At this moment, in a mansion at the Jiang clan’s ancestral land, two young men were sitting opposite each other.

One of them was dressed in a luxurious robe and had handsome features and a slender figure.
He was sitting upright on his seat, giving off a powerful aura.

Opposite him was a young man who looked to be about twenty-seven or twenty eight.
His robe was a more modern style, and his aura shown no less bright.

“Jiang Dan, are you sure this method will be able to lure out Chu Yunfan?” the young man in the luxurious robe asked.


His words contained a sense of authority without any hint of agression.

“Chu Yunfan dared to charge into our ancestral home because of that lowly girl.
If she wasn’t important to him, why would he have risked such danger?” the young man named Jiang Dan answered as he gazed at the luxuriously-robed young man in front of him.

It was said that this young man was one of the outstanding disciples of the Wei family’s current generation who hailed from the holy land.
He was Wei Zixiong who had stirred up a storm on the internet recently.

“Chu Yunfan has a fatal weakness.
For a mere woman, he places himself in danger.
He will never accomplish any great feats.” Wei Zixiong sneered in disdain.

“But he;s supposed to be dead.
Why isn’t he dead yet?!” Jiang Dan shook his head.

The entire Jiang family could not understand this.
They had no clue how this had happened.
Chu Yunfan’s status had been personally confirmed by their Great Ancestor.
It was basically a dead end.
There was no other possibility.

The perception of Divine experts were extremely sharp.
Logically speaking, it was impossible for Chu Yunfan to have survived.

But somehow, he had.

“No matter how he survived, he will die this time,” Jiang Dan said coldly.

“Looks like you harbor deep hatred for him,” Wei Zixiong said with a smile.

“Deep hatred? Is there any reason for him to hate him?” Jiang Dan said nonchalantly, “Actually, I should be thanking him.
If it wasn’t for him, the Jiangs would never had recognised me as the top candidate to become the next clan leader.
If he hadn’t killed Jiang Lingxiao, I would never have gotten this chance.”

Wei Zixiong was in agreement with this, because he was the same.
Having an overly outstanding junior wasn’t a good thing because that person would eventually ascend to the top.

“However, the more this is the case, the more he has to die.
If I kill him, the position of next clan leader will fall solidly within my graps,” Jiang Dan said indifferently, “You and I shall join hands to do things beautifully together, so that those old fellows won’t have anything to say in retaliation.”

“Of course, but the main goal here is to announced the existence of the holy land to the world.
Killing Chu Yunfan is just a side quest,” Wei Zixiong said indifferently.

“When the holy land enters the Federation, the benefits that the Jiangs will obtain are far from what we’ve given you now.
There are many geniuses in the Federation who are unable to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.
It’s not because they don’t have enough talent or enough resources.
Many of them simply have flaws in their cultivation methods.”

“That’s why I want to cooperate with you guys.
Otherwise, I may never enter the Divine Abilites Stage.” Jiang Dan spoke frankly.
He was already thirty years old, but his cultivation had been stuck at the eighth level of the Innate Satge for a few years now.

The further one progressed in cultivation, the more difficult it became.
Many had a few years of valiant advancements, but the rest of those years were just a waste of time.

Even with his talent and the Jiangs’ wealth, generally speaking, Jiang Dan would hit his limit of the peak Innate Stage in another ten to twenty years.
It was almost next to impossible for him to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.

The road ahead was already cut off.
Although there were people who soldiered on, the road was sealed.
Those who could cross the gap were those with great talent, luck, and resources.

Jiang Dan could not accept this.
The Jiangs couldn’t support him, so his only choice was to cooperate with the Wei family.

“Before the lords arrives, they want us to take the lead.
Those young elites are the successors of the next generation of various forces.
Only by putting them off first will they not cause trouble for us,” Wei Zixiong said.

“This time, we must succeed in one strike.
Chu Yunfan, don’t even think about leaving when you come!” Jiang Dan sneered.

Discussion about the invitation was becoming more and more intense on the internet.
Although some people could see that this was clearly aimed at Chu Yunfan, more were crazy about the invitation itself.

Those who were invited were the most powerful young talents of the current generation.
Even many experts of the older generation didn’t have an advantage when facing these people.
Many of them would be beaten up.

Whoever was invited served as proof of their strength.

However, many people began to doubt this invitation.
Wei Zixiong had appeared out of nowhere.
Who knew what he was capable of.
On what basis did he have the qualifications to hold such an exchange meeting?

After all, it was not an ordinary exchange meeting.
It was not something that an ordinary person had the qualifications to hold.
One would have to have a very high reputation to be able to do so.

Other than some of the young geniuses who had already agreed to attend the exchange meet, there were even more who chose to wait and see what happened.

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