The advanced mecha pilots of the Jiangs were completely dumbfounded.
These mechas were used to siege cities.
Even peak Innate experts would die under this scale of bombardment.

However, Chu Yunfan showed no signs of being bombarded at all.
Even if he had a demonic treasure like the Demon Descends Illustration, it should have been impossible for him to escape unscathed after being hit by such an attack.

And they were right.
Chu Yunfan was indeed not hit.
At the critical moment, he ducked into the Mountain River Diagram.
No matter how vicious the explosion outside was, it could not hurt him.
None of it mattered.

Before they could react, Chu Yunfan leaped up and flew into the sky like a cannonball.
He charged into the mechas once again and unleashed the Thunder Battle Spear in his hand.
Its power was boundless.
Human strength could not compete with technology, but it was not absolute either.

Holding the Thunder Battle Spear in his hand, a set of spear techniques appeared in Chu Yunfan’s mind.
These techniques were called the Demon Slayer spear techniques.
It was a technique that was recorded in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.

It was originally developed during the war against demons.
It had a majestic aura and boundless power.
At this moment, it was the most suitable spear technique for Chu Yunfan.

This set of spear techniques appeared in Chu Yunfan’s mind all at once.
It was as if there was a peerless expert practicing it for Chu Yunfan.

The godhead in Chu Yunfan’s mind emitted a faint light.
Chu Yunfan’s comprehension of these techniques increased at an astonishing speed.

The aura on Chu Yunfan’s body instantly changed.
He was previously only relying on his own cultivation strength to forcefully activate the Thunder Battle Spear.
Now that Chu Yunfan was using this Demon Slayer technique, its power had clearly increased by a whole level.

“Demons Raze the World!” Chu Yunfan shouted, and his long spear suddenly thrust out.

This thrust was not a simple attack.
On the contrary, everyone seemed to hear the angry roars of countless demons like back in the ancient era when countless demons were wreaking havoc in the world.

Countless creatures struggled under the iron hooves of the demons.
This was a concept of martial arts, and under Chu Yunfan’s command, it was completely unleashed.

Even though the mechas were protected by layers upon layers of metal, and there was a device to shield them from spiritual attacks, it was as if they had seen it with their own eyes.

Many were stunned.
When this spear swept out, there were a few mechas that did not have the time to dodge and were cut into two halves.

“Spread out! Spread out!”

The mechas tried to escape from the range of Chu Yunfan’s attacks.
Close combat was disadvantageous for them.
They thought that by getting away from him, he would not be able to do anything to them.

However, they had guessed wrong.
The moment they dodged, the blood-red skeleton around Chu Yunfan suddenly became bigger.
The huge blood-red skeletal hand grabbed the Thunder Battle Spear and chased after them.




Chu Yunfan dispatched a few more mecha in mid-air.
The power was unimaginable.

“D*mn it! Stop him!”

The peak Innate elder let out an explosive roar and charged in Chu Yunfan’s direction.
If Chu Yunfan continued to chase after them, even if there were over a hundred mechas, they would not be able to withstand Chu Yunfan’s slaughter.

The other ninth-Innate Stage experts also surrounded Chu Yunfan at the same time.
They could not let Chu Yunfan escape.

“You’re right on time.
I’ve been waiting!”

Chu Yunfan was not shocked but happy.
Under his control, the blood-red skeleton’s arms grew longer and longer, continuously chasing after the fleeing mechas.

Then, he turned around and pounced toward the Innate elder.

Among all the people here, this peak Innate Stage elder posed the greatest threat to him.
Only after killing this old man would everything be easy.

“Asura Portion!”

Facing the peak Innate Stage elder charging toward him, Chu Yunfan threw out a simple punch.

The peak Innate Stage elder didn’t dare to underestimate Chu Yunfan.
The earlier peak Innate Stage expert who had underestimated Chu Yunfan was already dead.

The elder’s aura was like a rainbow.
He brandished a long saber and slashed out several saber lights toward Chu Yunfan.
A boundless killing intent burst out.

It was the Jiangs’ famous ultimate skill—The Life Ender.

The Life Ender that the elder displayed was far more terrifying than Jiang Lingxiao’s.


Chu Yunfan’s fist and the saber light collided fiercely.

“Again! Asura Portion!”


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