Chapter 74: Breakthrough, Earth Splitting Saber Technique!

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One strike after another.
Chu Yunfan’s was not very fast, but the momentum of his saber was continuous and his strikes relentless.
Although each strike was different, there were no gaps in between them.

One saber technique after another—as if there was no end.
Slowly, the neighbors who were watching Chu Yunfan’s practice dispersed.
Although Chu Yunfan’s momentum was extraordinary, watching it continuously was…kind of boring.

But soon, Chu Yunfan once again attracted their attention, because Chu Yunfan had performed the Earth Splitting Saber Technique more than twenty times.
They all more or less knew that the Earth Splitting Saber Technique walked the path of great power and heaviness.
In other words, it was very
physically exhausting.

Usually, a martial artist who had just entered the Qi Sea Stage would be very tired after performing it three to five times in a row, and would be gasping for breath.
Even an experienced martial artist in the Qi Sea Stage would stop after performing it ten times and rest for a while before saying a word.
However, Chu Yunfan had casually performed the Earth Splitting Saber Technique twenty times, and he was only gasping for breath ever so slightly.
Clearly, he was far from reaching his limit.
This enduring physical strength was very shocking.

The unique feature of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique was that one saber strike after another contained the mighty power of the earth.
Other than its powerful and heavy force, the power of each strike stacked up.
After performing it twenty times in a row, the power of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique

was already very shocking.
With each strike, there was the sound of air being cut.
It sounded very shocking as if each strike could break a mountain.

Chu Yunfan was unstoppable.
Anyone who tried to block this force head-on would be like a praying mantis trying to stop a chariot.
His Earth Splitting Saber Technique gave people such a terrifying feeling.
“What power.
To be honest, I never thought that an ordinary saber technique like the Earth Splitting Saber Technique could have such power.
If I had also just stepped into the Qi Sea Stage, I might not have been able to block his saber technique at this moment and would have been defeated!”

“That’s right.
The power in the strikes of Earth Splitting Saber Technique accumulates one after another.
And in the end, like a flash flood, it will pour out collectively.
That is the most terrifying thing.
However, generally speaking, in a normal battle, who would watch him perform the Earth Splitting Saber
Technique twenty times in a row and be unmoved!”

“Although that’s the case, among his peers, he can be considered outstanding.
Chu has finally made it.
Perhaps his daughter’s illness can be cured!”

Everyone was discussing animatedly.
Chu Yunfan did not hear it.
Or rather, he heard it.
It was automatically filtered out.
He felt as if he had fallen into a mysterious state.
He only felt that a breakthrough was right in front of him!

In front of him was the Perfect Stage of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
He continued to perform the Earth Splitting Saber Technique tirelessly.
Every time he felt tired, the Godhead in his mind emitted a clear current, and the fatigue on his body would be instantly alleviated.

Even a saber that weighed 40 pounds could be brandished vigorously!

‘Time passed again and again.
He did not know how much time had passed.
Chu Yunfan only felt that the power of his strikes had been greatly enhanced.
One strike after another, each one seemed to be splitting open an obstacle.

He did not know how much time passed.
Finally, the saber ruthlessly split everything in front of him apart.
He suddenly felt as if he had suddenly become enlightened.
It was as if he had walked through a long tunnel and saw the light again.

“I’ve finally stepped into the Perfection Stage!”

As soon as Chu Yunfan’s voice came out, the blade aura was immediately stopped.
The blade aura could be retracted and released freely.
This was the true realm of perfection.

It could become light or heavy effortlessly.

After reaching the Perfection Realm, he performed the Earth Splitting Saber Technique once more.
Its power was twice as strong as before.
If he used his full strength, Gao Hongzhi, who was in the same stage as him, would not even be able to withstand five moves from him and would be defeated

At this time, Chu Yunfan looked at the time.
It was already midnight.
Unknowingly, he had practiced for six hours in one go.
At this time, there was no one left in the training room.
Only he was still practicing.
However, generally speaking, the training room in this residential area was open 24 hours a day.

He was also secretly surprised.
The Mighty Eternal Emperor Method that he practiced was much longer than ordinary cultivation techniques.
His physical strength was several times that of an ordinary second-level Qi Sea Stage!

However, no matter how great his physical strength was, it was impossible for him to practice the saber technique for six hours in one go.
The saber technique itself was quite heavy.
In addition, the Earth Splitting Saber Technique was very powerful and heavy.
At this time, his hand should have been broken.

He thought about it for a moment.
It seemed to be because of the Godhead in his mind.
Whenever he was about to give up, a clear current would flow through his entire body to eliminate fatigue and maintain his consciousness.
It had put him in a mysterious state.
These six hours of epiphany allowed his
Earth Splitting Saber Technique to go from the Impeccable Stage to the Perfection Stage!

Of course, it was not just these six hours that allowed him to reach perfection.
It was also due to the accumulated experience from half a month ago.
Chu Yunfan also could not understand the mystery behind it.
However, from the looks of it, it should not be a bad thing.
After tidying up a little, Chu Yunfan returned home.

At this time, his family had already fallen asleep.
Chu Yunfan took a shower but did not fall asleep immediately.
Instead, he went online and began to look up some medical information.
It was about the treatment of his sister’s illness.
A hundred years ago, there would be no way to treat this genetic disease.
Now, although there was a way to treat it, the price was still something that ordinary families could not afford.
Their family could not afford it before, but now, it was possible for Chu Yunfan to do it.
One Meridians Cleansing Pill was sold for 3.2 million yuan.
If he refined a few more, his sister’s illness could
be cured.
Now that he had an alchemy trainee license, he could sell the pills he refined.
Everything was ready.
He had already planned to earn money to treat his sister’s illness after he returned from combat training.

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At the moment, he was just checking the approximate price.
These materials were not considered a secret on the internet.
They were even promotional materials for some hospitals.
Chu Yunfan took a look and realized that there were two types of surgeries.
The cost of a normal surgery was about ten million
It was enough to make the patient stand up and walk and rum like an ordinary person.
However, that was all.
This type of patient usually had their nerves and muscles atrophied for a long time, so they could not cultivate.

‘There was another new type of treatment method that required 50 million yuan.
The effect was even better.
One could be restored to their original state.
Not only could it restore one to the level of a normal person, but the person could also cultivate like a normal person.
Naturally, Chu Yunfan did not
hesitate to choose the second type of treatment method!

He clenched his fists.
After a period of time, his sister would be able to run and jump again.
Just like an ordinary person, she would not have to endure the torment of being in a wheelchair.

Everything was not far away!

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