The hearts of everyone from the Federation jolted.
They understood that this man was of a ruthless character.

Moreover, he had come specifically for Chu Yunfan.

The few people behind him were also eager to give it a try.
When they saw that Chu Yunfan had not come, they were all somewhat disappointed.

Other than this man, a black-clothed woman stood out, pointed at Tang Siyu, and said, “Chu Yunfan killed my younger brother and broke my family’s heart.
If he comes, I’ll kill him.
Since he didn’t, I’ll kill you first.
I’ll let him know what it feels like to have a broken heart.”

The black-clothed woman pounced forward.
She was a disciple of the Divine Fists Sect.
She was the elder sister of the Divine Fist sect disciple whom Chu Yunfan had killed.

Tang Siyu’s expression did not change.
She simply said, “Didn’t your younger brother also kill people? He was vicious in his attacks.
He deserved to die.”

“Shut up, you b*tch!” the black-clothed woman screamed.
“Who were those people? How can they compare to my younger brother? If he kills them, so be it.
That Chu Yunfan actually dared to kill a member of the Divine Fists Sect.
I must kill him!”

“Then come at me,” Tang Siyu said, “If any of you have a grudge against Chu Yunfan, then you can look for me.
It doesn’t matter if I kill you or he kills you.”

“All right then!”

Chu Haoyue secretly agreed in his heart.
He had underestimated Tang Siyu.

“Wait until I crack open your skull.
Let’s see if you’re still stubborn then.” The black-clothed woman sneered.
Her fists were like iron hammers, piercing through the crowd control and charging toward Tang Siyu.

Tang Siyu did not give in.
The sword in her hand once again emitted a bright light.

The two women fought right then and there, but there was not a single trace of beauty.
In fact, there was only endless danger.

Everyone present was an expert.
They could see just how dangerous this fight was.
If any one of them was slightly careless, they would die tragically.

Everyone quickly made room for the two women to fight.

At this moment, the man with the two axes in his hands walked out with large strides.
He pointed at the Federation citizens and said, “Everyone says that you’re the elite experts of the Federation, but I don’t believe it.
Now, I’d like to spar.
Who here would like to go up against me?”

At this moment, how could the Federation citizens still not understand? What Wei Zixiong said about deepening their understanding was nonsense.
He was clearly here to find trouble.

However, they were not afraid.
After all, they were young geniuses who had been famous for a long time.
All of them were experienced and powerful.

“I’ll do it.”

A spear lunged out and a young man with a robust build jumped out from the crowd.
The spear stabbed straight toward the man with the two axes.

The spear was like a poisonous dragon.
Just one attack was enough to pierce down all the stars in the sky.

“Zhang Zifang’s spear attacks are getting more and more advanced.
He must be much stronger than I had fought him a few years ago,” someone who had fought with this young man said.

But before he could finish his words, the thin young man with two axes chopped down on the long spear.


As if a cannonball had landed, the burly young man almost lost control of his spear and was forced to retreat.
However, the skinny young man flew out like a bolt of lightning.

With just one axe, he struck the burly young man’s body.

The burly young man didn’t even have time to react before he was struck in the chest.
It was as if he had suffered a heavy blow.
He was sent flying several feet before he landed heavily.
His entire chest had been split open.
Fortunately, he wore a piece of armor.
However, the armor was completely shattered.

The bones in his chest had completely shattered as well.

It was just one attack.

One could imagine just how heavy this axe was.

When many people saw it, they gasped.
It was extremely terrifying.

The skinny young man had a brute strength that was comparable to a monster.
There was no technique to his attack.
But with just this one swing, he had heavily injured his opponent.

“That was uneventful.
It’s better to hear about someone than to meet.
If all of you are at this level, then don’t come out,” the skinny young man said in disdain as he sneered.

“You can’t even compare to women.”

He was referring to Tang Siyu and the black-clothed woman who were fighting fiercely on the other side.

Hearing his words, the young elites of the Federation were instantly enraged.
This was simply pushing them to the ground and slapping them in the face.

“You’re going too far! Are you trying to bully us because no one can stand up to you?!” these youths erupted.

At the foot of Mount Tai, a young man dressed in a black suit looked up at the mountain path that had just been opened up.
With his hands behind his back, he slowly walked up the mountain.

There were actually quite a number of people lingering at the foot of the mountain.
They were not qualified to go up the mountain, but they wanted to wait there to obtain first-hand information.

Everyone predicted that even though Wei Zixiong had invited the elites of the Federation to gather at Mount Tai, it was absolutely impossible for them to just drink tea, chat, and discuss the Dao.

Who won and who lost was also first-hand information that many people on the Internet were waiting for.
There were many who were extremely concerned about the origins of the holy land.

“Who’s that? Why does he look a little familiar?” When these people saw another person walking up the mountain, they felt a little puzzled.

It was not that they had not tried to go up the mountain.
But since they were not on the invitation list, they were all chased away.

“Ah, I remember now.
Isn’t he Chu Yunfan?”

“That’s right, he is Chu Yunfan.
I didn’t expect him to really come.
I thought he wouldn’t dare.”

“He’s so late that I too thought he didn’t dare come.”

“I knew he would.
He even dared to mess with the Jiangs.
How could he be scared off by a simple thing like this?”

“I just received news that the situation at the top of the mountain is in a mess.
At least half of this exchange meet is for this master.
Once Chu Yunfan gets there, it will be even more chaotic!”

“It’s getting more and more chaotic.
I wonder what kind of situation they have set up for him.”

The people at the foot of the mountain discussed animatedly.
Chu Yunfan heard of this, but he did not care much.
He simply quickened his pace.

There was a person there whom he had thought about for the last two years.
It had been two years since he had seen her.

When Chu Yunfan reached the top of the mountain, he saw a scene that was beyond his expectations.

There were over a hundred people, but there were only a few people standing on their feet.

The only people he knew were Tang Siyu, Chu Haoyue, and Wei Zixiong from the Wei family of the holy land, who had been causing a commotion recently.
There were also some people he did not know, but here recognized them as experts.

Those few people surrounded Tang Siyu and attacked her from both sides.

“Tang Siyu, how dare you kill people from the holy land! Today is the day you die!” a skinny young man wielding two axes shouted.

At Tang Siyu’s feet, a black-clothed woman was lying in a pool of blood.
Her throat had been slit by a sword.

Tang Siyu was also in a sorry state.
One of her arms was bleeding profusely, and she couldn’t stop it.

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