Chu Yunfan suddenly came to a realization.
A puzzle that had spanned over a few years had finally been solved.
Turns out it involved a legacy pearl.

All that had happened seemed logical now.

If it wasn’t because the legacy pearl required a special method to channel the power within it, the Tangs wouldn’t have tolerated Tang Siyu for this long.

A lot of people would have started fighting over the pearl long ago.

“It’s a pity.
The power sealed within this pearl is extremely powerful.
But after two years of trying, I still can’t fully utilize it.
The retrieval technique I know is incomplete and there’s no way to draw out all of it.
I can only draw out a portion of it every once in a while for my own cultivation.
Other than that, there’s nothing much else I can do,” Tang Siyu said with some regret, “Now that you’ve killed so many people from the Jiang family, the Jiangs will definitely not let you off.
You should take this pearl.
After absorbing the power within, you’ll definitely be able to improve faster.”

There was no doubting the value of a legacy pearl.
However, Chu Yunfan and her had been through life and death together for a long time.
She was willing to sacrifice everything for Chu Yunfan.

“There’s no need.
You keep it.” Chu Yunfan shook his head.

It would have been fine if enough power could be channeled from it, but the retrieval technique was incomplete, and only a part of the pearl’s power could be absorbed.
It was only enough for one person.
It was simply too little.

If it was anything else, he would be able to find a solution from the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
However, this method of channeling a legacy pearl’s power was a secret passed down in a sect from generation to generation.

He didn’t even know which sect he belonged to, much less the method to unlock it.

“This pearl is much more useful to you than it is to me,” Tang Siyu said.

Seeing that Chu Yunfan wasn’t willing to accept it, she immediately became somewhat anxious.

“I’ve long made preparations.
I have my own methods.
There’s no need for you to worry,” Chu Yunfan said, “The Tangs are forcing you into this.
Sooner or later, you will have to settle the score with them.

“The most important thing now is to increase your strength.
The current Federation is volatile.
The whereabouts of the president are unknown.
Furthermore, the holy land is trying to forcefully take over.
Only by increasing your strength will you be able to deal with the changes to come,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

The sense of crisis in his heart was steadily rising.

The Federation was facing internal and external threats.
Internally, the whereabouts of the president were unknown.
Externally, there were endless battles between humans and monsters.
Furthermore, the holy land was forcefully trying to take over.

He had a premonition that the Federation would become more chaotic.
The more chaotic the world was, the more strength one required.

“All right then.” Tang Siyu saw that Chu Yunfan was unwilling to accept the pearl, so she stopped pushing the matter.

“Now that you’ve stepped into the eighth Innate Stage, you’ll soon reach the ninth.
You’ll maybe even reach the peak.
You have to hurry!” Chu Yunfan said.

I was going to go into secluded cultivation.
Those people forced me to come out.
I was planning to break through to the ninth level before coming out.
When that happens, the Tangs won’t be able to touch me,” Tang Siyu said.

The Tangs’ Great Ancestor, who was a Divine, had been turned into a living puppet.
A peak Innate expert would then naturally become the peak of the Tangs’ combat strength.

If Tang Siyu had the combat strength of a ninth-level Innate, the Tang Clan would have to consider the consequences before forcing her to do anything.

The dignity of a peak expert could not be lightly insulted.

“My plan after coming to get you is to head back to concoct more pills to help the two of us and this glutton here breakthrough as quickly as possible.” Chu Yunfan patted the Thunder Winged Beast.

The beast let out a series of whimpering sounds as if it felt wronged by Chu Yunfan calling it a glutton.

Suddenly, the Thunder Winged Beast stopped in its tracks.
All the furs on its body stood on end as if it had sensed an extremely dangerous existence.

Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu became alert and looked toward the source of the danger.
With the Thunder Winged Beast’s current strength, there were not many who could make it react this way.

Chu Yunfan looked over and saw a square-faced middle-aged man around the age of forty.
This middle-aged man was wearing a gorgeous brocade robe and looked quite outstanding.
However, his expression carried a hint of arrogance.

“Who are you?”

Chu Yunfan leaped out and landed in front of the Thunder Winged Beast.
He looked toward the middle-aged man.

“Me? Hehe.
I’m the seventh divine servant,” the man said with a faint smile.

“The seventh divine servant?” Chu Yunfan muttered this name.
Alarm bells went on in his mind because he could sense an extremely dangerous feeling from this man.
“Are you a servant of god?”

“I serve the god of the future.” When the man said this, there was a hint of holiness and sincerity on his face.

Chu Yunfan sneered and said, “There’s someone who dares to call himself a god?”

He knew from the memories of the Alchemy Emperor that god was an existence that many emperors sought after.
And this person actually dared to call himself a god of the future.
If this wasn’t someone overestimating his own abilities, then what was?

“You can’t understand the greatness of my lord right now, but you will in the future,” the seventh divine servant said, “You’re the first person my lord wants to subdue after entering the Federation.
If you willingly join my lord’s side, we’ll be able to attain the Dao when my Lord becomes a god in the future.”

“You want to subdue me? I don’t think your lord is that capable,” Chu Yunfan said as he narrowed his eyes.

“You’ve never seen my lord’s might, so it’s normal for you to be unconvinced.
However, it doesn’t matter.
I am ‘inviting’ you over to take a look now.
You’ll come to understand,” the seventh divine servant said with a faint smile.

“Seems like there’s no other way then.”

Chu Yunfan immediately became fierce and said, “What bullsh*t future god? If you want to subdue me, it depends on whether you have the ability.”

“I advise you not to use your Demon Descends Illustration.
In front of a god, all evil has no leeway,” the seventh divine servant said in a low voice, “Therefore, your illustration will not be of any help to you.
If you think that you can use the illustration to fight, then you’re sorely mistaken.”

As he said that, the seventh divine servant released a terrifying aura that shrouded the entire forest.

Chu Yunfan’s expression grew solemn because the aura released by the seventh divine servant was extremely terrifying.

It could be said that other than the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor, his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, and the Heavenly Dragon Elder, who were Divine experts, this man must the strongest peak Innate expert Chu Yunfan had ever seen.

Other peak Innate experts Chu Yunfan had encountered were clearly much weaker compared to this seventh divine servant.

“Looks like I can only fight head-on.”

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