The ruins of the Ancient Zenith Civilization were extremely important to the entire human race.

Science was a natural path of development.
However, the development of human martial arts depended entirely on the excavation of these ruins.

Whether it was the development of martial arts or the development of alchemy related to martial arts, they all depended on the discovery of Ancient Zenith Civilization ruins.
Without the discovery of these ruins, if the Federation relied on their own ability to explore and discover, there wouldn’t even be a handful of Innate experts.

And these ruins would only be discovered every once in a while.
Generally speaking, the scale of discovery wasn’t very large, and they wouldn’t cause much of a reaction on the Internet.
The world was already used to ruins being discovered.

However, the discovery this time around was different.
It was a large-scale find.

This ruin had been discovered near the sea.
Logically speaking, somewhere so close to the Federation should have been discovered a long time ago.
However, it had not because it had originally sunk deep into the bottom of the sea.

Later, for some unknown reason, this ruin resurfaced.
Originally, this was not a big deal.
Since ancient times, there had been many ruins that resurfaced in the eyes of the world because of the Earth’s crust changes.
This was not considered rare.

However, those who first stepped foot into this ruin discovered that it was an island that was an incomparably huge medicinal garden.
The island was extremely large, spanning over a thousand square kilometers.

Such a large place was actually a medicinal garden.
One could see garden plots being guarded by various enchantments.

All sorts of speculations about this medicinal garden were stirred up by the clamor.
Many guessed that this was probably the medicinal garden of a certain maritime sect back from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Although they didn’t know why it sank to the bottom of the sea, it wasn’t destroyed.

On the contrary, after countless years, there were actually quite a number of garden plots in the medicinal garden where medicinal herbs were still growing.
Moreover, it was suspected that after countless years, they had developed incredible magical abilities.

These herbs caused the entire island to be filled with endless medicinal fragrances.
It was even said that there were heavenly materials and earthly treasures that could increase one’s strength.
One did not need to make them into pills to use them.

There were also records on the Internet regarding the discovery of this island.
They were vivid and colorful.

It was said that it was a branch disciple of one of the Great Eights that had first accidentally discovered the island.
After receiving the news, the Huangs immediately organized a large number of experts and even mobilized their family’s private army to the island.
Such power was truly terrifying.

However, no one had expected that such a power would suffer a huge loss and retreat in defeat.

This retreat immediately alarmed the other factions.
Even if the Huangs wanted to suppress the news, they had no way of doing so.

For a time, this medicinal garden held the attention of the various factions and even the Federation.

Some experts even said that if the Federation was able to obtain this medicinal garden, with its current foundation, they would at the very least be able to produce another Divine expert.

Regardless of who obtained it, regardless of who stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage, as long as that person was on the side of the Federation, it would undoubtedly be a great fortune for the Federation.

The Jiangs, the Huangs, the Chus, and other veteran families had all sent their people to the island.
They had even alerted the Federation Army.

Even though the Federation Government didn’t have the leadership of the president, no one dared to look down on this colossus.
Against any of the eight great families, the government had an overwhelming advantage.

This medicinal garden became the focus of the Federation’s attention.
There were even news programs that broadcast all sorts of news from it twenty-four hours a day.
It was like a live broadcast.

Other than the various large factions, there were also many freelance martial artists and experts from small and medium-sized factions that had arrived on the island.
They were looking for a chance to pick up some scraps.

In the past, this sort of situation would often happen.
Over such a large area, even if so many major factions joined forces, it was impossible to seal off the whole place and check everything.

After all, rumors about the various divine herbs in the medicinal garden had spread everywhere.
By relying on one’s strength alone, it was very difficult to break through.
It was normal for one to be stuck at a level for more than ten years.

With such an opportunity, everyone went crazy.

‘Things have gotten really lively while I wasn’t around for the past three months.
Since it’s so lively, I’ll join in the fun!’ Chu Yunfan thought.

With his current cultivation, he was already standing above 99.9% of the living beings in the Federation.
It was because of this that his cultivation speed had already begun to slow down.

When he had just received the Alchemy Emperor’s inheritance, a few months was enough for his cultivation to break through several levels consecutively.

Of course, his cultivation speed was already shocking compared to others.
However, compared to the chaotic situation that followed, he still felt a little powerless.

He had to make up for the two-year gap.
If he didn’t want to bitterly cultivate and wait, so he could only seek out these opportunities.

“It just so happens that after three months of seclusion, my hands and feet are about to rust.
It’s time to go out and get some exercise.”

Chu Yunfan made up his mind and exited the Mountain River Diagram.

A day later, at the Infinite Sea at the edge of the Kunlun Realm, an island appeared beside the shoreline as if it had just been reborn.

Originally, this was the world of aquatic monsters.
Humans would not easily set foot in this place.
The overseas sects of the Federation had islands as their territory, and the Infinite Sea was under their rule.

However, there had been human experts—either alone or in groups—swimming across the sea from the main road lately.

These were all experts who had no way of entering the island’s medicinal garden through the proper channels.
Those who dared to swim all the way from the shore were the top experts among the rogue cultivators.
Ordinary people did not have the courage to do such a thing.

On this day, the Infinite Sea was kicking up a storm.
There were waves that were several feet or even dozens of feet high everywhere.
This place was clearly not a territory that humans could lightly step into.

And in the midst of the waves, a figure dressed in black gold clothes cleaved through the waves.
He had a slender figure but had a mask over his face so no one could see his appearance clearly.

He was holding a black iron staff in his hand.
With a flick of his hand, a wave was swept into pieces.

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