Chapter 76: Battle for Class Honor


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The students of the two classes were basically the cream of the crop among the students of the school.
They were split into two halves.
The school’s intention to let them compete with each other and promote each other was obvious.
And nobody wanted to fall behind.

They were both the cream of the crop among the students.
Who would be willing to be inferior to others!

Among the ordinary students, there was an obvious core and center, similar to Ou Yang’s core position in Class 2.

That was a youth around the age of sixteen or seventeen.
He was different from Ou Yang, He was only of medium-build, but the aura from his body was not inferior to Ou Yang.
Clearly, he was also a formidable figure.
Chu Yunfan had heard of him before.
This was the class monitor of Class 1, Zhang Teng.

Just like Ou Yang, he was already a prominent figure across the entire school.
Basically, he was a rarity in the school.
The school had also put in a lot of effort in balancing the strength of the two classes.
However, he had also heard of some other things about Zhang Teng.
Zhang Teng’s reputation was not
very good.
Although Ou Yang was distant, his reputation was generally good.
However, in the past, Zhang Teng had relied on his family’s connections in the city, forming gangs in the school.
Many students had been bullied.
Even Chu Yunfan had seen it with his own eyes once.
Therefore, he instinctively
did not have a good impression of Zhang Teng even though he had never actually interacted with Zhang Teng.

Soon, Chu Yunfan felt a fierce gaze.
He looked up and saw that it was Feng Deying.
Chu Yunfan only smiled slightly, as if he did not take Feng Deying’s vicious gaze to heart at all.
This made Feng Deying even angrier.

‘When he saw Tang Siyu, Zhang Teng’s eyes immediately lit up.
His eyes immediately rolled as he said, “Ou Yang, it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve competed!”

“Why? Haven’t you been beaten up enough by me?” Ou Yang said bluntly.
He did not have a good impression of Zhang Teng who was on par with him.

A vicious look flashed through Zhang Teng’s eyes.
Then, he said, “It’s boring if we only fight each other every time.
The school has divided the elites of the students into two classes and let each of us lead one class.
I think you should know the meaning.
It’s been more than a month now, and we haven’t had
a good duel yet.
Why don’t we take advantage of the moment before the teachers arrive? Let’s have a competition to see if Class 2 is stronger or Class 1 is!”

“Let’s go!”
“Class 1 is definitely stronger than Class 2!”

“Nonsense, what’s the use of just talking? Those who say they are stronger than Class 2 can come to talk to my sword!”

Almost immediately, Zhang Teng’s words resonated with many people.
These people were all young and had a lot of martial skills.
How could they not be competitive? It was just that most of them were usually restricted by the school rules.

Ou Yang only considered for a moment before saying, “Sure.
If you and I don’t take action, the others can take action.
Who from Class 2 wants to duel?”

At this time, a student from Class 2 stood out and said, “Let me do it!”

Chu Yunfan looked over.
This student was called Wang Lie.
He was tall and strong.
He had long limbs and looked quite oppressive.

“Tl fight you!”

At this time, unexpectedly, Feng Deying raised his hand and stepped down from the stage.
Wang Lie’s expression became slightly solemn.
Feng Deying was already quite famous among the students.
As a former class monitor, he was naturally extraordinary.

Both sides were in battle stances.
In an instant, they exchanged blows.
Feng Deying’s exquisite steel sword was abnormally sharp and his sword technique was on-point.
As soon as he started, he launched an astonishing attack.
The sword stabbed straight at Wang Lie’s vital points.
His technique was swift
and ruthless.
Wang Lie was unwilling to be outdone.
The long spear in his hand danced seamlessly and he managed to block all of Feng Deying’s attacks.

Everyone focused their attention and watched quietly.
Both of them had already stepped into the Qi Sea Stage.
During the exchange of blows, their True Qi tore through the sky over and over.
It was extremely intense.

However, after watching just two moves, Chu Yunfan kept shaking his head.
Wang Lie was not a match for him.
At most, he would lose in twenty moves.
The gap between the two sides was simply all-encompassing.
Although Wang Lie had already stepped into the Qi Sea Stage, he was only at the first level
of the Qi Sea Stage.
On the other hand, Feng Deying had clearly stepped into the peak of the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Regardless of speed or strength, Feng Deying’s True Qi was far above Wang Lie’s.
However, this secretly surprised Chu Yunfan a little.
After Feng Deying lost to him, not only did he

not become dispirited, but his strength had also improved rapidly.

Tsk tsk.
As expected, no one should be underestimated!

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As the crowd cheered, as expected by Chu Yunfan, Wang Lie was defeated.
He could only endure until the 19th move.
Wang Lie’s arm got cut.
Fresh blood was dripping from the wound.
The students from Class 2 immediately stepped forward and sprayed on some healing spray.
Very soon, the wound began
to scab.

“Feng Deying, it’s fine if the outcome is decided between the students, but there’s no need to make it so bloody!” Gao Hongzhi stepped forward and said.

“This is nothing.
Gao Hongzhi.
What do you think our classes are going to do this time? We are going for actual combat.
When we fight with the monsters, it will be ten times bloodier than this.
People will die!” Feng Deying could not stop laughing, as if she was mocking Gao Hongzhi’s womanly

Gao Hongzhi frowned slightly and said, “You understand what I mean.
It’s fine that you defeated Wang Lie, but you didn’t need to cut him to win.
We’re about to go on the expedition.
What are you trying to do?!”
Feng Deying laughed loudly and said, “You blame me for his inferiority? Since ancient times, there has never been anyone who blamed the winner!”

After Feng Deying said that, many people in Class 1 laughed out loud with disdainful looks on their faces, while many students in Class 2 revealed upset and indignant expressions.
For the first time, the honor of the class was completely integrated with their personal honor.
In fact, this was also the
purpose of the school in dividing the classes.
It was so that they could create their own motivation to compete.

“Gao Hongzhi, why? Do you want to fight too? It just so happens that the problem between us can also be solved!” Feng Deying looked at Gao Hongzhi provocatively and said.

“If you want to fight, then come.
I’m not afraid of you!” Gao Hongzhi sneered and said.

Gao Hongzhi grasped his spear and stepped into the field.
He pointed at Feng Deying and said, “Come!”

There was a long-standing grudge between the two of them.
As the former big three of Class 11, they had competed a lot.
How could they not be at loggerheads?

“Then watch carefully!” Feng Deying shouted.
Then, with his long sword in hand, he took the initiative to attack first.

Because he knew that he was a short-ranged attacker, while Gao Hongzhi had a long-ranged weapon.
Once the distance was widened, Gao Hongzhi would control the situation.
This step was both brilliant and ruthless.
However, Gao Hongzhi was not an ordinary person.
He immediately reacted and struck out with his spear.

Then, the two parties directly collided.

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