The ground trembled and smoke and dust rose into the sky.

Chu Yunfan swept out his staff and looked at Huang Yueqing with a cold smile.
“Looks like a massacre is unavoidable today.”

In the distance, many people watched this scene and were dumbfounded.
The power of this attack was so strong that it made people tremble.

The entire ground was shaking violently.
Such a terrifying force was simply beyond the limits of human strength.

“He must be a monster, right?”

“This power is too terrifying.
Even without using any martial skills, this attack is enough to sweep away everything!”

“I used to think that those with innate strength were only useful to those below the Innate Stage.
After all, Innate Masters have many ways to strengthen themselves, and Acquired Stage experts can’t compare to them.
But now I find out that it’s not that those with innate strength are impossible.
It’s just that we haven’t met the really outstanding ones.”

Even if they were rogue cultivators, they were all experts and the best among the Innate experts.
With just one look, they could analyze a lot of things.

As Chu Yunfan’s staff swept down, the experts of the Huang family suddenly became nervous.

Huang Yueqing’s expression also began to turn serious.
He no longer looked down on Chu Yunfan as he did before.
A person with innate divine strength was indeed not easy to deal with.

“You’ve offended our family.
There’s no place for you to hide in this world.”

Huang Yueqing’s expression was still high and mighty.
Although Chu Yunfan’s strength had shocked him, it was only a short time before he returned to normal.

“Take a hit from my staff first.
What’s the point of saying all this at this time? ”

Chu Yunfan’s large hand suddenly clenched his staff tightly, and he instantly smashed it down toward Huang Yueqing at an astonishing speed.

This time, when Huang Yueqing wanted to retreat to avoid it, he suddenly realized that Chu Yunfan has locked on to him and was suppressing.

Chu Yunfan’s staff was still in mid-air, but it still had boundless power.
No matter where he retreated to, this staff would still hit him.

The staff techniques in Chu Yunfan’s repertoire were endless.
This was clearly something that could only be achieved by cultivating staff techniques to an extremely profound realm.

It was completely different from the speculations of many netizens that Chu Yunfan was only relying on his divine strength and that the staff was just a weapon he used.

But now that Chu Yunfan had made his move, everyone realized that all the things on the internet were bullsh*t.
Once an expert made his move, everyone would know whether they were capable or not.
Chu Yunfan’s move showed that he was a true staff technique master.

Huang Yueqing had immediately determined that there was no way to dodge this time.

“Go to hell!”

Huang Yueqing’s face revealed an extremely angry expression.
Chu Yunfan’s overbearing pressure made him feel like he was being firmly suppressed.
This feeling had just emerged, and he was unable to restrain his anger.

Just who was this Masked Master? How could he, Huang Yueqing, be forced to this extent by a person of unknown origin who hid his head and only showed his tail?

“Sword of Despair!”

Huang Yueqing’s sword suddenly shot out, tearing out a sky full of sword light in the void.
This terrifying sword light tore toward Chu Yunfan’s iron staff.


A huge explosion sounded like the collision of gold and iron.
The aftermath of the shock turned into a terrifying airwave that swept out in all directions like a stormy wave.

And around Chu Yunfan, the Huang family experts who had surrounded him immediately raised their protective energy shield.
The energy shield on their bodies was like a flame that was blown by the wind, and it felt like it was about to leave their bodies.

The experts in the distance could not take their eyes off this scene and refused to look away.
Huang Yueqing had been famous for many years and had fought on behalf of the Huang family.
There was no doubting his strength.

And Chu Yunfan had only just recently risen to power, sweeping through the world with his staff.
He was invincible, so naturally, he become the target of everyone’s attention.

Jiang Dan and Wei Zixiong watched from afar.
Whether it was Huang Yueqing or Chu Yunfan, in their eyes, they were all competitors they were about to fight for control over the garden plot.

It would be best if both of them were severely injured.
Huang Yueqing’s strength was enough to make the two of them extremely wary.


With a crisp cracking sound, the ground beneath Huang Yueqing’s feet cracked open inch by inch like a spider web.
With his feet as the center, the cracks spread in all directions.

This was an extremely brilliant method to release power.
This was also the reason why the higher the cultivation, the less advantage those with innate divine strength had.
It was because when one cultivated to a high level, they would naturally have enough methods and skills to deal with these kinds of people with extraordinary talent.

However, everyone could still tell how terrifying the power of Chu Yunfan’s staff was from the cracked ground under Huang Yueqing’s feet.

The ground was just like a hard rock.
Even if ordinary divine weapons were used to cut it, it would only cause sparks to fly in all directions.
But now, cracks had actually appeared on it.

Huang Yueqing instantly felt the terror of Chu Yunfan’s attack.
His arm was slightly numb and had almost been crushed.
Fortunately, he had used a technique to drain away the power of Chu Yunfan’s attack, or his entire arm would have been crippled.

“You dare to act so arrogantly just by relying on brute force? Today is the day you die!” Huang Yueqing roared.

“Brute force? I’ll show you the power of brute force!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

The staff in his hand immediately came crashing down again.
Chu Yunfan’s True Enegry surged through the staff, and the jade color of his True Energy made it look extremely beautiful.

However, everyone knew how dangerous it would be if he were to make a direct hit.

“Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon!”

What Chu Yunfan used was one of the moves of the Mad Demon Staff, called the Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon.
Each of these three inquiries was much more terrifying than the last.

It was a kind of superimposed power.
Once the Mad Demon Staff struck out with momentum, it would kill gods and Buddhas if they tried to block it.


The staff swept across the battlefield like a sharp sword, tearing the sky into two.
It looked extremely terrifying from afar as the staff instantly smashed down on Huang Yueqing.

“Sword of Despair!” Huang Yueqing roared.

He had no other choice at this time.
Chu Yunfan was simply too fast.
He crushed everything and swept everything with his staff.


There was another terrible collision, and the wind that was stirred up set off a huge cyclone that stirred up the dust on the ground and sent it into the sky.

The crack under Huang Yueqing’s feet grew even bigger, creating a hole.
At this moment, he was also groaning in pain.
Although he had used a technique to dissipate most of the force, the terrifying force that was even stronger than before had shaken his entire arm until it went numb.

It wasn’t that he had never met an expert with innate divine strength, but he had never seen an expert who was on par with Chu Yunfan in terms of strength.

Thud, thud, thud,

Huang Yueqing reacted quickly.
He retreated and shouted, “Go! Kill him together!”

At this time, he no longer cared about killing Chu Yunfan alone.

The Huang family experts finally received an order and flew toward Chu Yunfan.
A shocking sword light crossed the field, and a several-feet-long sword light swept through the air, cutting the sky into pieces.
From a distance, it was extremely terrifying.

These Huang family experts had instantly launched a sword formation, and their strength burst to a new height under the support of the sword formation.

“Trying to get away?” Chu Yunfan sneered, and the Mad Demon Staff in his hand directly displayed the third inquiry of the Three Inquiries of the Mad Demon.
With a sweep of the staff, the whole world seemed to have quieted down, and only Chu Yunfan’s staff could be seen.
The sword light that swept in from all directions seemed to be drawn in by this attack, and then reassembled together before being swept into ashes by Chu Yunfan’s staff.


A terrifying cyclone swept out, and countless sword light was scattered by Chu Yunfan’s staff, rolling in all directions.

The Huang family experts felt the power of the staff.
The swords in their hands were trembling slightly.

When they looked at Chu Yunfan again, the look in their eyes had completely changed.
Even Huang Yueqing couldn’t resist the Despair Sword Array that they had launched with all their strength, but Chu Yunfan had broken it apart with a single attack.

His strength was truly tyrannical.

Huang Yueqing, on the other hand, was gritting his teeth.
He took this opportunity to circulate his inner energy to eliminate the numbness in his arm.
When he looked at Chu Yunfan again, the fear in his eyes was palpable.

In the distance, Wei Zixiong and Jiang Dan looked at each other.
They could see the fear in each other’s eyes.
Even though they had already estimated and speculated about Chu Yunfan’s strength, they realized that they had underestimated him.

Killing intent flashed through Wei Zixiong’s eyes.
This Masked Master who had suddenly appeared was so high-profile that he would certainly destroy the holy land’s plans.

Chu Yunfan’s domineering aura scared the surrounding rogue cultivators to death.
They had seen many domineering people, but it was extremely rare to see one as domineering as him.

With this kind of strength, he could become a sect master or a great elder in an ordinary major force.
Even within first-class forces like the Eight Greats, he would certainly be one of the top elders in the elder group.

Everyone was even more interested in Chu Yunfan’s identity.
Such a person couldn’t have appeared out of the blue.
He must be a famous person.

Their guess was correct, but they would never have thought that it was Chu Yunfan who had already been declared dead.

Suddenly, a cry of surprise came from the valley.

“The barrier is down!”

Everyone looked over and saw that the barrier in the sky had indeed shattered.

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