

“Stop him!” Marine Whale roared and gave a decisive order.

From behind him, the marine folk experts pounced forward without any hesitation.

The marine folk experts, the Jiangs, and the Weis all joined forces and surrounded Chu Yunfan.

With such a formation, an ordinary peak Innate expert would definitely die.
However, everyone saw Chu Yunfan flip the tables on them.

The staff in Chu Yunfan’s hands was terrifying, and he could send a person flying with just a casual swing.
Those who were hit either die or were injured.
Even with so many people working together, they were still unable to stop his advance.

In just a moment, Chu Yunfan had already broken through the entire battle formation and arrived in front of Marine Whale.
Marine Whale was alarmed and immediately transformed into his original form.
It was a terrifying giant whale that was hundreds of meters long.
Its huge tail slammed down on Chu Yunfan.


The staff stirred up a shocking gust of wind, blowing away the whale’s tail.

Marine Whale wanted to escape, but it was too late.
Chu Yunfan caught up with him and instantly crushed Marine Whale’s head.

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