Instantly, the entire stadium exploded into chaos.
Federation University was filled with the most elite group of people in the Federation.
They might be in competition with each other, but no matter what, being able to enter Federation University was an honor for them.

The words of the black-robed saberman had reduced them to dust.
Even the president of the Federation would not dare to say that Federation University was trash, much less a fellow that came out of nowhere.

“You lot joined forces.
What’s there to be proud of even if you’ve won?!”

“Shameless! It was two against one!”

Many students could not contain their anger as they spoke.
On the contrary, it was Mei Haiyun who was much calmer.
He knew that although he had been caught unprepared, even if they were to fight head-on, he would be no match for the black-robed saberman.

The black-robed swordsman was too terrifying.
From what Mei Haiyun knew, the only person of his age who could give him such terrifying pressure was Chu Yunfan two years ago when he was still around.

At this moment, he had a revelation.
If Chu Yunfan was still around, it would be great.
If Chu Yunfan was still around, he might be able to cut down this black-robed saberman.

Once this idea was born, it became uncontrollable.
Back then, Chu Yunfan’s strength was above Mei Haiyun’s.
Two years had passed, and he surely would be much stronger now.
In the midst of this, he would have had a few fortuitous encounters, and his strength would increase by leaps and bounds.

If Chu Yunfan was still alive, then at the very least, he wouldn’t be any weaker than this black-robed saberman.

“It’s a pity.
If only Chu Yunfan was here.
If he hadn’t died, Federation University would not have ended up like this!” a student suddenly spoke up

Immediately, all the senior students recalled that legend from the past.
Chu Yunfan had swept all the way to the top.
He had even defeated the current twin prides of Federation University.
If he was here, Federation University would not have been looked down upon by others.

The senior students knew Chu Yunfan’s glory the best.
When he was just a sophomore, he defeated the senior, Jiang Lingxiao.
That was no ordinary student.

Back then, Jiang Lingxiao’s might was not inferior to the current Mei Haiyun.
In other words, two years ago, Chu Yunfan was already stronger than the current Mei Haiyun.
If he had not died, he would have easily defeated these four people.

The juniors knew a little about what had happened.
After all, they had just entered the university at that time, so they weren’t sure about much of what had happened

As for the freshmen and sophomores, they didn’t know that there was such a person.

“Who’s Chu Yunfan? Is he very powerful?”

“Of course.
Back then, Senior Chu Yunfan was the pride of Federation University!”

From the words of the older students, the freshmen and sophomores came to know that there had once been a powerful senior within Federation University.

From the words of the juniors and seniors, the various deeds regarding Chu Yunfan were clearly displayed before the eyes of the new students.

Chu Yunfan was indeed a legend, but unfortunately, he was dead.

Although the students in the entire stadium were unyielding, the black-robed saberman was not angry.
They were reminiscing about a person who had already died.
Those so-called deeds of Chu Yunfan were exceptionally laughable in his ears.

They were just glorifying those who had died.
It may have been shocking two years ago, but that did not mean that it would be shocking now.

On the path of cultivation, one did not advance but instead retreated.
People were already dead.
Now, with the excuse of “what if” and so on, wasn’t it laughable?

“Federation University is known as the number one university within the Federation.
Don’t tell me you want to blame all of this on a dead person?” The black-robed saberman sneered as he stared at the students.
“What do you mean if he isn’t dead? If he’s dead, then he’s dead.
There are skeletons all along the path of cultivation.
There are more than ten million dead geniuses.
If he’s dead, then he’s dead.
There are no ifs.”

The words of the black-robed swordsman made the students of Federation University even angrier.
His words were simply a slap to their faces.
There were even a few instructors who were completely enraged and released their powerful auras.

The expression of the black-robed saberman became solemn.
Federation University was different from universities like Qinghua University, Northern University, Fudan University, and Tiannan University.
The experts here were as numerous as the clouds.
Even with the black-robed saberman’s cultivation level, he would be in a tight spot.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it wasn’t good to bully the weak, the black-robed saberman wouldn’t have been able to walk out of the university today.

“What? The instructors of Federation University want to bully the weak?!” the black-robed saberman said loudly, “If the students can’t win, then the instructors will step in? Tsk, tsk.
I finally understand how powerful Federation University is!”

The few instructors were caught off guard.
Although they were furious, they had no choice but to stop.
Losing was already embarrassing enough.
If they were to enter the arena, regardless of whether they won or lost, it would be extremely embarrassing.

“Aren’t you speaking a little too early? Moreover, you haven’t defeated all the experts.”

Suddenly, just as everyone was glaring angrily at the black-robed saberman, a figure slowly walked into the arena and said these words in a clear voice.

Everyone followed the voice, only to see that it was a black-robed young man.
His appearance was delicate and carried with him a hint of toughness.
He was dressed in a tight suit and looked tall and slender.

The entire stadium was stunned.
The instructors, the seniors, and the juniors were completely dumbfounded as they looked at this young man.

“Chu Yunfan!”

Immediately, all sorts of clamor started up as though they were about to flip the roof over.
Everyone looked at the figure at the door in disbelief.

Who else could it be other than Chu Yunfan?

Those of the same year who had interacted with Chu Yunfan, Dong Fanghao, Mei Haiyun, Situ Ziying, Le Yuzhu, and others were familiar with Chu Yunfan.

Although it had been a full two years since they had seen each other, and Chu Yunfan’s appearance had also changed and he had become more mature, they still easily recognized Chu Yunfan.

This was because he was unforgettable.
Back then, they were all outstanding.
Even though Mei Haiyun had been the first to obtain the title of number one student, they had never given up.
They were all shining like stars that had dazzled for a time.

Only Chu Yunfan was different.
He had caught up from behind and suppressed them all with his own strength.
They had lost all their glory.

Some people were born to be the Sun in the sky, and they could not block it.

However, more people felt like they were seeing a ghost because they clearly remembered that Chu Yunfan was dead.
Even the Jiangs had given up on chasing after him.

With how much the Jiangs hated Chu Yunfan, if he was not dead, the Jiangs would not have given up on chasing after him.

“Chu Yunfan! It’s really him!”

“Is that Senior Chu Yunfan?!”

“I must be seeing things!”

Everyone was in an uproar.

As for the black-robed saberman, he looked at Chu Yunfan and said, “You’re Chu Yunfan? You don’t look like much.”

Chu Yunfan simply grinned and said, “Just now, you said that Federation University is trash? You haven’t won yet, so don’t talk big too early.
Now that I’m here, are you guys going to come up one by one or are you going to attack together? I’m in a hurry, so decide quickly.”

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