Chapter 813: The Primeval War Tree, the Various Parties Made Their Move

The Internet was in an uproar because all the great families were planning to join forces to launch a nuclear strike to wipe out the land.

With the president no longer around, the number of times the various families used nuclear bombs was increasing.
And they were starting to be a little unscrupulous about it.

However, the power of the great families was deeply rooted in the Federation.
Many people did not dare to voice their anger.
Other than the president, nobody else could suppress these great forces.

However, there were even more people who were curious to know what kind of existence was in the garden plot that had forced the major forces to wipe it out with a nuclear bomb.

Many photos and videos that had been circulated previously were about some great and rare herbs.
Finally, a telling photo appeared and everyone was shocked.

It was a superlative tree that was over a thousand feet tall.
No one knew what kind of tree it was, but it was as huge as a mega skyscraper.
Its branches were lush with dense foliage that covered the Sky and the Sun.
It was extremely shocking to look at from a distance.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that on each branch stood an expert.
These experts were dressed in the clothing of an ancient civilization, and they were holding swords, sabers, and all kinds of weapons.
There were thousands of branches, which meant that there were thousands of martial arts experts.

These martial arts experts were on par with Innate experts.
Could one imagine how terrifying a place guarded by thousands of Innate experts was?

Even the Presidential House of the Federation didn’t have such a lineup.
No wonder when the Huangs had failed in their earlier attack even though they had used a large number of hot weapons.
They were chased away.

And now, the major forces had joined hands but were still unable to do anything to the garden plot inside.

Everyone was shocked.
They didn’t know what this superlative tree was.
How was it so terrifying and how did it produce thousands of Innate experts?

Some people speculated that this superlative tree’s strength had reached the Divine Abilities Stage and that it was even more terrifying than the ordinary Divine experts.

If it wasn’t because its body was rooted to the island and couldn’t be moved, it might have caused a great disaster.

[It’s a weapon of war cultivated by the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
It’s called the Primeval War Tree!]

Someone had read the ancient books of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
The books recorded that this was a kind of war weapon raised by the people of back then to guard their doors.

The Ancient Zenith Civilization may not have walked the path of modern science and martial arts, but they had walked a path that was unique to themselves.
The Primeval War Tree was a kind of superweapon developed from those circumstances.

After learning about this, many started to look it up.
One after another, they all gasped.
Primeval War Trees were weapons used by the Ancient Zenith Civilization to deal with wars that could destroy countries.
Their status was similar to the current weapons of mass destruction of the Federation.

And this tree was only in its infancy.
According to the records, there were even Primeval War Trees that could produce thousands of Divine experts.

Many people could hardly believe it.
Before this, many only regarded this record as a rumor.
But now that they were seeing it with their own eyes, they knew that it was true.

A Primeval War Tree of that level definitely had the ability to annihilate a city and a country.
If even one of them remained alive, the Federation might not be able to stop it if it attacked.

Back then, the Ancient Zenith Civilization had conquered many other dimensions and had been extremely powerful.
If they did not have such trump cards and methods, how could they have done so?

Moreover, according to ancient records, an adult Primeval War Tree could uproot itself and move, making it a true killing weapon of the battlefield.

However, these Primeval War Trees were extremely difficult to cultivate.
They had to be fed with the blood of experts.
The stronger the expert of the blood it devoured, the stronger it would become.

Compared to the Primeval War Trees recorded in the ancient books, the one that had appeared in the island’s garden plot was merely in its infancy.
Even so, it was still able to push the various major forces to their wits ‘end.

Even if a behemoth like the Jiangs were to launch an attack boosting a thousand Innate Stage experts, they would still be killed.

There was even news that the marine folks had discovered this garden plot too.
But when they attacked it, they were beaten senseless.
Therefore, they forced this island to the surface of the sea for a short time and joined forces with the major human forces to plunder the heavenly treasures inside.

Only then did many of the originally unreasonable things become reasonable.
It was impossible for such a large island to suddenly surface because of a single tectonic shift.
It was the work of the marine folks after all.

People went crazy.
A Primeval War Tree was an amazing weapon.
Who wouldn’t want it? No wonder the major forces were so hellbent on getting it.
If they could find a way to obtain this Primeval War Tree, even if it was just in its infancy stage, it would be invincible.

While the Internet was abuzz, three days passed.

In the depths of the island, a thin old man stood atop a high peak.
The strong wind around him blew, making his clothes flutter.

There was a hint of dark energy between his eyebrows, but at the same time, an amazing vitality broke through this dark energy, making him look extremely vigorous.

At the foot of the mountain, a group of people with the Jiangs’ emblem embroidered on their robes were busy transporting all sorts of high-tech weapons.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside the skinny old man.
If Chu Yunfan was here, he would have recognized that this person was none other than the Jiangs’ First Elder, Jiang Qing.

Jiang Qing, the First Elder of the Jiangs, who was ranked at the top of the family, was extremely respectful before this old man.

“Great Ancestor, everything is ready.
We will surely succeed this time,” Jiang Qing said respectfully.

“Good.” The old man nodded slowly and looked into the distance.

He was gazing at the gigantic Primeval War Tree.
His eyes were filled with fanaticism.

At the same time, at a hidden reef off the island, a huge deep-sea whale suddenly turned into a middle-aged man.
This man looked somewhat similar to Marine Whale, and he had an extremely powerful aura.

Under the surface of the sea around him, there were huge figures swimming in the water.
Even a large number of aquatic demons did not dare to approach, as if this place had become a forbidden zone.

After a while, a figure crossed the sea’s surface and arrived at the reef.
That person was none other than Marine Whale.

Marine Whale looked at the middle-aged man and said, “Uncle, I’ve already contacted the humans.
Their nuclear strike is about to begin.
Although the humans aren’t capable of much, the power of their nuclear weapons is worth looking forward to.
Even a Divine expert can’t come out completely unscathed after being bombarded by a nuclear bomb.”

The middle-aged man said, “You’ve done well.
Let’s go.
We’ve planned this for so long, and it’s now finally time to close the net.
If we don’t act now, even your father might not be able to hold them back.”

“Right.” Marine Whale nodded.
“There were a number of Divine experts among the humans, and they were not to be trifled with.
It wasn’t easy for Father to gather these Divine marine folk experts from the various tribes to stop these Divine human experts.
Otherwise, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have had such an opportunity.”

He knew very well how terrifying it was to have experts at the Divine Abilities Stage.
If these people appeared, things would get difficult.

“You’re right.
Though we are just using the humans, we must be on guard against them.
They have a very reasonable saying, ‘those who are not of our race will definitely have different intentions.’ I have to cross into the Divine Abilities Stage.
When that happens, the Deep Sea Whale tribe will surely become stronger,” the middle-aged man said.

After saying that, he flew away into the distance as if he was stepping on a layer of light.
Marine Whale followed behind him and raced away as well.

At the same time, inside a valley, Wei Zixiong had retracted his powerful aura and was standing beside a middle-aged man.
This middle-aged man was somewhat similar to him, but the energy exuding from his brow was much stronger than Wei Zixiong’s.
He was a true expert.

This middle-aged man was one of the best among the peak Innate experts.

“The moment the nuclear bomb hits its target, we must rush in and seize the place.
This time, we must be the ones to obtain it,” the middle-aged man said, “Great changes are about to happen, and our family doesn’t have a single Divine expert within the Federation.
How can we intimidate others this way? Before the clan leaders and the others come out here, we have to fight.
This matter concerns our family and the holy land’s ten-thousand-year-long foundation.
We can’t afford to make the slightest mistake”

“I understand, Uncle.
Among the forces that have infiltrated the holy land, our family is the strongest.
They have no choice but to cooperate with us,” Wei Zixiong said with a proud expression.

This was the result of all his hard work.

“You should seize every opportunity to increase your cultivation.
In the end, everything depends on your strength,” the middle-aged man said as he glanced at Wei Zixiong.

“Don’t worry, Uncle.
I’ll make everyone look at me in a new light.
If that Masked Master doesn’t show up, I’ll let him go.
If he dares to show his face, I’ll make sure he dies.
That Jiang Dan was nothing but a piece of trash.
He can’t possibly compare to me,” Wei Zixiong said calmly.

“It’s good that you know what you’re doing,” the middle-aged man said, “I might not be able to take care of you in the upcoming battle.
I have two old friends that I should meet.
The rest will be up to you.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle,” Wei Zixiong said.

His expression then turned serious.
He knew the importance of this upcoming battle.

Soon, the valley was emptied as everyone there flew toward the depths of the island.

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