Once the news spread out, it caused a sensation on the Internet.
Regardless of whether it was Tiannan University or Fudan University, they were both ranked among the top ten universities.
The students in them were all elites.
Gu Chang and Chen Lei were experts amongst experts—the elites amongst the elites.

One of them was seriously injured and was on the verge of death, while the other was really dead.
Fudan University’s Innate instructors couldn’t stop the person even though they had surrounded and attacked him.

And soon, everyone realized that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

A woman in red clutched a long whip in her hand.
She entered Kunlun University alone and defeated the number one expert at Kunlun University, Xinzi Ge.

With Xinzi Ge’s strength, he couldn’t block even three lashes from this woman in red who was about the same age as him was instantly defeated.

This woman’s long whip was really heavy.
After being struck just once, all the bones in Xinzi Ge’s body had already shattered.

He was instantly defeated.

Immediately after, this woman entered Zhe University and defeated the number one expert there.

There was also a tall and big saberman dressed in black and a young man dressed in black who shocked everyone with just his iron fists.

Each of these people treated the top ten famous universities as if they were nothing and challenged all of them.
Moreover, they only picked the strongest to fight with.
They didn’t even look at the ordinary students.

Among these four people, the most terrifying one was the black-clothed saberman.
He defeated Le Yuzhu, who was now the number one expert at Northern University, with only three strikes.
Le Yuzhu was heavily injured and almost died.

After defeating Le Yuzhu, the number one expert at Northern University, the black-clothed saberman went straight to Qinghua University.

The number one expert of Qinghua University, Situ Ziying, had only used five strikes against this black-clothed saberman before he too was defeated.

He had almost been cut in half by one strike.
If not for his instructor’s timely rescue, Situ Ziying might have died as well.

Instantly, the entire Internet was filled with condemnation.
Many people were filled with righteous indignation, especially the students from the various universities because these four people were too arrogant.

They could have not been so heavy-handed, but they did not hold back at all.
Moreover, it was as if these four were deliberately trying to kill these people.
They were extremely ruthless.

Currently, nine out of the ten top experts of the top ten famous universities had been defeated.
Three had died tragically while the remaining six were all heavily injured.

Such ruthless actions caused the students of the various universities to unite against a common enemy.
One after another, they started to voice their grievances online.

However, these four didn’t seem to care at all.
They didn’t two hoots about the anger of the students that was spilling all across the Internet.
They even sent a letter directly to Federation University.

Many people understood.
These four people were out to challenge the top ten Universities.
How could they miss out on Federation University, which was ranked first among the top ten universities?

However, nobody had expected these four to arrive so quickly and sweep straight to Federation University.

Many people started to get excited, especially the students from the other nine universities.
Although the top ten universities usually competed with each other, Federation University, which was ranked first, was the nemesis of the other nine universities.

The real competition target of the other nine universities was Federation University.

However, at this moment, the top ten universities were united.
They still hoped that Federation University could help them teach these four a lesson.

These people were too arrogant.

These four displayed shocking strength as if they had fallen from the sky.
Many were guessing who these people were.
But no matter what their background was, they would have to pay the price.

How could the top ten universities of the Federation be easily provoked? Even though the current students might not be a match for these four, the top ten universities of the Federation occupied at least 90% of the upper echelons of the Federation.

Under such circumstances, offending the top ten universities of the Federation was equivalent to offending the entire upper echelons of the Federation.
Even a colossus like the Heavenly Dragon Villa would have to tremble in fear if they offended the upper echelons of the Federation.

The Federation was simply too powerful.
It wasn’t something that just one or two superpowers could compare to.

If the Federation deployed its forces in one direction, even a colossus like the Heavenly Dragon Villa would be annihilated without a second thought.

This was the reason why the Federation was in chaos after the president disappeared.
The Federation was very powerful, but it was made up of many forces.
Every force had its own ideas.
If no one was able to control the overall situation, it would be considered good if the Federation was able to display even 30% of its strength.

Those four were powerful, but Federation University wasn’t just for show.
It was much stronger than the other universities.
Regardless of whether it was their overall strength or their top-tier strength, they were clearly much stronger.

Perhaps they could teach these four a harsh lesson.

After the invitation was sent to Federation University, people discovered that it had been addressed to two people.

Currently, at Federation University, there were two people who were respected.
One was Mei Haiyun, who occupied the title of Federation University’s number one expert, while the second was Dong Fanghao.

And Dong Fanghao was not much weaker than Mei Haiyun.

Two years ago, after Chu Yunfan’s “death,” these two were publicly acknowledged as the two prides of Federation University.

In the other nine universities, these four had only challenged the number one expert of each location.
But at Federation University, they had challenged two people.
One could imagine how special Federation University was.

The battle was to take place in three days.
Everybody hoped that Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao would not disappoint them.

The moment the contents of the invitation were spread out, it caused a huge uproar within Federation University.
No one had ever dared to challenge Federation University in this way.
Among those of the same age, the students of Federation University had always been the best.
No one could compare to them.
Yet, they were being provoked like this.

How could they tolerate this?

Facing such a provocation, Dong Fanghao simply replied with one sentence, “If you want to fight, then let’s fight.”

Meanwhile, Mei Haiyun only replied with one word, “Come.”

The two of them did not back down.
They were the strongest of their generation within the Federation.
If the two of them failed, it meant that the Federation’s peers had been defeated by these four people of unknown origins.

It would be a slap in their faces.

At this moment, there were some people posting on the Internet, bringing up old matters once again.

[If only Chu Yunfan hadn’t died, how great would that be?]

[Two years ago, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation had already reached an unfathomable level, and even the sixth-level Innate Jiang Lingxiao was no match for him.]

[If he was still alive, how terrifying would Senior Chu Yunfan be? It’s simply unimaginable.]

However, this sentiment was quickly drowned in the flood of posts.
Dead people, after all, were already dead.

Three days passed in a flash.

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