Chapter 814: Nuclear Bombs, War Breaks Out

Three days passed by in the blink of an eye.
Especially for Chu Yunfan, who was busy cultivating.

In a secluded valley, Chu Yunfan waved the staff in his hand, and the sky was continuously lit up by staff light.
The light either tore the air apart or pierced through it.
From a distance, it looked extremely terrifying.

As he executed this set of staff techniques, he looked like a mad demon.
However, his eyes were extremely calm.
This was the highest profoundness of the Mad Demon Staff.

The body had gone mad but not the mind.

Although his movements looked extremely violent, his eyes were extremely clear.
The Mad Demon Staff in his hands burst out with the highest power.

During this period of time, Chu Yunfan had been cultivating like crazy.
And because the major families had their eyes on the Primeval War Tree, they didn’t have time to care about him for the time being.
Even those rogue cultivators also began to head toward the depths of the island.

No one disturbed Chu Yunfan, and he could also cultivate wholeheartedly.
And today, his Mad Demon Staff which was at the Impeccable Stage, finally entered the Perfection Stage.

He was now able to display the full might of the Mad Demon Staff.
When used, it was as if he was possessed by an unparalleled martial artist.
He was like a crazy devil with infinite power that tore apart all the strong enemies before him.

As the power of his technique rose to a higher level, his combat power also rose along with it.
He was able to sweep through peak Innate Stage experts and now had nothing to fear.

Unless the Jiangs and Huangs were crazy enough to use a nuclear weapon on him, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“It’s been three days.
Time to go check things out.”

He was determined to get the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

After putting away the staff, Chu Yunfan’s figure leaped like a bird and flew away into the distance.
It was as if a bird was soaring through the sky.

When Chu Yunfan finally got close to the depths of the island, he felt his heartbeat grow faster.

He watched as a huge mushroom cloud slowly rose in the distance.
The terrifying light it exuded covered everything.
Ordinary people would be blinded by this light.

Even Chu Yunfan didn’t dare to look at this light directly.
He quickly circulated the Emperor Method and directed his True Energy into his eyes.
Only then did the uncomfortable feeling finally disappear.

The entire ground was shaking slightly.
The power of nuclear weapons was being released, and more than one nuclear weapon was going off at this moment.

From afar, dozens of nuclear bombs could be seen raining down from the sky like a meteor shower.
Those weapons flew in directly from outer space and landed to attack.
It was impossible to guard against them.

The target of these dozens of nuclear bombs was the superlative tree.
As one approached the center of the island, one would see the shockingly gigantic tree in the distance.

Immediately after, Chu Yunfan saw that the tree was surrounded by a huge barrier that enveloped it and the entire garden plot.
When the nuclear bombs fell, the barrier began to block them.




All kinds of terrifying explosions swept out, setting off heat waves and destructive power that tore everything apart.
Under the bombardment of these nuclear bombs, the powerful barrier that had rendered the major families helpless for so many days was shattered inch by inch.

Chu Yunfan looked from afar and was extremely shocked.
With his current strength, it was still impossible for him to resist human nuclear weapons.

Even a single nuclear bomb was enough to threaten him.
This was unbelievable even for ordinary peak Innate experts.
If they encountered such a weapon, it would not be a threat, but certain death.

The Federation relied on such a great killing weapon to suppress powerful enemies from all directions.
Be it the monsters, the holy land, or the marine folks, none of them dared to act recklessly in the face of these nuclear bombs.

This wave of nuclear bombs destroyed the barrier on the outside.
The terrifying aftershock that spread out even swept toward the Primeval War Tree.
Even though the barrier had blocked a large portion of those nuclear bombs, the remaining part was still terrifyingly powerful.

The top of that incomparably powerful ancient tree was torn apart by the power of the nuclear explosion, and hundreds of Innate Stage experts were instantly incinerated.

Chu Yunfan could see that part of the tree instantly evaporated and disappeared.
Countless cracks had also appeared on the trunk of the Primeval War Tree.
It looked extremely miserable.

It didn’t look like the majestic and terrifying existence that had left all the major families helpless and defeated.
This was the power of humanity’s great killing weapon.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the current Federation was much stronger than the ancient civilizations of the past.
This was because nuclear bombs were already a relatively high-level killing weapon for mankind while this Primeval War Tree had yet to mature and was only in its infancy.

If it was a fully grown Primeval War Tree, nuclear bombs of this level would not have been able to do anything to it.
Many people had speculated its strength had reached the Divine Abilities Stage, and now, the truth was clear to everyone.

If Chu Yunfan didn’t cross that line, he would forever remain an ant.
The nuclear bomb earlier was enough to turn this Primeval War Tree into nothingness.

The bombardment of nuclear bombs ended.
If they continued, the entire garden plot would be destroyed.
Wouldn’t their efforts be in vain then?


There were already countless experts hiding in the surroundings.
Previously, they had stayed far away to avoid the nuclear attack.
Now, they all rushed in.

The entire garden plot was still shrouded in nuclear radiation.
Even a cleaning bomb would not be able to dissipate it so quickly.

However, this level of nuclear radiation was nothing to these Innate experts.

They rushed in one after another.
This time, there was no longer any barrier around the garden plot to stop them.

Experts from various major powers and rogue cultivators swarmed over.
They had gone completely crazy.
There were many Innate experts, but there were only a few who could reach the Divine Abilities Stage.
Everyone was fighting for that slim chance of survival.

However, they soon realized that they had underestimated the Primeval War Tree.
Even after being bombarded by so many nuclear bombs, hundreds of martial arts experts still appeared on its branches and blocked the path of these experts.

Many of these experts appeared in the core area of the garden plot were medicinal herbs such as the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit that could help people to step into the Divine Abilities Stage grew.
It was also the place where the Primeval War Tree was the most heavily guarded.
The Innate experts that were from this place were powerful.
There were actually peak Innate experts.

At this moment, three figures emerged from the crowd.
Many of the Jiang experts were escorting the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor as they flew in the direction of the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

The old man displayed astonishing strength.
Along the way, the powerful experts born of the Primeval War Tree could not stop his attacks.

Even if these powerful experts were at the seventh, eighth, or even ninth Innate stage, they couldn’t even withstand a single blow from the Jiang Great Ancestor’s Life Ender.

He could easily kill a ninth Innate Stage expert with a single slash.
No one could stop him.
It was extremely terrifying.

Ordinary peak Innate experts were nothing compared to him.

Moreover, he had the protection of the many Jiang experts by his side.
He didn’t care about anything else, he had to get the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

“Who is that person? Even the First Elder of the Jiang clan, Jiang Qing, has to protect him?”

“I remember now.
Isn’t that old man the younger brother of the Jiang Great Ancestor, Jiang Zhanwang? Isn’t he supposed to be dead? How is he still alive?” Someone recognized the old man.
He was the younger brother of the Jiang Great Ancestor.

It was normal for the Jiang Great Ancestor to be alive because he was a Divine expert.
However, his younger brother was not.

“Jiang Zhanwang must have used some kind of secret technique to survive until today.
I’ve heard stories about him.
Back then, the Jiang Great Ancestor was indeed extremely powerful, but his younger brother was just as brilliant.
Later on, I heard that he gave the opportunity to reach the Divine Abilities Stage to the Jiang Great Ancestor.
Later on, he appeared less and less.
Everyone said that he had fallen.
I wasn’t expecting to see him again here!”

Some people were more knowledgeable and guessed part of the truth.

After Jiang Zhanwang appeared, a commotion broke out among the marine folks.
A large group of marine folk experts was protecting a figure as they rushed in.
It was a middle-aged man dressed in black who looked somewhat similar to Marine Whale.
He held a halberd in his hand.
Anyone who tried to stop him was instantly cut into pieces by this weapon.

Though the Primeval War Tree experts were all top-notch experts who had died during the Ancient Zenith Civilization, they were unable to stop this man.

But soon, powerful sea beasts blocked the man’s way.
They were marine folk experts whose corpses had been absorbed by the tree after their failed attack on this place.

However, the middle-aged man was not perturbed in the slightest.
He gripped the halberd in his hand and slashed his way through.

On the other side, the experts of the Wei family were protecting Wei Zixiong’s uncle as they headed toward the Primeval War Tree where the most important great herbs were located.

On the other hand, Wei Zixiong was leading another group of Wei experts to sweep away the experts that had evolved from the Primeval War Tree.
At the same time, they were blocking the frenzied rogue cultivators and experts from the other forces.

Wei Zixiong was extremely powerful and no one could stop him.
He was already at the peak of the Innate Stage.

“This is really satisfying!” Wei Zixiong laughed out loud.

It seemed that the deal he had made with that man that day was worth it.
On the battlefield of Innate Stage experts, only peak Innate Stage experts were invincible.

But he failed to notice that at this time, on the periphery of the battlefield, a figure had quietly appeared.

The figure wielded a long iron staff and joined the chaotic battle.

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