For three days, the Internet was buzzing, especially among the university students.
They were all discussing these four people who had suddenly descended from the sky.
The more they argued, the more heated it became.
Everyone was talking about these four people.

Some people were guessing about the origins of these four people.
Although these four people rarely appeared, every time they did, they would disappear again in a flash.

However, the power of the Federation was terrifying.
They had managed to discover some of their origins.

Although these four people didn’t say much about their origins, they had been revealed to have come from a holy land.

As soon as the term “holy land” was mentioned, it immediately attracted the attention of many.
However, no matter how many times they searched, they were unable to find the origins of this holy land.

Many people guessed that it was a martial arts holy land and that these four were from a reclusive sect.
Otherwise, there was no reason why no one had ever heard of them.

Any one of these four was an outstanding person in this world.
Even within Federation University, they were able to contend for the number one position.
For four of them to appear in one go…

If such power appeared in front of everyone, even if it was just a small trace, how could they not know about it?

But no matter what, the term “holy land” had become a hot topic on the Internet.
Many people wanted to know just what kind of existence it was.

Many students from the nine famous universities swore that if they found out where this holy land was, they would definitely make them pay the price.

It was simply too arrogant.
This was going against the Federation.

When this craze swept over Federation University, the students from the other universities expressed that no matter how arrogant they were before, they should kneel before Federation University.

Even though they were ranked in the top ten, Federation University was obviously on a different level from the other universities.

University students had always divided the university into two categories.
One was Federation University, and the other was the other universities.
This was enough to show the pride of the students of Federation University.

The day finally arrived.
Many experts from the universities, including Situ Ziying, Le Yuzhu, and others had rushed over.
Everyone was looking to see if the footsteps of these four people would stop at Federation University, and how far could they go.

And on this day, Chu Yunfan finally came out of secluded cultivation.

In the secret training room, Chu Yunfan slowly opened his eyes.
His body was suffused with a faint stream of light, making him look like a god.

All the pores on his body had opened up, and countless amounts of Spirit Energy poured into his body.
They were all gushing out from the space of the Mountain River Diagram and were ultimately absorbed by him.

After a long time, it finally stopped.

The cultivated level that Chu Yunfan had just broken through had been completely consolidated.

“I’ve finally stepped into the fifth level of the Innate Stage.” Chu Yunfan let out a long sigh of relief.

He could feel the explosive power in his body.
Although it was only at the fifth level, it would be easy for him to sweep past any Innate that was at the eight level and below.

Chu Yunfan could feel that he was becoming stronger.

With the strength of the Imperial Physique, he was invincible against those within the same level as him and could even fight against opponents of a higher level.

“It’s time to come out of seclusion.”

Chu Yunfan checked his terminal.
He then got a better understanding of what was happening outside

“Another four people from the holy land?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“I want to see exactly what this holy land is!”

Although there were many experts in this holy land, no matter how powerful they were, he was not concerned about them.
Unless they had reached the ninth level of the Innate Stage, he was not the slightest bit concerned.

It was almost impossible to reach the ninth level of the Innate Stage before the age of twenty-two.
At the very least, it was impossible for those people to do it.
Although they easily defeated Gu Chang, Chen Lei, and the others, that lot had only just entered Innate Stage not too long ago.

At most, those university experts were only at the second level of the Innate, and that was already very impressive.

It was not a big deal for one strike to severely injure them.

“It’s also time to go out and let them know that I’m back,” Chu Yunfan said.

It was not that he wanted to expose himself, but the Jiangs had probably already found out that was still alive a month ago.
Although he did not know what the Jiangs would do, there was no point in hiding anymore.

“I’ll be fine even if they decide to engage me in a direct confrontation.
Unless the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor personally appears, what can they do?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

He knew that the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor was currently overseas, seemingly exploring a relic.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Chu Yunfan’s intelligence network was very powerful.
Instead, it seemed that an immortal mountain had suddenly appeared overseas.
There were Ancient Zenith Civilization relics on the immortal mountain, and quite a number of Divine experts had gone there.
It had even alarmed the Federation.

Federation University Metropolis, which was a prosperous place, welcomed many honored guests today.
Many of these people were not students of Federation University, but students from other universities.

After much hype, everyone knew that the four freaks were going to challenge Federation University, so this was not a strange sight.

Everyone was here to watch this unprecedented battle.

The stadium of Federation University was already bustling with people.
Countless people had gathered in the stadium.
Even the passageways were filled with people.

In the ring at the center of the stadium, two figures stood beside each other, attracting everyone’s attention.

These two figures stood tall and upright, both giving off auras as if they were looking down on the world.

These two were none other than the two peerless geniuses of Federation University—Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao.

“I wonder what the outcome of this battle will be?”

“Needless to say, Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao from our university are definitely more powerful.”

“It’s hard to say.
The strength displayed by those four is truly astonishing.
They even defeated Situ Ziying and Le Yuzhu.”

These students were discussing animatedly, but they did not notice that not far away from them, there were two people with unnatural expressions.
These two people were the number one expert at Qinghua University, Situ Ziying, and the number one expert at Northern University, Le Yuzhu.

Although they wanted to flare up, it was a fact that they were easily defeated before.

“I don’t know how these four people trained.
They’re only in their early twenties, but they’re already so terrifying.”

“Of course, they didn’t lie about their age.
Otherwise, how could the other nine famous universities tolerate them? They would have killed them long ago.
They’re bullying the weak, and they’re so ruthless about it.”

“Look, they’re here!”

While everyone was discussing, four figures finally appeared at the entrance of the stadium.

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