In the Mountain River Diagram, all sorts of medicinal herbs were piled up high like a mountain.
These were the medicinal herbs that Lu Qingxuan had collected to make the Innate One Energy Pill.

Lu Qingxuan was afraid that Chu Yunfan would fail, so she prepared a few more sets.
This was based on the judgment of an ordinary alchemist.
An ordinary alchemist had a very high probability of failing when making pills.

These few sets of medicinal ingredients had a considerable impact on the company’s cash flow.
However, it was just right for Chu Yunfan.
Other than being able to consume the Innate One Energy Pill himself, Tang Siyu and the Thunder Winged Beast could also have one pill each to improve their cultivation.

When that happened, the three of them would have great improvements in their cultivation level.
His battle prowess was comparable to the ninth Innate Stage.
Tang Siyu had stepped into the ninth Innate Stage, and the Thunder Winged Beast had stepped into the peak Innate Stage.

Such a combination was considered extremely powerful.

Although the Innate One Energy Pill was considered a high-grade pill, it was nothing to the current Chu Yunfan.

The requirements for an alchemist’s cultivation were extremely high.
The higher their cultivation, the more powerful an alchemist was.

Currently, the number one alchemist in the Federation—the Alchemy King—was able to surpass all the other alchemists.
Could it be because his alchemy attainments were higher?

Most importantly, he was the only alchemist who had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage.
He was the number one expert in the world.

Over the next three days, the outside world was turned upside down.
However, Chu Yunfan continued to make his pills.
In the beginning, Chu Yunfan relied on the Alchemy Emperor’s memories to ensure that his refinement would not go wrong.
But gradually, he was able to rely on his own guy feeling to make them.

The Alchemy Emperor’s memories were not just memories, but also the nourishment that helped Chu Yunfan’s alchemy progress by leaps and bounds.

After three days, Chu Yunfan finally finished making three Innate One Energy Pills.
On the day the pills were completed, the entire Mountain River Diagram was filled with a faint medicinal fragrance.

“What’s this smell?” Tang Siyu, who was recovering from her injuries, opened her eyes upon being attracted by the fragrance of the Innate One Energy Pills.

The Thunder Winged Beast was already laying down in front of Chu Yunfan with a fawning look on its face.
However, its eyes were fixated on the few pills in Chu Yunfan’s hands.

Its intuition was extremely sharp.
If it could swallow them, its cultivation would definitely improve further.

“You glutton.
Don’t worry, you’ll get a share,” Chu Yunfan scolded jokingly as he patted the Thunder Winged Beast’s head.

Then, the Thunder Winged Beast’s thick tongue swept away one of the pills.

Then, Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu split the remaining two pills.

The two of them did not say anything because they knew that now was not the time for that.
Chu Yunfan sat down cross-legged and swallowed the Innate One Energy Pill.

The pill melted as soon as it entered his mouth, leaving behind only a mouth full of medicinal fragrance.
The Innate One Energy Pill that entered his body instantly transformed into a terrifying surge of energy.

Most of it entered his limbs and bones and was absorbed by his body.
His Imperial Physique was also continuously absorbing energy and undergoing a deeper level of transformation.

One day, he would be able to enter the Bone Stage.
Only then would the Imperial Physique have some real achievements.
The current half-baked Chu Yunfan would be even more ferocious.

The remaining energy was all poured into his meridians and began to turn into a powerful momentum, charging toward the sixth level of the Innate Stage.

If he could step into the sixth level of the Innate Stage, his battle prowess would be able to sweep through the ninth level of the Innate Stage.

The Emperor Method within his body was activated and he was on his way to breaking through to a higher level.

Time passed day by day during his breakthrough.
In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

For the entire three months, Chu Yunfan stayed in the Mountain River Diagram and did not leave.
He continuously absorbed the medicinal efficacy of the Innate One Energy Pill and finally reached the critical point.

Under the control of the Emperor Method, his cultivation strength suddenly boiled up and charged toward the sixth Innate stage that he had already charged at countless times.

After Chu Yunfan’s repeated attacks and breakthroughs, this barrier was finally filled with cracks and was on the verge of collapse.

After repeated attacks, he had finally reached this step.

After an unknown period of time, Chu Yunfan’s body started to emit a faint light, and white smoke started to rise from the top of his head.
This was the sign that his cultivation had reached its peak.



Chu Yunfan’s cultivation finally broke through the barrier and entered the sixth Innate Stage.

“I’ve finally entered the sixth level!”

He opened his eyes and felt that his power had skyrocketed compared to three months ago.
Ordinary ninth-level Innate experts were no match for him now.

If he were to meet Wei Zixiong three months ago with his current cultivation, he wouldn’t have needed Chu Haoyue’s help to beat Wei Zixiong to the ground.

He looked around and saw that the Thunder Winged Beast and Tang Siyu were still digesting the medicinal efficacy of the Innate One Energy Pill and had no intention of stirring.

Chu Yunfan continued to close his eyes and consolidated the level he had just broken through.
Now was the best time to solidify it.

Three days later, Chu Yunfan finally came out from his state of epiphany.
He took a look at his terminal again.
The various discussions about him on the Internet had subsided.

After all, it had already been three months.
Chu Yunfan was not a figure like the president.
It was impossible for people to continue to be in high spirits after discussing him for three months.

During these three months, the enmity between the Jiangs and the Chus gradually escalated.
Both sides felt that they had suffered heavy losses.
Especially the Chus, who had lost an existence that could be their pillar of support for the next few hundred years.

And the Jiangs’ losses were right before their eyes.
In order to encircle and annihilate Chu Yunfan, the losses that they had suffered were a little painful—even for a behemoth like the Jiangs.

The mechas they had lost were not difficult to replenish, but the martial arts experts they had lost would take an unknown number of years to replenish.

The conflict between the two families escalated.
If the Federation had not been suppressing them from above and the many factions mediating the situation, they would probably have started a war.
Even so, the clashes between the two sides in various fields never stopped.

After three months of ferment, news about Chu Yunfan had gradually calmed down, leaving only the undercurrents of the two families.

Currently, the hottest topic on the Internet was the discovery of a large-scale Ancient Zenith Civilization site out on the Infinite Sea.

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