In just three short days, over a hundred experts had died tragically.
Human experts had all been plundered.
After the aquatic monster experts had been slaughtered, they were roasted and eaten.

Yet, Chu Yunfan didn’t keep a low profile.
After eating the monsters, he would post his kills on the Internet.
How ostentatious was this?

Over the past few days, many foodies had gathered, waiting to see Chu Yunfan’s pictures.


When they saw Chu Yunfan’s lips drenched in oil, they drooled longingly.
This was Innate Stage seafood.
Even the most advanced seven-star hotel wouldn’t be able to serve such Innate Stage seafood.

It wasn’t something that could be bought with money.

There were even many foodies who weren’t afraid of the threat of the aquatic monsters.
They asked Chu Yunfan if he would sell them some of the spoils.
After all, he wouldn’t be able to finish all of it by himself.

There were rich people from all walks of life who called out their prices.
The price of the Threetail Silver Fox that Chu Yunfan had killed unintentionally and sold was peanuts compared to this.
Not to mention the dozens of aquatic monsters that Chu Yunfan had killed during this period were far more powerful than the Threetail Silver Fox.

That price had already reached the point where even Chu Yunfan was somewhat tempted.
He was used to living lavishly.
It was difficult for him to be moved by a small amount of money.
One could imagine the price these gluttonous tycoons had stated.

But in the end, he chose to suppress the foolish thoughts in his mind.
After all, it was impossible for him to deliver the meat from the island.
Moreover, it would be very easy for others to trace the clues to him.

He gave the portions he couldn’t finish, along with the inner cores, to the Thunder Winged Beast.

The Thunder Winged Beast was in the process of breaking through.
He was unleashing the full potential of its body—from the ninth level of the Innate Stage to the peak of the Innate Stage.

Although the price those people offered was tempting, to the current Chu Yunfan, strengthening himself was more important.

And to Chu Yunfan, the Thunder Winged Beast was like a clone of himself.
The stronger the Thunder Winged Beast was, the stronger he would be.

Therefore, he refrained from succumbing to the temptation of money and gave the flesh and inner cores of the aquatic monsters worth billions of dollars to the Thunder Winged Beast.

In these three days, Chu Yunfan could be said to have achieved boundless glory.
Every day, dozens of experts fell at his hands.
This made his fierce reputation soar.
In the eyes of many on the island, he had become a devil.

He had reached the point where the mention of him could make crying kids shut up.

This made Chu Yunfan not know whether to laugh or cry.
Wasn’t it the other party who was chasing after him?

Why did it seem like he was the one chasing after others? He was speechless.

Although he was feeling pleased with himself, Marine Whale was about to die from anger.

Marine Whale had mobilized so many people and paid such a huge price.
But in the end, he failed to capture Chu Yunfan and over a hundred experts had died tragically at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
This was a huge blow to him.

Chu Yunfan seemed to have eyes everywhere.
Every time he attacked, he was extremely ruthless.
He killed everyone with a single strike, not giving them a chance to grab hold of him.

Even though Marine Whale had set up this trap to deal with Chu Yunfan, it was completely useless.

Chu Yunfan seemed to already know whenever he was being targeted, and he simply ignored it.

After dealing with these threats, Chu Yunfan went on to look for experts who were alone to attack.

Shortly, over a hundred experts died tragically at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
This number was shocking, and more than half of them were aquatic monster experts.

Though there were endless sea monsters in the Infinite Sea, and the number of aquatic monster experts was similarly terrifying, they couldn’t withstand such a crazy consumption.

And it wasn’t like they were fighting a huge battle.
They had already paid such a heavy price in an attempt to capture this one person.
This made many aquatic monster experts feel that they couldn’t bear it anymore.

In other words, Chu Yunfan had beaten them into submission.

Everyone was afraid of Chu Yunfan’s crazy attacks.
Without any warning, he would suddenly appear.
Their head would be smashed open by Chu Yunfan’s staff, and the corpse would be dragged away.

By the time the others arrived, there was only a mess on the ground.

During this time, the aquatic monster experts on the island became extremely nervous.
They were afraid that this terrifying beast-eating demon would knock them down and then capture them for a barbecue.

Although the Deep Sea Whales were powerful, they could not drive their numbers into extinction.

For a time, the aquatic monster experts backed down.

Even the aquatic monster experts were like this, not to mention the human experts.
Although the rewards were tempting, they had to be alive to enjoy them.

After Chu Yunfan’s crazy slaughter, he finally attracted the top aquatic monster experts.
Those Peak Innate experts stood out and expressed that they wanted to capture Chu Yunfan and kill him.

However, these people were all at the garden plot deeper in the medicinal garden, working hard to attack the plot one by one.
They did not have the time to come outside and surround Chu Yunfan.

Thus, there was almost no threat to Chu Yunfan.

Marine Whale was even more outraged.
He was the young master of the Deep Sea Whales, but he was unable to do anything to Chu Yunfan.
This was simply a great humiliation.

Marine Whale had personally gone after Chu Yunfan a few times, but Chu Yunfan seemed to have eyes everywhere.
Chu Yunfan just ignored him, making him feel very helpless.

He could only continuously post on the Internet to question Chu Yunfan.
He said that Chu Yunfan was not a man, nor did he seem like a cultivator.
He was just a rat who only knew how to hide.

However, Chu Yunfan paid him no attention.
He was very clear about his goal.
He wanted to kill Marine Whale, but not just yet.

On the Internet, Marine Whale was also ridiculed by many people.
They could tell from Marine Whale’s words that Chu Yunfan was playing him.

Although some people thought that Chu Yunfan should fight fair and square, they were quickly drowned out by countless voices.
It was not like the two of them were going up to the arena to talk about fair and square.

At this moment, the keyboard warriors who were always present had also come out of the woodwork.
They all pointed out that Chu Yunfan’s massacre was too heavy.
The aquatic monsters were an equal life force.
Such a massacre wouldn’t end well.

Sooner or later, the aquatic monsters would take revenge.
What if Chu Yunfan ended up implicating the Federation?

The core point of this view was that Chu Yunfan should be brave enough to take responsibility.
He shouldn’t implicate the Federation.
He should come to the Federation to receive his punishment.
In their eyes, Chu Yunfan, who had massacred over a hundred experts, was simply beyond forgiveness.

However, there were people with discerning eyes.
These were people following Marine Whale’s orders.
How could Chu Yunfan obediently surrender and be captured?

Amidst the raging waves that were constantly stirred up on the Internet, Chu Yunfan once again stepped out from the Mountain River Diagram.
This was because he had finally received news that a garden plot was about to be taken over.

Experts from all sides flocked to it.

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