The expressions of the black-robed saberman, the red-robed woman, and the blue-robed swordsman turned ashen.
Chu Yunfan’s words were similar to what they had said previously.

This was especially so for the blue-robed swordsman.
He had said something similar, and now, Chu Yunfan was using his words to slap him in the face.

This slap was extremely painful.

“Do you have any idea who he is?!” the blue-robed swordsman asked loudly.

Many students from Federation University looked at him disdainfully.
This was just like how only state officials were allowed to start a fire, and the commoners were not allowed to light lamps.

Why had they not thought about this when they were killing people previously?

“As expected of Senior Chu Yunfan.
Weren’t these people very awesome before? In the end, they were killed with a single punch!”

“Let them show off.
They just kicked a hornet’s nest!”

“I’m not interested in the names of the losers,” Chu Yunfan said as he raised his head.

The blue-robed swordsman’s face turned even uglier because these were also words that he had said earlier.
Now, Chu Yunfan had thrown them back at him and ruthlessly slapped his face.

“You sure are brave.” The black-robed saberman narrowed his eyes.
He unleashed the killing intent in his body.
It made the surrounding air freeze.

“Have you decided? Do you all plan to attack together or one at a time?”

Chu Yunfan looked at these people with a cold smile.
No matter who they were or what their motives were, he would not let them go.

“He’s as strong as ever.” Situ Ziying finally calmed down after much difficulty.
He had been overcome by the shock of Chu Yunfan being alive just now, but now, after finally coming back to his senses, he felt extremely bitter.

That top-tier expert, who Situ Ziying was no match for, could not block even a simple move from Chu Yunfan.
There was no doubt who was stronger and who was weaker.

Chu Yunfan was clearly much stronger.
Compared to the gap between him and Chu Yunfan back then, the gap was clearly even greater now.

Le Yuzhu also had the same expression.
No matter what, Chu Yunfan seemed invincible.
An ordinary person would not be able to contend against him.

After the blue-robed swordsman and the red-robed woman exchanged glances, they naturally understood the meaning in each other’s eyes.
Chu Yunfan was far more troublesome than the rumors said.

The black-robed youth from before was about as strong as them.
In the end, he could not even block a single move from Chu Yunfan.
They naturally did not dare to be careless.

The two of them exchanged a glance before instantly pouncing toward Chu Yunfan—one on the left and one on the right.
They worked very well together.

The red-robed woman swung the long whip in her hand, and it burst out with a shocking radiance.
The whip was a pseudo-magic weapon.
It was just a little bit away from becoming a magic weapon.
Its power was indeed invincible.

Previously, Mei Haiyun was unable to take down this red-robed woman and had suffered a loss in terms of weapons.

The whip swept toward Chu Yunfan at lightning speed.

On the other side, the long sword in the blue-robed swordsman’s hand burst out with a shocking light.

These people were clearly also not simple.

The sword light transformed into several feet long and chopped down toward Chu Yunfan’s head.

The two of them, one on the left and one on the right, sealed off all space for Chu Yunfan to retreat.

The black-robed saberman seemed to be somewhat reserved and did not participate in the encirclement attack.
He had absolute confidence in his own strength.

Facing the twin attack, Chu Yunfan just tilted his head slightly, and the whip that the red-robed woman swept over missed.

“How is this possible?” the red-robed woman said in disbelief.

If Chu Yunfan had merely blocked her attack, it would have been fine.
However, Chu Yunfan had actually dodged it in such a strange manner.

“What kind of movement technique is this?” The black-robed swordsman also looked at Chu Yunfan in shock.
He knew that this was a movement technique, but he did not know what kind.
It was much more powerful than any of the techniques he knew.

Even in their holy land, there was no such cultivation technique.

After dodging the red-robed woman’s attack, Chu Yunfan raised his hand and turned it into a palm that blocked the sword light that was slashing down.


This sword light slashed down onto Chu Yunfan’s palm, but it did not cut off Chu Yunfan’s palm as many people thought it would.

On the contrary, when the sword light landed on Chu Yunfan’s hand, it was as if it had met its nemesis and shattered inch by inch.

“What?! How is this possible?!”

The blue-robed swordsman could not believe it.
He could not believe that someone could block his sword with just his bare hands.
It was completely illogical.

But Chu Yunfan had really done it.
He then instantly charged forward.

The blue-robed swordsman did not know when, but Chu Yunfan had already arrived in front of him.

“Sh*t!” The blue-robed swordsman instantly knew something was wrong.

Indeed, at the same time that he realized it, a terrifying fist intent surged out from Chu Yunfan’s body.
It transformed into an incomparably huge asura.

Then, Chu Yunfan threw a punch.

This gigantic fist ruthlessly smashed down at the blue-robed swordsman.
He hurriedly swung his sword again.
The sword light was even thicker than the previous one.

Chu Yunfan was using his full strength.
Previously, he had killed the black-robed youth with one punch.
How could the blue-robed swordsman not notice it?


The sword light that he swept out was smashed into pieces by the asura that Chu Yunfan had sent out.
It was unable to block Chu Yunfan’s punch.

The blue-robed swordsman was instantly frightened out of his wits.
He tried to turn around and run because he realized that he could not withstand this punch.

Although Chu Yunfan’s punch did not seem to be very fast, it was actually as fast as lightning.
And it has locked onto the blue-robed swordsman.

There was no way for him to escape and was directly hit.


The blue-robed swordsman was instantly sent flying, and the sword in his hand was also sent flying.
Then, he fell heavily to the ground.
His neck was twisted and broken.
He died tragically on the spot.

The blue-robed swordsman’s attacks were vicious.
All those he fought were either dead or injured.
However, Chu Yunfan’s attacks were similarly merciless.

Dong Fanghao, who was standing at the side, felt extremely relieved.
The blue-robed swordsman from before was truly too arrogant.
If it wasn’t for the fact that there were students from the Federation University who were already prepared to come forward and save him, he would have died at the hands of this blue-robed swordsman.

Another one of the four was dead.
Similarly, in just a single move, this blue-robed swordsman was already dead.

After killing the blue-robed swordsman with one punch, Chu Yunfan sneered.

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