Lu, we’ll give you three days to think it over.
If you don’t hand over the formula, don’t blame us, the Wolf Kings, for being impolite.”

On the projection on the terminal, a scarred middle-aged man sneered.

“I knocked off a batch of your goods to warn you.
Do you think that you still have the protection of a Divine expert? I advise you to be wise.
Otherwise, the consequences that you’ll face will be unimaginable.”

Lu Qingxuan, who was sitting on the chair in the chairman’s office, heard the middle-aged man’s threat and her face instantly turned cold.

“Come and try me if you can.”

Lu Qingxuan hung up the phone.
Compared to two years ago, she was now more mature.
Her business suit clung to her curvy figure, and she had a more mature charm.

However, at this moment, her exquisite face was filled with unconcealable fatigue.

Although she had watched over Shanhe Alchemy for the past few years, she knew that the company had not gotten to where it was because of her.
No matter how outstanding she was, without a strong backer, it was only a matter of time before the company was eaten up by others.

Previously, they had Chu Yunfan.
After they developed, they even gained the support of a Divine expert.
Naturally, no one dared to touch Shanhe Alchemy.
Hence, the company was able to develop smoothly during this period.

However, Chu Yunfan died two years ago.
And Jeang Yuanbin went missing six months ago and was presumed dead.
The two main backers of the company had disappeared, and all kinds of pressure came crashing down on the company.

A few months ago, many were not sure if Jeang Yuanbin had really fallen, so they did not dare to go overboard.
But now, as time passed, more and more people came to believe that he had really fallen.
All kinds of pressure came crashing down.

Now, it was not only the big alchemy companies and big financial groups that coveted the formula for the Qi Replenishing Pill.
Even the Wolf Kings—a local gang—dared to brazenly come and blackmail them.

Shanhe Alchemy had been developing rapidly during this period.
Of course, they had expanded their influence.
The company wasn’t afraid of any of the gangs, but there were so many of them.
Even ants could bite an elephant to death.
Moreover, these gangs had been developing rapidly in the past two years.
They had the support of big families and big financial groups.

In reality, they were merely acting as the pawns of these big families and financial groups.

All of this made Lu Qingxuan feel extremely tired.

At this moment, the figure of a young man appeared in her mind.
If he was here, none of this would be a problem.

Outsiders thought that Chu Yunfan was already dead, but she knew that it was not that simple.
And it was not just because Chu Yunfan had sent her a message two years ago.
Over the past year, she had gained Jeang Yuanbin’s full support, however, he had also warned her not to have any other thoughts until Chu Yunfan returned.

When she heard this, she was not disappointed.
Instead, she was extremely excited.
The more the company developed, the more she understood the importance of having a backer.
What could one do alone?

However, she had fought a long and difficult battle.
She was on the verge of breaking down, and there was still no news from Chu Yunfan.
Everything was weighing down on her.

“When will this end…”

Just as she finished speaking, suddenly, there was a loud bang.
The door of her office, which was over a hundred square meters wide, was kicked open, and a figure stumbled in.
Then, he fell straight onto the floor.

It was a robust old man.
The powerful Innate pressure on his body had yet to dissipate.
Yes, that’s right, the man was an Innate expert.

Lu Qingxuan recognized him.
He was one of the benefactors of Shanhe Alchemy.

Although Shanhe Alchemy wasn’t the best alchemy company in the world, it was enough to rank within the top twenty.
But its foundation was shallow, so it had to increase its strength.

One of the things they needed was experts with money.

In the past two years, this Innate benefactor had helped Shanhe Alchemy settle countless troubles.
But now, he was being thrown to the ground like a dog.


Before Lu Qingxuan could finish her sentence, a few people marched in.
The two people in the lead made her eyes narrow.

These two were the old enemies from a few years ago—Chu Hongye and his son.
Chu Zhiguo.
The memories that she had buried suddenly appeared in the back of her mind.

It was these two who had almost forced her into a dead end not long after she had first entered society.
If she had not met Chu Yunfan, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Later on, under Chu Yunfan’s series of elimination and punishment, the father and son pair were driven out of the Chu family.
The Chus had also reclaimed their company, and since then, they had disappeared.

She had not expected to see them again, and with a young man in his twenties in tow.

The young man had an air of bossiness around him as he clapped his hands.
It was obvious that he was the one who had just blasted away Shanhe Alchemy’s Innate benefactor.

“What do you guys want?” Lu Qingxuan immediately became vigilant.
“You’re trespassing.
I’m going to call the police!”

“Call the police?” Young Master Lin casually waved his hand, and a force swept out, shattering the terminal in Lu Qingxuan’s hands.
“Although I’m not afraid of the police, it will prove troublesome before this matter is settled.”

Young Master Lin walked to the sofa in the small office and sat down.
He then said, “Let me introduce myself.
My name is Lin Chengfeng.
I’m a disciple of the Fluttering Blooms sect.
You might not know the Fluttering Blooms, but there’s no need for you to know.

“The only thing you need to know is that we are about to enter the world on a large scale and will require a large amount of financial support.
Now, I’m giving you a chance.
If you submit yourself to me, I will bring you into the fold of Flutterring Blooms.

“When that time comes, you’ll receive ten times more support than you have now, and this company will be able to develop to a larger scale.”

Lin Chengfeng looked at Lu Qingxuan with certainty, as if he was sure that Lu Qingxuan would agree.
In his opinion, such conditions were pretty good.

If Lu Qingxuan was willing to join him, he would easily give up on the promise he made to Chu Zhiguo and Chu Hongye.
The two of them were just abandoned brats who were not qualified to negotiate with him.

Meanwhile, Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo became agitated.
They looked at Lu Qingxuan, afraid that she would agree.

Lu Qingxuan just shook her head and said, “I appreciate your kindness, but I only have 30% of this company’s shares.
I can’t make the decision.”


Lin Chengfeng slammed the armrest of the sofa, and his face instantly darkened.

“You dare to lie to me? Do you think I don’t know that Chu Yunfan is dead?”

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