Chapter 73: Preparation Before Actual Combat

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The news that Qin Wu brought made the students in the class either excited or worried.

After all, they would not be fighting against humans this time, but against monsters.
There was no such thing as the severity of a monster’s attack.
Once they started fighting, it would be life and death.

And this was what they lacked.
If it was hundreds of years ago, the environment would have been far worse than now.
At that time, all the human powerhouses who could cultivate till the Qi Sea Stage would have been through hundreds of battles.
It was impossible for them to train to this level just by
studying in school!

“In three days, I will take you to the battlefield and help the border guards of Jinghai City to kill monsters!” Qin Wu reported and took out a piece of paper and handed it to everyone.
“This is a death waiver.
If something happens to you on the battlefield and you die, our school will not be responsible for it.
You can choose to go or not.
But if you go, you have to sign it.
You may die.
Take this death waiver home and have your guardian sign it.
After signing it, it will be considered effectiv

The battlefield was ever-changing.
Any situation was possible.
Even the school could not guarantee that there would be no casualties.
If everyone came to find trouble with the school, the school would have to shut down.

This was because it was not forced.
One could choose not to go and choose to be a commoner.
However, if one went, they would have to bear the consequences.

Chu Yunfan took the death waiver and looked at it.
It was probably something like a disclaimer.
However, he had already decided to participate in the actual combat.
Every actual combat would allow one’s strength to grow rapidly, if he missed this opportunity, he would only fall behind the others.

The gap between the strength of the focus classes that participated in the actual combat and the ordinary classes that did not would also continuously widen.

There were only three days left.
He had to make good use of his time and cultivate the Earth Splitting Saber Technique to perfection before stepping into the battlefield.

There were only three days left.
It seemed like an impossible mission.
But for Chu Yunfan, it was not impossible.

Chu Yunfan brought this death waiver back home.
Although his parents were worried, they still signed their names.
They had participated in actual combat in the past and knew the dangers of actual combat.
However, that was something that happened during their university days.

And now, their son was so young, yet he wanted to participate in actual combat.
This caused them to be somewhat worried!

However, his parents also knew that their son was in an important class, and there was no comparing him and the ordinary class they were in before.
Those who graduated from the important class all had hopes of entering a focus university or even entering the federation’s ten focus universities.
standards were definitely stricter than those of ordinary people.

“Son, I don’t have much to say.
It’s just that on the battlefield, don’t stray too far from your teachers, and don’t stray too far from your classmates.
If something goes wrong, run quickly and run to a place where there are soldiers.
Generally speaking, this kind of actual combat army will not be too far away
from you.
Remember to keep your eyes and ears open!” Chu Wencheng earnestly advised.

Don’t worry!” Chu Yunfan nodded and said.

“Don’t be brave and fierce.
Don’t fight for the limelight.
That kind of person tends to die the fastest on the battlefield.
Your father and I don’t beg you to stand out.
We’d rather you come back alive!” Yang Yayun reminded him again.


After dinner, Chu Yunfan went out and entered the training room in the neighborhood to practice the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.

In modem society, everyone cultivated.
It was the great era of great cultivation, and training rooms had become a necessary facility in every neighborhood.
Moreover, it was open to the residents of the neighborhood for free.

The better the neighborhood, the better the facilities in the training room.

Although it was already night, there were still many figures practicing in the training room.
They were either meditating or practicing martial skills.
They were all adults, and their strength was obviously much stronger than students who were still in school.
They were all residents of the small district, and many of them knew of Chu Yunfan.
Moreover, because there were more adults than children in the training room in the small district, Chu Yunfan immediately attracted the attention of many people.

“That’s the Chu family’s kid, Chu Yunfan, right? I couldn’t tell.
Previously, I always said that he had not much talent and that he would not even pass the exam for an ordinary martial arts class.
Who would have thought that he would amaze everyone in the class allocation exam and enter a focus class!”

We all misjudged him.
It’s not that his talent isn’t good, but that he hid it very well.
Only now had he amazed everyone in the class allocation test!”

“Sigh, if he gets into an important class, then there’s hope for him to get into a focus university in the future.
It would be great if that kid from our family could be as good as him!”

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“Who says so? My daughter will also be in her third year of high school next year and will also be taking the class allocation test.
If she can’t get into the martial arts stream, then she can only choose to be like us and go to work obediently.
Although no one in modern society starves to death, it’s still not
comparable to those powerful martial artists who glorify their ancestors!”

As Chu Yunfan walked in, he became the main topic of discussion.
However, he did not take it to heart.
Instead, he found a space, pulled out his saber, and began to practice.




Chu Yunfan’s saber slashed through the air, emitting whistling sounds.
He displayed his Earth Splitting Saber Technique.

“This is the Earth Splitting Saber Technique, right? He is already at the Impeccable Stage.
I remember that they should have just started learning weapons and martial skills not too long ago.
Could it be that this kid is really a genius?”
Many people looked at Chu Yunfan.
They were all veterans, so they could naturally assess Chu Yunfan’s level.
They could not help but be shocked.

“The future of the Chu family child is limitless!”

“If Chu Yunfan rises up, I’m afraid the Chu family will have to move away from here.
They will definitely move to a wealthier district!”

Everyone was discussing animatedly.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was wholeheartedly displaying the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
Every move appeared in his mind, and the scripture of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique also appeared in his mind.
Every single word appeared before him as if there was a
supercomputer analyzing these techniques.

In his mind, the Godhead was also continuously emitting light.
Light flowed through his entire body, causing him to enter a meditative state as he practiced his techniques.

In the past half a month, he had already cultivated the Earth Splitting Saber Technique to the Impeccable Stage.
Now, he was going to push himself to the Perfection Stage in one go, allowing his strength to advance one step further..

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