The huge barrier that enveloped the valley finally collapsed under the joint efforts of many array masters.
The moment the barrier shattered, a strong medicinal fragrance accompanied by a strong burst of Spirit Energy blew through the entire valley.

Many people felt as if they were being reborn just by smelling this medicinal fragrance.
It was inconceivable how rich the medicinal fragrance was.

“It’s finally open! Let’s go! There’s a great herb in there that can stimulate one’s potential!” someone shouted.

Everyone was certain that there was a great herb in this garden plot that could stimulate one’s physical potential and allow one to step into the peak of the Innate Stage.

After all, the weakest of them had already stepped into the fourth Innate Stage, and there were even experts in the seventh and eighth Innate Stages.

Since they had already cultivated to this stage, how could they not want to break through to the peak?

This was especially so if they hoped to step into the Divine Abilities Stage one day.
One had to stimulate all the potential of the body before one could enter that stage.

Therefore, they had to obtain this great herb.

The reason why they were able to confirm that there was a great herb here was that although most of the garden plots on this Island had yet to be breached, some ancient books left behind by this super sect had long been discovered in the ruins of the original buildings.
These ancient books recorded what herbs were grown in those places.

According to the different effects of the herbs, they were divided into different grades.
The herbs in the garden plots at the fringes of the island could release the body’s potential.
When these herbs were consumed, the potential of one’s body would be released.
Only then would one have the chance to step into the peak Innate Stage.

Therefore, the competition here was highly intense.

There was no need for that person to say anything.
Everyone reacted at once.
One after another, figures flew down from the cliff like eagles pouncing on their prey, racing into the garden plot.

“Stop them!” Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong gave the same order at the same time.

The experts of the Jiang and Wei families were already prepared for this.
They knew what their purpose was.
Although there were more than a hundred experts on the scene and it was impossible for them to stop all of them, they only needed a little bit of time.
As long as they could delay the rogue cultivators for Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong, that would be enough.

Boom, boom, boom!

The experts of the Jiang and Wei families quickly collided with those rogue cultivators.
A terrifying and astonishing collision instantly erupted.

The experts of the Jiang and Wei families had tacitly blocked the path ahead and used all their strength to buy some time.
As soon as Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong finished giving their orders, they flew into the depths of the garden plot.

“D*mn it!” Huang Yueqing glared at Chu Yunfan.

If it wasn’t for Chu Yunfan, he would have entered the garden plot first like Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong.

But now, he was being held back here.

He had already stepped into the ninth Innate Stage, so he desperately needed that great herb that could release his body’s potential.
If he didn’t get the herb, with the strength of the Huang family, his rise to the peak Innate Stage might be delayed for another dozen years.

For their generation, a few years was enough to change a lot of things.

He might even lose his advantage.

“Kill him!” Huang Yueqing roared and stomped his feet.

He shot into the valley like a cannonball, charging into the chaotic battle between the Jiang, Wei, and rogue cultivators.

A rogue cultivator charged out and tried to stop Huang Yueqing from entering.

“Get lost!” Huang Yueqing roared and then sent out a palm strike.

The rogue cultivator was only at the sixth Innate Stage.
Although it was considered a pretty good standard, it was nothing in Huang Yueqing’s eyes who had already stepped into the ninth Innate Stage.
His attack hit the rogue cultivator squarely in the chest.


The rogue cultivator flew like a kite with a broken string.
He flew backward and then fell hard on the ground.
He was dead on the spot.

The others were shocked by Huang Yueqing’s madness, especially those rogue cultivators.
They looked at Huang Yueqing in disbelief.
Previously, when he was facing Chu Yunfan, his performance was so bad that he was completely suppressed.
After a few hits, he was almost beaten into submission.

However, when he was facing someone else, he was actually so fierce.
It was not that Huang Yueqing was not strong enough, but that Chu Yunfan was too terrifying.

After a short while, Huang Yueqing had already crossed the chaotic battlefield and was heading toward Wei Zixiong and Jiang Dan who were deep in the garden plot.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was still surrounded by the Sword of Despair formation in the outer area of the valley.

The Sword of Despair was a top-tier cultivation technique in the Huangs’ possession.
Now that it had been fashioned into a sword formation, its might had risen to a whole new level.

After hearing Huang Yueqing’s orders, these people did not hesitate.
They raised their swords and pounced at Chu Yunfan again, wanting to kill him.

Chu Yunfan felt himself being surrounded by a boundless sword aura.
This sword aura had the power to crush everything, and no one could block it.

“Petty tricks.
You dare to block my way? You’re courting death!” Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed with a sharp look.
“Since you won’t move, then I shall kill all of you!”

Faced with the sword light coming from all directions, Chu Yunfan clenched his staff and swung it horizontally like a mad demon, smashing it down fiercely.

The sword light from all directions converged into one huge attack, which slashed down at Chu Yunfan.


The staff had swept toward the giant sword.

The giant sword struggled for a moment before its color dimmed.
Then, it collapsed, unable to resist Chu Yunfan’s attack.




All of these Huang experts spurted out a mouthful of blood.
They couldn’t believe that Chu Yunfan was so powerful that he could break their sword formation with a single strike.
His power was so strong that it even caused them to suffer a backlash.

“Let’s fight it out with him.
We have to delay him.
I’ve already received news that Marine Whale of the Deep Sea Whales is already on his way here.
As long as we delay him for a while longer, he’ll be dead! ” one of the Huang experts shouted.

They had used a sword formation, but it still couldn’t stop Chu Yunfan.

Now, they no longer had any hope of killing him.
It was already good enough if he didn’t kill them.

However, just as he finished speaking, Chu Yunfan appeared right in front of him.
The staff in his hand was like a pillar that held up the sky as it smashed down.


The expert’s head was smashed open and his brain and blood splattered everywhere.
He died instantly.

His eyes were still wide open.
He couldn’t believe that Chu Yunfan’s massacre had reached him so quickly.

“D*mn it!” Chu Yunfan sneered.

As soon as he finished speaking, he instantly appeared in front of another Huang expert, and the staff in his hand smashed down.

This Huang expert was prepared for this.
He raised his sword to resist, but his arm was instantly broken.
Chu Yunfan’s attack had destroyed his weapon.

Chu Yunfan’s momentum didn’t slow down, and the Huang expert was smashed into pieces.

At this time, the expressions of all the Huang experts changed as they all thought of Chu Yunfan’s frenzied killing.
In just three days, hundreds of experts from all walks of life had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.

Chu Yunfan’s way of solving problems was clean and direct.
He killed all his opponents with a single strike so that they couldn’t react in time.

The Huangs had even deliberately set out traps to lure Chu Yunfan.
But the problem was that there was some distance between them.
By the time they arrived, Chu Yunfan had already finished killing.

The Huang experts no longer dared to stay and fled in all directions.

These were the best among the Innate experts.
They fled, and in the blink of an eye, had all disappeared.

Chu Yunfan didn’t chase after them either.
There were too many of them, and they were all running in different directions.
He couldn’t possibly kill them all.

Moreover, there were more important things to attend to.
At this time, the chaotic battlefield had already reached the garden plot.
All kinds of terrifying killings were happening inside.
The experts from all sides were fighting for the great herb.

Although this great herb was not as valuable as medicines that could release the full potential of a human, to them, this was a rare harvest.

After dealing with the Huang experts, he rushed toward the garden plot without a second thought.
In just a few seconds, he had entered the garden plot.

The eyes of everyone in the garden plot were filled with killing intent.
Seeing Chu Yunfan arrive, a Jiang expert and a rogue cultivator attacked Chu Yunfan as if they had a tacit understanding, treating Chu Yunfan as a competitor for these herbs.

As for Chu Yunfan, how could he just stand there and not counterattack? he immediately swung his staff.

The coordinated attack of these two experts only lasted for a moment before it was completely broken.
The two of them were swept away and were sent flying like kites with their strings cut.
The bones in their chest were shattered and they died instantly.

This made all the experts who were observing from not far away feel a chill down their spine.

Earlier, Huang Yueqing and the others were already unable to hold out, let alone Chu Yunfan who was a terrifying existence that could suppress Huang Yueqing.

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