The woman in red grinned and said, “I’m your opponent.
Don’t get it mixed up.”

“Move aside!” Mei Haiyun shouted.

The woman’s expression instantly turned ugly as she said, “You want me to move? Are you even capable of making me?”

After saying that, the long whip in her hand swept toward Mei Haiyun like a terrifying bolt of lightning.

Mei Haiyun had only just made his move when he got a shock.
The strength of this red-robed woman was not inferior to his in the slightest.

On the other side, Dong Fanghao was already at his limit.
The more anxious Mei Haiyun was, the more he unleashed all of his strength.


Mei Haiyun at full strength was actually even more terrifying than Dong Fanghao.
Mei Haiyun had stepped into the initial stage of the sixth level of the Innate Stage.

When this strength was displayed, it shocked the entire crowd, especially since Dong Fanghao was only at the peak of the Innate fifth level.
Mei Haiyun had stepped into the sixth level before Dong Fanghao and was only slightly weaker than Jiang Lingxiao back then.

Many people recalled that Mei Haiyun was said to be on par with Jiang Lingxiao who was the same age as him back then.
If it wasn’t for Chu Yunfan stealing the limelight, he would never have been regarded as inferior to Jiang Lingxiao

And the facts proved that it was indeed so.
Two years after Chu Yunfan’s death, Mei Haiyun had indeed become the number one expert at Federation University.
No one could shake him.

And when they saw Mei Haiyun’s strength, the eyes of the black-robed young man and the black-robed saberman lit up.

“I never thought that there would be such a level of existence within the Federation!”

“He would be considered a great existence even in the holy land!”

The black-robed saberman and the black-robed youth looked at each other and saw some fear in each other’s eyes.

Right now, they were abusing the students of the Federation.
In fact, many of their talents weren’t inferior to theirs.
However, the inheritances of the Federation were far inferior.
Although they had inheritances from the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the Federation was practically starting from scratch.
A few hundred years was too short a period.

“But it’s such a pity.
This is where we’ll have to stop.”

The eyes of the black-robed saberman revealed an incomparable confidence that had been restored.

“The holy land wants to take over the Federation, so we must completely subdue them and defeat the younger generation.
This is just the beginning.
This world is too chaotic.
Ordinary people actually have the same status as cultivators.
This is simply going against the grain,” the black-robed youth said unhappily.

“This isn’t normal.
But in the future, the holy land will rule over the Federation, and true order will be restored,” the black-robed saberman said.

On one side, Mei Haiyun and the red-robed woman engaged in a fierce battle.
On the other, Dong Fanghao was sent flying out of the arena.
The blue-robed swordsman wanted to kill him, but in the end, he was thwarted.

A group of students from Federation University saw that the situation was not looking good and hurriedly rushed out to protect Dong Fanghao.
They knew that these people would not show any mercy.
They had long been prepared.

Even so, Dong Fanghao, who had escaped death, felt as if all the bones in his body had shattered.
His eyes were filled with shock.
This blue-robed swordsman was terrifying.

If it was just in terms of cultivation strength, the blue-robed swordsman was not much stronger than him, but the cultivation technique the blue-robed swordsman cultivated was clearly much stronger than his, which was why he was easily defeated.


Dong Fanghao spat out a mouthful of blood and felt much better.
He forced himself to sit up and said, “Tell me your name.
Next time, I will defeat you!”

He was not in despair.
If his cultivation technique was better, he would not have lost so badly.

“You’re lucky that you didn’t die.
A loser doesn’t have the right to know my name.
Moreover, you want to take revenge using the trash cultivation technique you practice? It’s useless even if you practice it for another hundred years,” the blue-robed swordsman said bluntly.


On the other side, the battle between Mei Haiyun and the red-robed woman had reached a white-hot stage.

The red-robed woman’s offense was like a tide.
The long whip that she casually waved out was like a long spear, shattering everything in its path.
In terms of ruthlessness, she was not the slightest bit inferior to Mei Haiyun.

Her strength was not inferior to the blue-robed swordsman.

But it was a pity that she had met Mei Haiyun.
Mei Haiyun had stepped into the sixth level of the Innate Stage, and he was not inferior to Jiang Lingxiao from back then.
His Five Elemental Swords Technique was both offensive and defensive, and he had practiced it till he could combine the five swords into one.

In terms of strength, he was not inferior to this red-robed woman.
He had fought steadily and with great vigor.

Seeing this scene, all the university students became excited.
After all, they had to rely on Federation University to protect the dignity of the Federation students.

At this moment, they no longer had any thoughts of ruthlessly teaching these four people a lesson.
They had all witnessed the strength of these four.
They were indeed terrifying.
No wonder Situ Ziying and the others had all been defeated.
Even Dong Fanghao was no match for them.
It was already good enough that Mei Haiyun was able to remain undefeated.

“My patience is waning!”

Just as Mei Haiyun and the red-robed woman were about to reach a stalemate, the black-robed saberman suddenly entered the arena.

Like a ferocious tiger descending the mountain, he charged straight into the arena.
He struck out with his saber and the snow-white weapon brought out a saber light several feet long as it swept toward Mei Haiyun.

Mei Haiyun had not expected that the black-robed saberman would be so unscrupulous and charge in.
He hurriedly used the Earth Sword of The Five Elemental Swords to defend himself.


The saber light slashed into Mei Haiyun’s sword light, and a huge explosion caused Mei Haiyun to take a few steps back.

Mei Haiyun instantly went on high alert.
The red-robed woman’s attack was already heavy enough.
Only now did he realize that the black-robed saberman was even stronger than him and the red-robed woman.




A few consecutive strikes and each was more terrifying than the last.
Mei Haiyun finally couldn’t hold out any longer and was sent flying.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.
Clearly, he had been defeated.

The entire stadium was in an uproar.
Previously, Mei Haiyun was everyone’s hope of being able to fight equally with that red-robed woman.
However, after that black-robed saberman attacked, he was defeated in just a few moves.

The entire stadium looked at the black-robed saberman with a look of reverence.

This was especially so for Situ Ziying and Le Yuzhu.
Both of them clenched their fists tightly.
They had both been defeated by this man.
Situ Ziying had almost been hacked to death by him.
It could be said that there was a deep hatred between them.

“What are you doing?” the red-robed woman walked forward and said unhappily.

“Have you forgotten the purpose of our visit? His strength is not inferior to yours.
You can’t defeat him, so why waste time?” the black-robed saberman said bluntly.

Then, he swept his gaze across the entire stadium and said words that caused the entire stadium to boil in anger.

“Federation University is trash.
I’m very disappointed.”

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