Chapter 809: Combat Strength Skyrocket and Beating up a Peak Innate

The Crimson Enlightenment Fruit immediately turned into a huge amount of energy upon being consumed.
It was like a flame burning through Chu Yunfan’s limbs and bones.

It was burning away the impurities in his body and releasing all of his potential.

In the process of cultivation, one would constantly remove the impurities within oneself, striving to become purer and stronger.

Chu Yunfan was prepared for this.
He quickly circulated his Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, and with its powerful assimilation ability, he began to digest the burning energy.

In the Mountain River Diagram, Tang Siyu could see that Chu Yunfan’s aura soar every few minutes, which meant that he was constantly digesting this huge amount of energy and turning it into his own power.

Even Tang Siyu was speechless at this scene.
She was a member of the Tang family and a student of Federation University, so of course she was knowledgeable.
She could tell that the internal art Chu Yunfan cultivated was ridiculously strong and frighteningly powerful.

Even the Tangs’ cultivation technique that she was currently cultivating could not compare to this absorption efficiency.

She too had a Crimson Enlightenment Fruit in her hand, but she didn’t immediately consume it.
She wasn’t as strong as Chu Yunfan.
She had only just broken through to the ninth Innate stage and did not dare to try to break through to the peak just yet.

If an ordinary person didn’t have the help of a heavenly treasure, they would first cultivate to the peak of the ninth Innate Stage and then try to release all the potential in their body to break through to the peak.

However, with the help of a natural treasure like this fruit, it could save a lot of effort and one didn’t need to cultivate to the peak of ninth Innate Stage.
As long as one consumed this fruit, one could break through to the peak of Innate Stage.

It would save them a lot of trouble, which was why Wei Zixiong and the others were so desperate to obtain the fruits.

But even so, Tang Siyu needed to consolidate her ninth Innate Stage to a certain extent first.
She had just broken through, so her cultivation level was not stable enough, not to mention Chu Yunfan.
He had just broken through to the sixth Innate Stage and dared to consume the fruit.
This was simply unheard of.

But now, it seemed that Chu Yunfan wasn’t crumbling under the medicinal power of the fruit at all.
On the contrary, his body was like a bottomless pit, constantly absorbing the medicinal power of the fruit.

After watching for a while, she entered the state of secluded cultivation again.
The earlier she stabilized her cultivation level, the earlier she could take the fruit.

Chu Yunfan was also constantly absorbing the terrifying energy that the fruit had transformed into.
Soon, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the energy contained in the fruit was far beyond his previous expectations.

This Crimson Enlightenment Fruit Grass had clearly undergone a certain degree of mutation.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for two of them to grow on a single plant at the same time.

This in itself was not normal.

The energy was getting more and more powerful, and even Chu Yunfan felt that he couldn’t absorb it in time though he was using his Emperor Method.
If he was an ordinary person, he would have exploded from the energy.

‘I have to get through this!’ Chu Yunfan thought.

Chu Yunfan’s body felt as if it was being burned by flames, but his heart was as clear as a mirror.
The energy contained in this Crimson Enlightenment Fruit far exceeded his expectations.
It could be said that the danger had also increased by severalfold.

But once he got past it, the benefits were naturally beyond doubt.
His strength would increase greatly, and he would soar to the sky.

Originally, he estimated that when he just broke through, he had been comparable to an ordinary peak Innate master, which was already an amazing feat.
One must know that he was only at the sixth Innate Stage.
But now, it seemed that he would be able to jump to the top of the peak Innate Stage.

Sweat appeared on Chu Yunfan’s face, but the moment it appeared, it evaporated as if there was a great fire energy in his body that was about to burst out.

His body was surrounded by a white mist.
One could only occasionally see his body within the mist.
This alarmed even the Thunder Winged Beast that was in secluded cultivation.

However, it only observed Chu Yunfan for a while before it lost interest and continued to digest the Innate One Energy Pill.

The Thunder Winged Beast was already at the ninth Innate Stage, and its combat power was on par with an ordinary peak Innate master.
If it entered the peak of Innate Stage, its combat power would achieve an amazing transformation.

More importantly, the Thunder Winged Beast’s bloodline was extremely shocking.
It didn’t have a bottleneck like humans, and entering the peak of the Innate Stage was simply a matter of pushing the boat with the current.

After the Thunder Winged Beast matured, its cultivation would reach the peak of the Innate Stage.
If it had a fortuitous encounter, it could even break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

Compared to Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu, who were using the Crimson Enlightenment Fruits, the Thunder Winged Beast had a much easier time cultivating.

Soon, the space within the Mountain River Diagram became quiet again.
Because the three of them had entered a state of secluded training, it was very quiet.

Time passed by in silence.
Finally, a loud explosion was heard.

The sound came from Chu Yunfan.
A terrifying amount of True Energy poured out of his body.
The Innate level True Energy swept out and turned into a small cyclone.
However, it seemed to be attracted by some kind of force as it only surrounded Chu Yunfan’s body, looking like a small tornado.

Not long after, the True Energy that surrounded Chu Yunfan’s body was once again absorbed into his body.
He was like an ocean that could hold all the world’s rivers.
No matter how much True Energy there was, he could digest it in an instant.
Soon, he had completely absorbed it.

After the tornado of True Energy cleared, Chu Yunfan’s figure appeared.
His eyes were clear and bright, and there was a sharp glint in them.

“I’ve finally completed my breakthrough.”

Chu Yunfan slowly exhaled, forming a sword of air.
This was something that could only be done after one’s cultivation base had made great progress.
He could now kill with just a jet of air.

According to legends, there was even a way to kill with just one’s eyes in the martial arts realm.
However, it was not something that could be done at the Innate Stage.
One had to reach a certain cultivation base before one could do as they pleased and determine the life and death of a person with just a look.

Chu Yunfan moved a little, and all the bones in his body made a creaking sound.
He had remained unmoving from quite some time.

In these short three days, he had completely absorbed the energy of the Crimson Enlightenment Fruit and his cultivation had broken through to the peak of the sixth Innate Stage.

His combat strength had also improved by leaps and bounds.
Originally, peak Innate experts couldn’t do anything to him.
However, he couldn’t do anything to peak Innate experts either.

But now, even without the Demon Descends Illustration, he had absolute confidence that he could defeat an ordinary peak Innate expert.

At his current stage, he felt that the barrier of the entire Innate Stage was extremely solid.
It was not that he was unable to break through to the seventh Innate Stage, but this kind of breakthrough was meaningless for him at the moment.

He had improved in his cultivation level, but in terms of combat power, he was still unable to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.
If he couldn’t reach that stage, then it didn’t matter whether he was at the sixth or seventh Innate Stage.

With his situation, it was also impossible for him to easily break through to the peak of the Innate Stage and then to the Divine Abilities Stage.
That was unrealistic, so Chu Yunfan could only strive to increase his combat prowess.
Even if he couldn’t quickly break through, at the very least, he could still break through in terms of combat prowess.

Chu Yunfan had a premonition that a huge change was about to happen in the Federation, and this was just the beginning.
Without being in Divine Abilities Stage or having the corresponding combat power, it would not enough.

Therefore, he had to get his hands on the great herb in the deepest part of the island, which had caused the Huangs to suffer a crushing defeat.

This time, the Huangs, Jiangs, Weis, even the Chus, the Federation Government, and many overseas sects had sent a large number of experts to the island.
They were all for the great herbs that could help people break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

What they didn’t know was that there was one more person who had the right to compete for these great herbs.

“It’s time to get out there.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

Previously, he felt a little restrained because he couldn’t use the Demon Descends Illustration.
But it was different now.
Even if he encountered Marine Whale, he could kill him as well.

A spark flickered through Chu Yunfan’s mind, and a hole that allowed him to travel through time and space appeared in front of him.
Chu Yunfan disappeared to the other side of the hole.

On the island, in a garden plot that had been taken down, there were wolves everywhere, as if a big battle had just taken place.
However, the winner had already been decided.
The winner was harvesting the herbs in the garden plot in an orderly manner.

On a mountain peak to the side, a man was standing with his hands behind his back, looking at the situation below.
If Chu Yunfan was here, he would be able to recognize that this man was none other than the young master of the Wei family, Wei Zixiong.

Beside Wei Zixiong was a young man in his thirties.
This man wore a robe with long sleeves and a resolute look on his face.
However, compared to an ordinary person, his pupils were golden in color, which was quite shocking.

“I heard that you were defeated? Even the Crimson Enlightenment Fruits were snatched away,” the golden-eyed man said without any hesitation.

Wei Zixiong’s expression was unsightly.
He had completely failed in the matter of Chu Yunfan.
And he had failed to locate Chu Yunfan, so he didn’t even have the chance to avenge his humiliation.

“That’s right.
Why? Do you also want the fruits?” Wei Zixiong said as he looked at the golden-eyed man, his eyes filled with caution.

You know very well that I’ve already crossed that barrier,” the golden-eyed man said as he shook his head.

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