Chapter 807: Coming up Behind Them and Seizing the Great Herb

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s majestic appearance—staff in his hand—many were terrified.

When Chu Yunfan’s eyes swept over them, they felt a chill down their backs and the hairs on their bodies stood on end.

Previously, they couldn’t even stop Huang Yueqing, and one of them was instantly killed by him.
But now, an existence even more powerful than Huang Yueqing had appeared.
How could they possibly stop him? What a joke! The current Chu Yunfan was simply too powerful.

All the experts from the various clans tacitly made way for Chu Yunfan.
Even the experts from the Jiang and Wei families, who had been ordered by Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong to block all the incoming people, didn’t dare to block his path.

Who knew if Chu Yunfan would kill them with his staff? Blocking his path would be to court death.

Although the two young masters’ orders were important, their own lives were more precious.
It was not worth it to give up their life for an order.

Without the obstruction of these people, Chu Yunfan’s speed burst out.
He had already cultivated the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations to an extremely profound level.

Chu Yunfan took one step at a time, his expression extremely carefree.

He looked like a floating immortal, but he was extremely fast.
Before many could even react, they saw Chu Yunfan floating into the depths of the garden plot.

Along the way, he saw all kinds of medicinal herbs.
Although they were all very precious, Chu Yunfan didn’t have the mood to pick them.
His goal was the deepest part of the garden plot, where the great herb that could release the potential of a person was located.

If he wanted to make further progress in his cultivation, he would have to rely on this great herb.
With his current cultivation level, ordinary ninth Innate Stage experts were no match for him.
He wouldn’t be afraid even if he had to face a peak Innate Stage expert.

However, on this Island where dangers lurked everywhere, this was not enough.
He wanted to go one step further and reach the peak of the sixth Innate Stage.
At that time, he would not be afraid of even peak Innate masters and would be able to kill them.

Unless there was a Divine expert on the island, he was not afraid of anything.

As Chu Yunfan closed in on the center of the garden plot, he was surrounded by an endless medicinal fragrance.

At this moment, three figures were fighting in the middle of the garden plot.
They were fighting in midair at an extremely fast speed.
They were Wei Zixiong, Jiang Dan, and Huang Yueqing, who had entered first.

The cultivation of these three had already entered the ninth Innate Stage, but the strongest one among them was Wei Zixiong.
With his cultivation, he was only one step away from the peak of the Innate Stage.

If they could get their hands on this great herb, they would no doubt be able to step into the peak of the Innate Stage.

The second strongest was Huang Yueqing, who was also a veteran master of the ninth Innate Stage.
The weakest one would be Jiang Dan, who had just stepped into the ninth Innate Stage.
But nevertheless, he couldn’t be underestimated.

None of the three were willing to give in to the other and kept each other in check.
No one was willing to let the other take advantage of the other, especially Wei Zixiong, who was the strongest among them.
He was being targeted by Jiang Dan and Huang Yueqing.

Although Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong had worked together before, it was obvious that they were not willing to back down in this battle that would determine whether or not they could reach the Divine Abilities Stage.

After all, their cooperation was only temporary and competition was eternal.

In the core area where the three experts were fighting, there was a herb that was more than three meters tall.
This herb had a total of nine leaves.
Nine leaves represented a kind of extreme.
When it had sprouted nine leaves, it meant that this herb had reached full maturity and would begin to blossom and bear fruit.

On top of the nine leaves were two bright red fruits that looked like red gems.
They looked extremely enticing.

Relying on the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, Chu Yunfan recognized at a glance that this herb was called the Crimson Enlightenment Fruit Grass, which was named after the fruits it bore.

It was not easy to cultivate the Crimson Enlightenment Fruit Grass.
It required a lot of resources to cultivate.

And this Crimson Enlightenment Fruit Grass actually had two fruits.
This was extremely rare.
Though Chu Yunfan had seen many wondrous flowers and rare herbs in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, this was still a rare sight.

If one were to consume any one of these two fruits, it would stimulate the potential of the whole body and one would make great progress in their martial prowess.
They would truly approach the great circle of the Innate Stage and reach the peak.

At the same time, it also laid a solid foundation for the Divine Abilities Stage.
Although there were no flaws in the cultivation methods of the Ancient Zenith Civilization and many had been able to cultivate to the Innate Stage, it was still very difficult to enter the peak from the ninth stage.
Therefore, there was a great demand for Crimson Enlightenment Fruits.

Therefore, this herb was still expensive even during the Ancient Zenith Civilization era.

The three of them were fighting crazily over these two Crimson Enlightenment Fruits.
When one reached out to seize the fruits, it would cause the other two to besiege them.
Under the restraint of two people, not one of them could seize the fruits.

Moreover, they were also afraid that their actions would be too big and cause the Crimson Enlightenment Fruits to be destroyed.
They clearly also knew the value of the fruits.

Among these people, Wei Zixiong was the strongest.
He kept trying to get close to the fruits, but Huang Yueqing and Jiang Dan tacitly stopped him from getting close.

At this moment, the three of them were going all out, so they did not notice that there was an additional figure on the battlefield.

“It seems like Heaven is on my side.” Chu Yunfan smiled.

There were only two Crimson Enlightenment Fruits, but there were three of them, so the loot was not evenly divided.
Naturally, they had to fight.

Chu Yunfan didn’t hesitate.
Like a celestial being, he rushed into the middle of the three people in a few leaps.

The shockwaves from the battle between the three couldn’t break through Chu Yunfan’s protective energy barrier.
They couldn’t stop him from rushing in.

As soon as Chu Yunfan rushed into the center of the battle, he instantly rushed toward the two Crimson Enlightenment Fruits.

“You’re looking for death!”

Wei Zixiong was the first to notice Chu Yunfan.
He was instantly infuriated.
He was fighting against two other strong enemies alone, trying to seize the fruits, but now Chu Yunfan actually wanted to take his goods.
It had always been him taking other people’s goods.

How preposterous!


Wei Zixiong was the first to react.
He threw a punch at Chu Yunfan.
The terrifying fist intent of this punch turned into a fierce tiger that pounced at Chu Yunfan, wanting to swallow him up.

Not far away, Jiang Dan and Huang Yueqing quickly reacted as well.
Especially Huang Yueqing.
When he saw Chu Yunfan, he couldn’t contain his anger.
If Chu Yunfan hadn’t held him back, he wouldn’t have been slower than these two.

If he had arrived a little later, Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong would surely have divided the two fruits among themselves and there wouldn’t be such a three-way confrontation.

“Sword of Despair!”

His sword swept out a sword light that was several feet long, aiming straight for Chu Yunfan’s back.

“Life Ender!” Jiang Dan shouted loudly.

Killing intent began to fill the air.
A long saber was instantly formed.
This saber was formed by the killing intent, and it had great power.

Then, the saber fell down fiercely.


These three masters who had already stepped into the ninth Innate Stage collectively attacked in anger and the power of their attacks were unimaginable.
Even ninth Innate Stage experts would not dare to casually take such an attack head-on.
Once they did, it would surely be a dead end.

“Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon!”

Chu Yunfan immediately turned around and swung his staff at the three peerless experts.

In an instant, the staff blasted out three staff shadows.




Three terrifying sounds of collision swept out, bringing with it a violent tide that rushed straight into the sky.

The three of them swayed slightly before they managed to get rid of the terrifying power contained in the staff shadows.
It was not Huang Yueqing’s first time fighting with Chu Yunfan, so he naturally knew how powerful he was.
He was careful from the start and only swayed a little.

As for the other two, they had never fought with Chu Yunfan before, so they had no idea how powerful he could be.
At this moment, they finally understood why Huang Yueqing hadn’t been able to do anything to Chu Yunfan and was suppressed by him instead.

It wasn’t that Huang Yueqing was useless, but that Chu Yunfan was simply too strong.

Wei Zixiong was the strongest among them, and he managed to hold his ground with a slight sway of his body.
Jiang Dan, on the other hand, had to take a step back before he could stabilize himself.
The difference in cultivation level was obvious.

However, this was not the time for them to care about this.
They all secretly thought that this was a dangerous situation.
They looked toward Chu Yunfan.

Sure enough, Chu Yunfan had not used his full strength and had merely stopped them.
He used the rebound force to rush toward the two fruits.

Then, with lightning speed, he grabbed the two fruits and cradled them in his arms.

Just as Chu Yunfan plucked the two fruits, the nine-leafed herb suddenly burst into flames.
Inch by inch, it crumbled to pieces and turned into ashes.

This was also a special characteristic of the Crimson Enlightenment Fruit.
Once the fruit it bore was taken away, it would turn into ashes and scatter into the ground to start over.
Perhaps many years later, it would grow again.

“D*mn it!”

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s actions, Wei Zixiong went mad with anger.
It wasn’t just him, even Jiang Dan and Huang Yueqing were furious.
They all pounced toward Chu Yunfan, wanting to tear him into a thousand pieces.

“I’m not going to play with you guys right now.
See you later!”

Chu Yunfan leaped and frantically flew into the distance.
He had no intention of fighting with these three guys who had already fallen into madness.
Although he was not afraid, he still considered the fact that Marine Whale would bring many experts later.

Before his cultivation improved, it was not the time for him to meet Marine Whale, but it would be soon!

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