Everyone present was silent.
Chu Yunfan killed three people and injured one with lightning speed, but he was unscathed.

The difference in combat strength between the two sides was obvious at a glance.

Most of the students were immersed in the feeling of elation.
Only a small portion of them were immersed in the shock of Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strength.

“I didn’t expect him to have improved to such an extent.”

“As expected, the gap between him and us is getting bigger and bigger.”

“He must be a monster.
How can a human improve so quickly?”

Situ Ziying, Dong Fanghao, Mei Haiyun, Le Yuzhu, and the others who were once Chu Yunfan’s opponents, sighed.
In these two years, their improvement were already considered pretty good.
They could even be considered heaven-gifted geniuses.
In the next few decades, sooner or later, they would enter the peak of the Innate Stage and become important figures within the Federation.

However, compared to Chu Yunfan, they were nothing.

“You… You…” The red-robed woman looked at Chu Yunfan in shock.
She could not believe that Chu Yunfan would dare to kill her cohorts.

They had been high and mighty for far too long.
They were the cream of the crop in the holy land.
They killed people as they pleased in the nine famous universities.
When they fought, their opponents would either die or be injured.
Other than the imposing manner of the Federation’s students, they were used to it.

They had never taken these so-called elite students of the Federation to heart.

Therefore, they never thought that someone would really dare to kill them.
Even if the students of the nine famous universities were killed, the instructors of the universities would only take them down.
They would never have killed them.

Everyone knew that although their origins were unknown, they clearly had a heavy background.
They would not casually make a move before they understood the situation.

“You actually dared to kill them.
Their sects will not let you off!” the red-robed woman said loudly.

“What sect do they belong to? Tell me about them.” Chu Yunfan smiled.

He glanced around the stadium that was seething with excitement.
He was too lazy to say anything else.
He picked up the red-robed woman and left the stadium.

Many of the students were still a little puzzled as to why Chu Yunfan would leave right after he arrived.
However, some understood what was happening.

“Remember what went down between him and the Jiangs? He’s not going to wait here for Jiangs to find trouble with him,” someone who knew about the enmity between Chu Yunfan and the Jiangs said.

“That’s right.
Two years ago, he turned the Jiangs upside down.
The Jiangs thought that he was already dead, but now that he isn’t, they will definitely not let this matter rest.”

Everyone discussed animatedly.
The grudges between Chu Yunfan and the Jiangs were finally made known to the new students.

In today’s battle, Chu Yunfan had turned the tide and blocked the surprise attack of a few experts.
That violent appearance was imprinted in the minds of many and they couldn’t forget it even if they wanted to.

This wave of commotion not only swept through the universities.
It even swept through the Internet.
Although many had not been able to personally come to the scene of this battle, there were many present who had done live broadcasts.

Everything was on the Internet for everyone to watch.

They wanted to watch Dong Fanghao and Mei Haiyun turn the tide, but who knew that these two would be defeated in front of countless pairs of eyes from the Internet.

The black-robed saberman’s might was terrifying.
This battle was not just the concern of the students.
In fact, many Innate Stage martial arts experts were watching as well.

If it were ordinary students, it would not be worth their attention.
However, the experts in this battle had clearly surpassed the Innate Stage.

Under such circumstances, many Innate experts kept a close eye on the battle.
After seeing that both Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao had been defeated, they could not help but sigh.

“This is criminal.
Be it Mei Haiyun or Dong Fanghao, they’re both very strong.
Especially Dong Fanghao.
He’s only a step away from reaching the upper Innate Stage.
In the future, if he’s lucky enough, he might be able to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.
However, the other party is too strong.”

“Where did these people come from?”

“Especially that black-robed saberman.
Among seventh-level Innate experts, he isn’t weak.
And he’s only in his twenties.
His future is simply limitless.”

Many Innate experts were filled with envy and jealousy.
When they had stepped into the Innate Stage, many of them were already in their forties, or at least in their thirties.

And that was just stepping into the Innate Stage.
Though some of them managed to reach the higher Innate stages, many of them were already in their sixties or seventies when this happened.

This was reality.
Regardless of whether it was Mei Haiyun or Dong Fanghao, no matter how powerful their talent was, it was still unable to represent everyone’s strength.

This was especially so when they saw the black-robed saberman heavily injure Mei Haiyun with just a few strikes.
Even the Internet was in an uproar.
Could it be that no one was able to come out and stop these few people?

In the end, Chu Yunfan’s appearance caused an uproar in the entire stadium and on the Internet.
Many knew who Chu Yunfan was.
Be it when he was the first seat of Federation University or when he overthrew the Jiangs—although there were very few who mentioned it now—it had been a moment of shock back then.

More importantly, from what they understood, Chu Yunfan should have died a long time ago.
However, the truth was that Chu Yunfan was still alive and well.

Two years had passed, but Chu Yunfan did not die.
He had become even stronger.

That made everyone feel helpless.
Even some famous upper stage Innate experts admitted that they were no match for the black-robed saberman, and Chu Yunfan had killed him with one punch.

With such strength, even those knowledgeable Innate experts were struck dumb.
They were speechless.

Many Innate experts were originally commentating on the Internet, explaining the situation of the fight between the two sides to many ordinary people.
However, when they saw this fight, they were all a little dumbfounded.

“Chu Yunfan’s combat strength has probably already surpassed the peak seventh level of the Innate Stage!”

Many Innate experts took a look for themselves.
If they had been the black-robed saberman, they would have probably been killed with a single punch too.

It wasn’t that they were too weak, but that Chu Yunfan was too strong.
This unreasonable fighting style, coupled with his obviously brilliant techniques, made Chu Yunfan invincible.

As for the ordinary citizens, they only cared about cheering.
Finally, someone came to help the Federation students win and suppresses those arrogant b*stards.

This holy land was truly too arrogant.

They had not respect for the Federation or Federation University.

For a time, all sorts of voices appeared on the Internet.
The entire Internet was in a state of turmoil.

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