Chapter 816: The Vulnerable Peak Innates, Killing Ten in One Second

However, the Huang expert could no longer speak.
Chu Yunfan had crushed his sternum, and his internal organs had been shattered.

Everyone was shocked, or rather, they were scared out of their wits, especially the rogue cultivators.

Chu Yunfan defeating the Huang expert was not strange.
The real horror was that the man was at least in the seventh Innate Stage.

Against Chu Yunfan, the expert lost all ability to fight back.
He was sucked into Chu Yunfan’s hand through immensely powerful inner energy and then stomped to death.

Nobody could imagine how terrifying Chu Yunfan’s cultivation was.

When many people looked at Chu Yunfan again, they looked at him like he was the master of the battlefield, and no one could stop him.

They looked at Chu Yunfan as if they were looking at a monster.
In front of Chu Yunfan, an upper-stage Innate expert was no different from trash.
He killed them just like that.
This was really too shocking.

All the Huang experts felt like they were going crazy.
Chu Yunfan had killed another one of them.

At this time, the Jiangs, Weis, and the marine folks surrounded Chu Yunfan.
There were more than a hundred of them and almost all of them were at the upper levels of the Innate Stage.
Many of them were at the ninth Innate Stage or even the peak Innate Stage.

They were the elites and pillars of their respective families, and ordinary Innate experts couldn’t compare to them.

“All those who get in my way shall die.”

Chu Yunfan slowly walked forward.
He still said the same words, but they were a thousand times, ten thousand times, more terrifying than before.

Because this wasn’t just a threat, but a real case.
Just now, in the blink of an eye, Chu Yunfan had killed three upper-level Innate experts.
This made him a monster in everyone’s eyes.

“Let’s attack together.
Unless he has reached the Divine Abilities Stage, he will definitely die today.
I want him dead.
Find out his identity and slaughter his entire family!” one of the peak Innate Huang experts bellowed in anger.

This was a provocation to the Huangs, and they couldn’t stand such a provocation.

The experts from all sides looked at each other and understood the meaning in each other’s eyes.
Chu Yunfan was too great a threat.
It could be said to be boundlessly terrifying.
Even a peak Innate expert may be no match for him.

Now, they had to join forces to have a chance of resisting him.

The experts immediately made a decision.
All of them rushed forward.
Ten peak Innate experts surrounded Chu Yunfan and pounced on him.
The others followed closely behind.

Hundreds of Innate experts were charging toward him.
This lineup could even scatter and shatter ordinary monsters.

Their auras linked together, forming one terrifying aura.
From afar, the rogue cultivators were dumbfounded.

The combined might of over a hundred upper Innate experts was simply too terrifying.
It would be as easy as flipping a hand to overturn a first-rate major power.

With such a lineup, they might even be able to put up a fight against an ordinary Divine expert.
And they were using such a method against just one Chu Yunfan.

Could he hold out?

For some reason, many were looking forward to Chu Yunfan’s performance.
If he could create a miracle, it would undoubtedly be the greatest miracle on the battlefield.

“Is it useful to have more people?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

He was already used to fighting while being surrounded.
He had killed countless peak Innate Stage experts.

Chu Yunfan was not the least bit afraid.

He was determined to get the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.
Anyone who stood in his way would die.

He waved the staff in his hand, releasing its weight to the maximum and adjusting the gravity to the maximum.
Even with his current arm strength, blue veins could be seen popping out.

As he danced, a huge tornado rapidly formed.
Needless to say, everyone could see how terrifying it was.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was displaying the Shakyamuni’s Elephant Throwing technique to its extreme.

The ten peak-stage Innate experts from the various clan had taken the lead.
When they saw the terrifying tornado that Chu Yunfan had casually conjured up, their faces turned ashen.

“F*ck! Is this guy a monster?!”

Only now did they realize that Chu Yunfan’s previous strength wasn’t his limit.
The strength that he was displaying now was much more terrifying than before.

“Stop him!”

Everyone shouted and burst out with their highest level of combat power.
All kinds of supreme secret arts burst out one after another.
Even those marine folk experts were no exception.

Although they were from the sea, they learned martial arts after transforming into humanoid form.
They were not inferior to human martial arts experts.
In fact, they were even stronger because of their tyrannical bodies.

Ten powerful beams of light tore through everything and swept toward Chu Yunfan.
Any one of them was much stronger than Huang Yueqing.

Huang Yueqing had yet to unleash his potential to the limit and was unable to break free from the shackles of his original body.
However, these people were different.
They had long surpassed their original limits.

The ten attacks turned into a terrifying tide, tearing everything apart.

The eye-piercing light even made people freeze momentarily.

“It’s over.
The Masked Master is going to die today.
He’s so arrogant.
With his cultivation, even an ordinary peak Innate expert is no match for him.
But now, he’s facing ten peak Innate experts!”

Many people were feeling sorry for Chu Yunfan.
Those rogue cultivators couldn’t imagine what would happen if they faced such a powerful attack.
They would be torn apart in an instant.
There was no other result.

“That’s right.
It’s not feasible to challenge big families.
There are too many experts in each family, and they are all really strong.”

While everyone was still in shock, an iron staff brought up a strong wind and tore apart everything like a pillar that held up the sky.


There was a violent explosion as if it was the explosion at the beginning of the world.
Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the iron staff crushed everything, and the ten attacks that were trying to break Chu Yunfan were shattered inch by inch.

Everyone’s spirit was shaken, and they were dumbfounded.
Chu Yunfan swept away the attacks of ten peak Innate experts in just one move.

He shattered all of their attacks and martial arts concepts.
The ten peak Innate experts felt a terrible backlash sweep toward them.
They retreated one after another, feeling extremely dizzy.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief.
The joint forces of ten people were actually crushed in an instant.

Just how strong was Chu Yunfan?

Suddenly, in the smoke and dust that filled the sky, a staff light that was several feet long swept out.
It was as if it had split the chaotic sky and swept across the sky.


A peak Innate expert didn’t have time to dodge and was hit directly by the staff.
Then, his body was sliced into two halves.
The speed of this staff light was fast and the power it contained was strong.
Though he wore inner armor, he couldn’t resist even a moment.




In an instant, seven peak Innate Stage experts were swept to death by the staff.
In front of Chu Yunfan, who seemed to have gone mad, they had no chance of winning.

Their deaths bought the remaining three some time to react.
They kept retreating, not daring to go up against Chu Yunfan.
At this point, they finally understood how weak they were in front of him.

“Do you think you’ll be able to get away?”

Chu Yunfan’s cold voice rang out as he raised his staff high up into the sky.
The staff seemed to expand in the wind, and the True Energy wrapped around the staff suddenly burst out, smashing down on the three remaining experts.


Those three people simply had no time to dodge and were blasted into pieces.

The ten peak Innate experts had all died in an instant.

All the experts on the battlefield were completely dumbfounded.
If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe that someone could be this powerful.

“Could he have already reached the Divine Abilities Stage?”

Although he’s very powerful, he can’t possibly be there yet.”

“Yes, that level is much stronger.
It’s much more terrifying than what he has shown so far.”

“But it doesn’t matter if he has stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage or not.
Death is the only end for those who go up against him!”

“He had turned my world views and redefined the limits of human beings.
Even the peak Innate marine folk experts couldn’t withstand a single blow from him!”

Chu Yunfan didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy after killing ten peak Innate experts with a single strike.
What he had just displayed was the true profoundness of the Mad Demon Staff.

After his demonic staff technique had entered the Perfection Stage, the power it contained was even more terrifying than what the creator of this technique had ever displayed.

After all, although the Mad Demon Staff was powerful, it was only a staff technique at the Innate level.
Chu Yunfan’s current strength had already surpassed the person who created this technique.

And the younger generation surpassed the older generation—constantly pushing old limits.
This was the natural way of the world.

Chu Yunfan felt extremely satisfied with this strike.
The blood in his body boiled, and he could fight to his heart’s content.

He had entered the upper Innate Stages.
If he reencountered the Seventh Divine Servant, he was confident that he could defeat that person without needing to use the Demon Descends Illustration.

He looked in the direction of the Primeval War Tree.
The three forces were still advancing.

I’m the master of this battlefield, I’m invincible!

Like a bolt of lightning, Chu Yunfan flew in the direction of the Primeval War Tree.
All the experts from the various families stood rooted to their spots, not daring to step out and stop him.

Chu Yunfan was the master of the battlefield!

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