A demonic aura was instantly released.

Even though the crowd was standing far away, they still felt a sense of disgust and discomfort.
This was a unique aura that demonic treasures possessed.

Many of them knew that Chu Yunfan had the Demon Descends Illustration on him.
They had seen videos of it.

However, they had never personally experienced the power and terror of the illustration.
At this moment, they finally understood why the Jiangs had made such a big fuss to restrict Chu Yunfan’s demonic treasure.

Those who were not present could never understand the terrifying influence and aura that Chu Yunfan brought after calling upon the Demon Descends Illustration.

Even though this was the second time Chu Haoyue was witnessing Chu Yunfan using the illustration, he still felt extremely shocked.
However, he could clearly feel that compared to the last time the illustration had been summoned, its might was undoubtedly weaker.

The might of the illustration had a lot to do with the strength of its owner.
Back then, Chu Yunfan had consumed the Celestial Demonic Disintegration Pill which caused his strength to skyrocket.
Only then had he been able to kill everything within his path.

Meanwhile, Wei Zixiong’s eyes gave away his shock.
He had taken Chu Yunfan, the so-called genius of the Federation, seriously before this.

To Jiang Dan, assassinating Chu Yunfan was at least half the purpose of this exchange meet.
However, to Wei Zixiong, it was 100% to establish his might.
Even killing Chu Yunfan was just to establish his might.

However, he now realized how wrong he had been.
The strength that Chu Yunfan possessed was far stronger than he had imagined.
It was much more terrifying.

“What kind of treasure is this? I must obtain it!”

A greedy expression flashed through Wei Zixiong’s eyes.
Although it was a demonic treasure, what did it matter to him? If he could obtain this treasure, he would not be afraid of anyone besides Divine experts.

The demonic aura stirred up a violent wind, causing sand and stones to fly and cover everyone’s eyes.
In the next second, everyone saw the blue figure fly over to Tang Siyu, placed her on its back, and quickly flew down the mountain.

The Thunder Winged Beast that had been fighting with the peak Innate expert brought Tang Siyu down the mountain.

At this moment, Tang Siyu was heavily injured.
Chu Yunfan was afraid of accidentally injuring her further.

“Stop that beast!” the peak Innate expert roared, unable to contain his anger.

The mechas fired their missiles one after another, blasting toward Tang Siyu’s direction.
They had not been able to make a move earlier because they were afraid of hurting Jiang Dan.
They had not dared to make a move.

But now, they finally released their anger.
All sorts of missiles rained down like meteors.

And right then, in the sky, an incomparably huge hand appeared out of thin air.
It was a skeletal hand, grabbing toward those missiles.
Before the missiles could hit Tang Siyu, they were grabbed by the huge hand and exploded in mid-air.


All sorts of terrifying explosions followed one after another.
All the missiles exploded, and the aftershocks of the explosions covered everything.

The crowd standing in the distance had incomparably grave expressions on their faces.
All of them wished that they could descend the mountain as well.
A gentleman should not stand under a dangerous wall.
This battle had caused them to feel an intense threat.

In fact, if this army were to throw aside all pretenses, they might even annihilate all of them.

However, soon after these missiles had all exploded in mid-air, the Thunder Winged Beast successfully carried Tang Siyu down the mountain.
It was like a bolt of blue lightning.
The beast was fast.
Even the most advanced radar would find it difficult to follow its movements.

Whether it was the power of lightning or the power of the wind, it was all about speed.
Fast, fast.
Now that the two were combined into one, one could imagine how astonishing the speed of the Thunder Winged Beast was.

Mount Tai was steep.
It was almost like stepping on air and jumping off a cliff.
Stepping on airwaves, it fled into the distance.

After seeing that Tang Siyu had successfully escaped danger, Chu Yunfan finally felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.
Without having to worry about her, he could now make his move with all his might.

At this moment, other than a few Jiang experts who had taken Jiang Dan away to recuperate, the others surrounded Chu Yunfan.

“You can finally make your move.
You must have been waiting for a long time.”

Chu Yunfan’s expression became increasingly cold, and his eyes were calm and unruffled.
He could feel that his fighting spirit was high, but his entire mind maintained a strange clarity, like clear still water.

In Chu Yunfan’s body, the godhead was emitting waves of clear currents, clearing away the demonic energy that was trying to invade Chu Yunfan’s mind.

If not for the godhead constantly clearing away the demonic energy, Chu Yunfan would probably become a madman in no time.
No matter how strong his willpower was, it would be useless.
This kind of erosion of the mind was impossible to guard against at all times.

“Attack!” the old man who was one of the two peak Innate experts shouted.

Countless missiles flew toward Chu Yunfan.
Under such a heavy attack, even though Chu Yunfan had extraordinary defensive capabilities, he would still be blasted to death.

Without the protection of the barrier, the Jiang experts did not dare to use nuclear bombs.
However, they did not show any signs of weakness as they used their other weapons.
Missiles covered the entire square.


The crowd desperately flew toward the distant mountain peak.
The entire peak was about to be blown away by these overwhelming missiles.


The entire mountain peak had been flattened.
There was smoke and soil everywhere, blotting out the Sky and the Sun.
It was impossible to see anything.

At this moment, a fiery red figure leaped out from the boundless smoke and soil.
It was like a rocket that shot into the air.


In the blink of an eye, the figure charged through the air and landed among the mechas.

“Spread out! Wait for him to land!” the leader of the mechas ordered.

Unless one was a Divine expert, it was impossible for them to fly.
Even Innate experts could only stay airborne for a short period.

Chu Yunfan was that fiery red light.
At this moment, the huge skeleton that was formed by the Demon Descends Illustration had shrunk into a blood-red skeleton coat.

However, just as Chu Yunfan was about to land, he suddenly stomped the ground and stabilized himself.
Instead, he changed direction and charged toward the mecha captain.

The mecha captain did not even have time to react when he saw a long spear appear in Chu Yunfan’s hand.
It was the Thunder Battle Spear.

Countless amounts of thunder power erupted.
The Thunder Battle Spear easily pierced through the mecha captain like he was a piece of tofu.

He instantly died.

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