The young man in the lead shouted and led the team in a hurried sprint toward the valley as if he was afraid that someone would run away.

He spotted Chu Yunfan among the crowd almost instantly.

Chu Yunfan was dressed in black, wearing a mask, and wielded an iron staff.
Such characteristics were too obvious.

As soon as this group arrived, they immediately surrounded Chu Yunfan.

At this time, the surrounding rogue cultivators finally reacted.

“You Huangs are a little late,” someone commented.

These formation Masters who were busy working here and there were the formation Masters from the Jiang, Huang, and Wei families.

Array masters were just like alchemists.
They were extremely difficult to train and required countless resources.
If one wasn’t a major force, how could one afford to train them?

However, they hadn’t expected that instead of attacking the barrier, the Huangs had chosen to send some members to surround Chu Yunfan instead.

Everyone finally remembered that the Masked Master had killed the Huang family experts.

“No wonder.
That Marine Whale is hard to deal with, but the Huangs wouldn’t just swallow their anger.
Huang Yueqing is well-known within the Huang family for being ruthless.”

“I didn’t expect Huang Yueqing to come in person.
No one of his generation can surpass him.
He might even step into the Divine Abilities Stage in the future.”

“This is going to be interesting.
We won’t have to wait for a battle between the Masked Master and Marine Whale.
We’ll see how much he’s worth and whether he’s really capable, or whether he’s just like Marine Whale said and is relying on his concealing ability to launch sneak attacks.”

Many people were discussing this, but one thing was certain.
They were all looking forward to a good show.

If they had one less competitor, it would be for the best.

Chu Yunfan was shortly surrounded by the Huangs, and the leader of the group was a young man with a murderous look.
He was dressed in a robe and exuded a strong sense of oppression.

Huang Yueqing… Chu Yunfan heard the words of those rogue cultivators.
Some information about this man that he had heard of before appeared in his mind.
Huang Yueqing was an outstanding figure within the current generation of Huangs.
There was even news that Huang Yueqing had been appointed as the next clan leader.

Although it wasn’t as high as Chu Haoyue’s status in the Chu family, it wasn’t much different.

It was said that Huang Yueqing was a little older than Chu Haoyue and the others—in his thirties or forties.
However, in terms of the average life expectancy of humans within the Federation, anyone under the age of forty was considered young.

“You sure are brave! I’ve been has been looking for you for several days, and you’ve finally revealed yourself!”

Huang Yueqing stood with his hands behind his back and looked at Chu Yunfan with great confidence, and his eyes glinted.

He sneered at Chu Yunfan.
It was this person who had killed several of their family’s experts.
The video of that event had even been uploaded onto the Internet, and naturally, it had given Chu Yunfan the title of Masked Master.
In contrast, the Huang family experts had become someone’s background—a stepping stone for Chu Yunfan to become famous.
Especially since so many Huang Innate experts had died in one breath.

It was not like they were cabbages on the side of the road.
In the past few days, Chu Yunfan and Marine Whale’s tit-for-tat situation had become more and more intense.
But no matter what version of the rumor was, the fact that Chu Yunfan had killed the Huang family experts was no doubt the trigger.

The Huangs were naturally furious about this.
As the next young master of the Huang family, Huang Yueqing had to take responsibility.

“What? Are you tired of living?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

Even though he was surrounded, Chu Yunfan didn’t show the slightest bit of nervousness or fear.
He merely looked at Huang Yueqing coldly and said these words coldly.

You’re even more arrogant in person than on the Internet!” The killing intent in Huang Yueqing’s eyes could no longer be suppressed.
So what if that Chu Yunfan guy was more arrogant than you? Now, he’s already under the ground.
No matter how powerful you are, you can’t beat Chu Yunfan.”

When Chu Yunfan heard Huang Yueqing actually use him as an example to threaten him, his eyes flashed with a sharp glint, and his fingers around his iron staff tightened.

Although it was the Jiang family experts who made the move, the Huangs had been adding fuel to the fire behind the scenes.
This was one of the reasons for Chu Yunfan’s ruthlessness toward them.

“No matter how arrogant Chu Yunfan was, he still died a horrible death against a nuclear bomb,” Huang Yueqing said coldly, but his gaze was directed at the rogue cultivators.
“When the time comes, Chu Yunfan’s family will be buried too.”

He was not only talking to Chu Yunfan but also warning the rest of them, emphasizing how powerful the Eight Greats were.

When the rogue cultivators heard this, their expressions remained blank.
They were already used to it.
Compared to those behemoths, they were indeed too weak.
There was no possibility of comparison.

The strength of the Great Eight was not only because of their martial arts experts but also because they had Divine Great Ancestors.
Most importantly, they also had great killing weapons like nuclear bombs.

How powerful was Chu Yunfan? He actually managed to escape unscathed after attacking the Jiangs.
Behind him were the Chus and Jeang Yuanbin who was a Divine expert.
However, the Jiangs had really made up their mind and decided to solve the problem with a nuclear bomb.

There was a fundamental difference between the two sides.

The glint in Chu Yunfan’s eyes instantly turned into killing intent.
Huang Yueqing used his family to threaten these people, and this touched Chu Yunfan’s bottom line.

“Hehe, I’ve finally experienced the style of a big family.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

His voice was muffled.
After the voice-changing process, no one knew that he was the very Chu Yunfan that Huang Yueqing was talking about.

“Do you want to surrender or do you want me to break your limbs first before killing you?” Huang Yueqing said arrogantly as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

“Break my limbs and then kill me? Hahaha, this is interesting.”

Chu Yunfan instantly sneered and attacked.
The staff in his hand struck down like a black bolt of lightning, directly smashing toward Huang Yueqing’s head.


The staff landed on the ground and created a huge pit.
Dense cracks spread out in all directions like a spider web.
The ground shook violently, and the smoke and dust that was stirred up rose to six feet high.

Not far away, Huang Yueqing felt his entire body break out in cold sweat.
If he had not reacted in time and instantly dodged to the side, the staff would have smashed him into pieces.

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