When had such a superstar who used a staff appeared among the experts of the Federation? He was absolutely terrifying.

Many people recalled those staff-wielding experts of the Federation.
However, they discovered that Chu Yunfan’s combat style was completely different from those staff-wielding masters.
Though there were some similarities, they were not the moves of a single person.

Just like what was speculated on the Internet, no one knew of his true origins.
In fact, it did not seem like he was anyone they knew of.


The male sea serpent went berserk.
That female sea serpent was his partner.
And she had died right in front of him, causing him to be unable to contain his anger.

However, when everyone thought that he was going to take revenge on Chu Yunfan, the huge male sea serpent unexpectedly shot off into the distance like a streak of black lightning.

Those rogue cultivators who were watching the battle from afar were stunned.
Those two demons supposedly had feelings as deep as the sea, and they had said that they would share life and death together.

Now, the male sea serpent had clearly seen that Chu Yunfan was not someone to be trifled with.
How would he dare to stay?

He immediately fled into the distance like a bolt of lightning.

“Trying to leave? It’s too late now!”

Chu Yunfan took a few steps back.
After which, he threw the staff in his hand like a javelin.


The staff soared through the sky and swept out like a cannonball.
In the blink of an eye, it had caught up to the male sea serpent and pierced into the creature’s head.
The weapon ruthlessly brought down the male sea serpent’s head and stabbed it into the ground.

The male sea serpent cried out in pain, but the staff had nailed its head firmly to the ground.
It kept writhing around, and its sixty-feet long body kept twisting and whipping the surrounding forest and rock walls.

The male sea serpent carved out a huge empty space around it.

“D*mn! This is a little too fierce.
What kind of throwing skill was that?”

“That was the Shakyamuni’s Elephant Throwing!”

“I’ve heard of that ancient martial art! But I’ve never heard of it being so powerful!”

“I too know how to use this Shakyamuni’s Elephant Throwing, but why do I feel like I’ve learned a fake skill? The power of my skill is definitely not even one-third of this!”

While everyone was discussing, Chu Yunfan made his move.
He stomped his foot and he flew out like a cannonball.
Then, he suddenly landed on the head of the male sea serpent that was like a huge millstone.

“Didn’t you say you were going to swallow me whole? Why are you running away?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

The male sea serpent continued to struggle.
Its huge body twisted and its long tail fiercely whipped toward Chu Yunfan.

However, how could Chu Yunfan let him have his way? He clenched his fist and punched the male sea serpent’s head.


With a loud boom, the male sea serpent was hit until it saw stars.
Numerous cracks appeared on its head.
Its struggle became even more intense.

“Stay down!” Chu Yunfan raised his hand and punched again.

The male sea serpent screamed, but it was being pinned down.
It could not escape even if it wanted to.
It could only punch after punch.
The scales on its head had been shattered into pieces.




Chu Yunfan did not hold back and continued to attack.
Soon, the male sea serpent was hit until blood splattered everywhere and its brains flowed in all directions.

Then, there was no more movement.
Chu Yunfan had killed the male sea serpent.

After killing the male sea serpent, Chu Yunfan then took out a dagger from his body and grabbed the two sea serpent’s inner cores.

Then, he slowly walked away.

The corpses of innate monsters could fetch a high price, but he could not take them away now.
There were too many eyes at the scene, and he was unwilling to expose the existence of the Mountain River Diagram.
This definitely was not the time to expose it.

“Such a pity.” Chu Yunfan shook his head, but he still ruthlessly used his dagger to cut off the most delicious parts of the two sea serpents.

He stripped off the two huge sea serpents’ meat.
He had traveled across the sea for a whole day now and had not had anything to eat.
He was so hungry to the point that his stomach was starting to make gurgling sounds.

After slinging the two pieces of sea serpent meat onto his shoulders, Chu Yunfan quickly disappeared into the forest.

At this time, the rogue cultivators finally reacted.
The scene has just been too shocking.
It wasn’t that they had never seen someone kill an Innate monster before.
They had even killed quite a few Innate monsters themselves.

However, nobody’s method was as rough as Chu Yunfan’s.
He had used his fists to beat those demons to death, then dug out their inner core and cut off their meat.
This fighting style was just crude.

However, they felt their blood boiling.
It was very difficult for them to defeat innate monsters of the same level.
Of course, they wanted to suppress Innate monsters like this, but in reality, it was not very likely.

Most human martial artists won with their techniques.
People like Chu Yunfan, who had great strength and could suppress Innate monsters so easily, were extremely rare.
It could even be said that it was simply impossible.

“This guy… I feel his fists are his true power.
Is that staff just a disguise?”

Finally, one of the rogue cultivators spoke up.
The moment he spoke, the others were shocked.
If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that someone could bully monsters to such an extent in a pure-strength competition.

After Chu Yunfan left, the video of his battle was posted to the Internet by the surrounding rogue cultivators.
The netizens were busy guessing his identity and which staff master he was, so it was still a hot topic.

And when the video of Chu Yunfan’s battle was posted, it immediately caused the topic to explode again.

The mysterious man had killed an Innate monster with his bare fists.
It was absolutely shocking.
He wasn’t from the Federation.

[D*mn There’s actually someone so ferocious out there!]

[I thought it was another clickbait title and came here to criticize.
I didn’t expect it to be true!]

[Could this really not be a special skill created by a special effects company? Is there anyone who could possibly do this?]

[Isn’t this that staff master? Why do I feel like his fist techniques are his true strength? His staff techniques are just a cover!]

For a time, the entire Internet was thoroughly stirred up because of Chu Yunfan’s battle.

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