The middle-aged man from the Huangs was enraged.

Chu Yunfan had appeared out of nowhere, and it was as if he didn’t care about the Huangs at all.

Those people were the elites of the Huangs.
The Huangs had as many experts as there were hairs on a cow.
However, Innate experts were not like warriors of the Acquired Stage.
They couldn’t be easily trained.
Moreover, these people were not weak among those in the Innate Stage.
Even the death of one would be heartache, not to mention so many of them.

As the leader of the team, how could he go back without taking responsibility?

“What can the Huangs do?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

He still remembered that the Huangs had once sent people to intercept and kill him.
The scale was not small.
Later on, although the Jiangs were the main force, there was no doubt that the Huangs had been adding fuel to the fire.

If the Jiangs hadn’t had the support of the Huangs, they probably would not have dared to disregard the Federation’s warning and the protection of the Chu family that was around Chu Yunfan to casually launch a nuclear bomb-level attack.

It was because of the help and backing from the Huangs that the Jiangs dared to be so unscrupulous and totally disregard the Chus.

Everyone knew that the enmity between Chu Yunfan and the Jiangs was as deep as the sea.
However, his relationship with the Huangs was not much better either.
It was just that with the Jiangs at the front to take the hits, the Huangs managed to remain in the shadows.

“Don’t tell me you plan to monopolize the island’s medicinal garden? I don’t think you have the strength to do such a thing.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been beaten up like a stray dog the first time around,” Chu Yunfan mocked, exposing the Huangs’ background and ripping apart the last bit of their dignity.

The rogue cultivators were delighted upon hearing these words.
The Huangs’ disregard and contempt from before was a ruthless stomp on their self-esteem.
Should they be looked down on just because they didn’t hail from a famous sect?

“D*mn you!”

To the Huang middle-aged man, this was a direct slap in the face.

“You will pay the price for your actions!” The Huang middle-aged man couldn’t contain his anger and exploded.
“For offending our family, there’s no place in this world that you can escape to!”


This middle-aged man from the Huangs exploded, and his strength was fully displayed.

“He’s at the seventh level of the Innate Stage!”

Some rogue cultivators felt the air freeze in their lungs.
Among the Innate Stage, the seventh level was the threshold.
Even for experts of large families and sects with legacies, it was a threshold that was very difficult to cross.
Once they crossed it, the entire world would be different.

In this Innate Stage, one would be the expert among experts.

Not to mention rogue cultivators like them.
To them, crossing into the seventh Innate Stage was as difficult as ascending to the Heavens.
Crossing into the Innate Stage had already exhausted their innate talent and luck.

To cross into the seventh level purely depended on luck.

They finally understood why the expert who used the Wind Blast could not block such a simple sword attack.
Not only was there a difference in martial skill level, but there was also a huge difference in strength.

When they looked back at Chu Yunfan, their eyes were filled with worry.
After all, Chu Yunfan sounded very young.
Being young meant that he had not cultivated for v very long.
No matter how talented he was, it was not enough.

“Go to hell!”

The Huang middle-aged man roared as the sword in his hand swept out.
A sword light that was dozens of feet long swept out and the entire air was disrupted.

A wave of despair intent appeared between Heaven and Earth.
It was as if all other emotions were being suppressed at this moment, and everyone’s emotions were stirred up.

The sword light swept toward Chu Yunfan.
It was fast and swift.
The strength of this prestigious family’s martial arts expert was indeed extraordinary.

“You’re making a fool out of yourself with a mere petty trick!” Chu Yunfan sneered.

Then, the black iron staff swooped out.
The sword light that headed straight toward Chu Yunfan was instantly smashed into pieces.


The iron staff fiercely collided with the sword.
An incomparably loud sound of metal clashing reverberated.
It was accompanied by a wild wave of True Energy that swept out in all directions.


The Huang expert felt a terrifying force sweep through his arm.
He wanted to dodge, but there was nowhere to run.
He wanted to control the sword in his hand, but he failed to do so.

In an instant, the sword was sent flying.
His palm exploded.
Blood dripped and bone fragments flew.

The Huang expert had already used all his strength.
It was not that he did not go all out, but Chu Yunfan’s strength was clearly too terrifying.

He felt the danger level rise in his heart and instantly turned around to flee toward the island.

Just now, Chu Yunfan had not held back in the slightest.
He was clearly not afraid of the Huangs.

The Huang expert’s greatest advantage—his greatest shield—had disappeared.

However, how could Chu Yunfan let him escape? The Huangs had targeted him many times, both openly and covertly.
Chu Yunfan remembered them all.
Now was the time to take back some interest.


Chu Yunfan’s staff smashed down, and the air was smashed to smithereens.
It collapsed under the naked eye.

The scene was incomparably shocking.
All of this may seem slow, but in reality, it happened in just a few seconds.
From the moment Chu Yunfan knocked away the sword with his staff to Chu Yunfan unleashing another attack, all of this happened in an instant.

The Huangs expert, who had been flaunting his might just a moment ago and had disregarded the rogue cultivators, was already dead.
His skull had caved in after being smashed by Chu Yunfan’s staff, and the terrifying force was transmitted down.
His internal organs shattered, and he could not be any more dead.

It was time to call it a day.

Chu Yunfan lifted his staff, and fresh blood dripped down from it.
Very quickly, it was as clean as new, as if that terrifying massacre had never happened.

After killing these experts from the Huangs, Chu Yunfan did not hesitate.
He lifted his long rod, and with a few leaps, he disappeared into the forest on the island.

Only the rogue cultivators who were still staring at each other were left behind.
They could not believe that Chu Yunfan had smashed the powerful enemy that they viewed as impossible to defeat just like that.

One strike after another, they had all fallen to the ground.

“Since when did the Federation have such a staff grandmaster?!”

“Although it’s shocking, it was truly satisfying.
The Huangs are too arrogant.
They never respected us.”

“That’s right.
Let’s hurry up and go.
Otherwise, when the other Huang experts come looking, we won’t have the chance to enter.”

Everyone discussed animatedly.
Shortly, they left this place and entered the island.

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