Chu Yunfan had a feeling that other than the few Divine experts he had encountered previously, there was no one at the peak Innate Stage who could compare to this man.

Even his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, was probably inferior to this seventh divine servant before he broke through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

Such a figure was one of the top figures of the Federation.
Yet, he was willing to be someone else’s servant and was even proud of it.
The master that the seventh divine servant spoke of was probably no small matter.

However, even if this master was a Divine expert, it would still be wishful thinking if he thought Chu Yunfan would submit himself to being a servant.

Behind him, Tang Siyu and the Thunder Winged Beast were also on high alert.
With Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu, as well as the Thunder Winged Beast, even if they did not use the Demon Descend Illustration, their combined strength was enough to pose a threat to a peak Innate Stage expert.

However, it was as if the seventh divine servant didn’t care at all.
It was as if they were just three ordinary experts.

“I advise you not to use the illustration.
Otherwise, you will definitely regret it,” the seventh divine servant said confidently.

“Then let’s give it a try,” Chu Yunfan said.

The Thunder Battle Spear in his hand emitted a lightning glow.
With the Thunder Battle Spear as a semi-magic tool, Chu Yunfan was not afraid of facing a ninth-level Innate expert.

Suddenly, just as the two sides were about to start a war, they looked to the sky at almost the same time.

These people felt an extremely dangerous feeling at the same time—a feeling that could completely destroy them.

“Nuclear bomb!”

Chu Yunfan’s expression suddenly became serious.
This feeling couldn’t be wrong.
The Jiangs must have launched a nuclear bomb.
For an expert at his level, once a weapon like a nuclear bomb was used, he could sense something was wrong very quickly.

This couldn’t be explained by science.
It was the sixth sense of a martial artist.
It was an ability that was close to supernatural powers.

All martial artists believed in their sixth sense because it was more accurate than anything else.
Even now, with the power of science, there was still no way to explain what this sixth sense was and what kind of principles it operated on.

The seventh divine servant also felt the destructive power.
Within the blink of an eye, he flew far away, escaping as fast as he could.

At the same time, Chu Yunfan immediately pulled the Thunder Winged Beast and Tang Siyu into the Mountain River Diagram.

In the next moment, a huge mushroom cloud swept over the entire mountaintop.
The flame wave that it set off swallowed everything.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was extremely unsightly.
There were only a few factions in the Federation who had the means to use nuclear bombs.
Besides the Jiangs, who else would attack him?

Fortunately, he had the Mountain River Diagram.
Otherwise, he would have died many times over at the hands of the Jiangs.

In the distance, Chu Haoyue’s eyes widened as he stared at the giant mushroom cloud in the distance.
His expression was extremely ashen.

He had underestimated the Jiangs’ boldness.
Since they had already used a nuclear bomb once before, they wouldn’t mind using a nuclear bomb again.

“D*mn you Jiangs”

Chu Haoyue was so angry that he almost went mad.

“After them! Those people just now wish to die.
I want it so that they’ll never return to their families!”

The other federation elites were also completely stunned.
This level of confrontation had clearly surpassed the level that they had come into contact with previously.

It had surpassed the level of confrontation between martial artists.
It was a power that could destroy cities and countries.

“This time, Chu Yunfan is really dead.”

“I’m afraid that’s the case.
This isn’t a small-scale tactical nuclear bomb.
F*ck! I can feel the heat wave.
If the range was a little wider, I would die here too!”

“Unfortunately, no matter how strong he is, how can he compare to the entire Jiang family? The Jiangs have too many trump cards.”

In a dense forest, Wei Zixiong raised his head to look at the mushroom cloud that was rising in the distance, his eyes flashing with shock.
Was this the might of a nuclear bomb in the secular world?

Although he had previously obtained a lot of information on this aspect, there was no doubt that it was far less shocking than witnessing it first-hand.

At this moment, he understood why the elders of his family did not choose to take down the Federation directly.
Perhaps the number of martial arts experts in the Federation was currently far inferior to that of the holy land, but the Federation possessed another power called science.

This power was enough to destroy the Heavens and Earth.

‘Other than the lords, no one else can contend against this power!’ Wei Zixiong thought, ‘I have to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.
At that level, unless I’m directly struck by a nuclear bomb, I will not die.
That is the true power of a god!’

Thinking of this, Wei Zixiong left without another backward glance.

The result of the Battle of Mount Tai quickly spread on the Internet because the results were really out of everyone’s expectations.

Before this exchange meet began, some people had already guessed that it was most likely a trap aimed at Chu Yunfan.
Faced with this trap, Chu Yunfan did not back down.

When everyone was defeated by the experts of the holy land, Chu Yunfan appeared and turned the tide, even killing several experts of the holy land.

This level of strength made everyone speechless.
Even when facing the many backups arranged by the Jiangs and the many top experts surrounding him, Chu Yunfan was able to retreat unscathed after killing more than half of them.

However, all of this glory quickly ended.
The Jiangs chose to use a nuclear bomb to deal with Chu Yunfan.

Under a nuclear bomb of that scale, everyone was sure that Chu Yunfan could not escape.
In fact, they could not find any traces of Chu Yunfan.
Though they used military satellites to constantly monitor the area, they could not find any trace of him.

This time, everyone was certain that Chu Yunfan would not be able to escape.

This once-shocking Federation University’s most outstanding student, who was perhaps the most outstanding student in the history of the university, had finally been annihilated by technological weapons just like that.

This was even more excellent proof for those who believed in the triumph of technology.

So what if one was a powerful martial artist? In front of a nuclear bomb, one would still die.

And this battle seemed to be a situation where both sides suffered heavy losses.
Chu Yunfan had died, but the Jiangs had also suffered heavy losses.
Chu Yunfan has killed over a hundred advanced mechas, two peak Innate experts, and more than ten ninth-level Innate experts.
The rest would not escape the pursuit of the furious Chus.

In the end, just when they thought they could escape, the furious Chus took out their weapons and destroyed the remaining Jiang experts with a nuclear bomb.

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