The Internet instantly exploded.
This Marine Whale was too arrogant.
He had actually announced his coordinates and was waiting for Chu Yunfan to come to his door to receive his death.

How arrogant was this?

[Is there no one who can be rid of him?] someone called out on the Internet.

There were also many experts among humans.
The Federation was so large that experts were like salmon swimming upstream.
It was indeed unreasonable for the human race to be unable to find an existence that could suppress this Marine Whale.

However, someone quickly pointed out that Marine Whale was definitely not an ordinary person.
The experts that he defeated were all at the ninth Innate Stage.
And from his relaxed state, it was likely that he had already stepped into the peak Innate Stage.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to defeat him, and considering that he originated from the Deep Sea Whale tribe, human experts of the same level may not be a match for him.

Experts at the peak of the Innate Stage were already considered the top experts in the Federation.
Other than Divine Abilities Stage experts, it could be said that they were already at their peak.
It was unlikely that such a person would recklessly fight with Marine Whale for the sake of someone they didn’t know.

If he won, all would be well.
But if he lost, his reputation would be ruined.
Looking at the circumstances, many waited to see what would happen.

Many hot-blooded youths had the intention to challenge Marine Whale, but they knew that their strength was far inferior to his.
His arrogance had reached its peak, and no one could bring him down.

“Marine Whale? The Deep Sea Whale tribe?” On a mountain in the island’s medicinal garden, Chu Yunfan booted up his terminal.
He could see all kinds of comments on the Internet.

He also saw Marine Whale’s message, but he merely sneered in contempt.
This Marine Whale was too arrogant.

[Sit tight.
I will kill you!]


After Chu Yunfan left this message, he closed his terminal.

After watching Marine Whale’s battle videos, he estimated Marine Whale’s combat strength.
He was indeed at the peak of the Innate Stage.
He was arrogant and confident.
He had actually posted videos of his battles.

Initially, no one knew how strong this Marine Whale was.
But now, they knew a part of it.

Chu Yunfan estimated his strength.
He was not afraid of Marine Whale, but he had just entered the sixth Innate Stage not long ago.
Marine Whale could not do anything to him, but he could not do anything to Marine Whale either.

If he could take one more step forward, he was confident that he could kill Marine Whale.

Therefore, he was not in a hurry.
He would let Marine Whale preen while looking for another opportunity on this island.
Then, he would take one more step forward and kill Marine Whale.

This battle had been hyped up to the sky.
Not only was it a personal battle, but it was also a small representation of the battle between humans and aquatic monsters.
He did not want a battle where they could not do anything to each other.
If he was going to fight, he had to win.

Chu Yunfan shut down his terminal, but his message caused a huge uproar on the entire Internet.
This was because Chu Yunfan’s avatar was an image of him on the island.

This meant that the staff master whom Marine Whale had provoked had finally spoken out and responded to the challenge.
He didn’t back down.

It was just six simple words, but they were domineering and overflowing with killing intent.

The two of them were at loggerheads, neither giving in to the other.

However, many didn’t think highly of Chu Yunfan.
After all, Marine Whale being able to defeat a ninth Innate Stage expert was a grave matter.
And it wasn’t just one instance.
Based on his combat prowess, he should have already stepped into the peak of the Innate Stage.

And although Chu Yunfan had the record of sweeping away Innate experts of the eighth level with his staff, there was still a gap in the level of the opponent that the two sides defeated.

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