Everyone’s gaze turned toward the depths of the training hall.
A figure slowly walked out.
When everyone saw who it was, they were completely dumbfounded.

Regardless of whether it was Sha Peng’s group or the instructors, they all knew who this person was.

Two years ago, this person had overturned the Federation.
He almost single-handedly forced the Jiangs into a dead end.
Even the Jiang Great Ancestor had personally stepped out to deal with him but was unable to do so.

That matter had shocked the entire Federation, especially those within Federation University.
It had caused a huge uproar because it involved two of its students.

One of them was the number one expert of Federation University back then, Jiang Lingxiao, and the other was Chu Yunfan.

During the incident where Chu Yunfan had caused in the Jiangs’ ancestral home, he had publicly killed Jiang Lingxiao who had stepped into the sixth level of the Innate Stage.

This had caused Federation University to lose two peak experts because after that incident, Chu Yunfan had also disappeared.
Many thought he had died.

Although they did not know what method Chu Yunfan had used, there was no doubt that he had exchanged his life for strength.

Many people present at that time could attest to it.
Chu Yunfan had indeed been shrouded in the aura of death.
According to such circumstances, it was absolutely impossible for him to survive.

After that, Chu Yunfan disappeared.
In the past two years, no one had ever seen him again.
This confirmed the rumor that Chu Yunfan had exchanged his life for strength.

Chu Yunfan had fallen.

Federation University had been in an uproar.
In their entire history, there was never anyone who even came close to what Chu Yunfan had done.

Although the history of Federation University was filled with outstanding people, there had never been anyone who could beat up a huge figure such as the Jiangs in just their second year.
In the end, he even forced the Jiang Great Ancestor to make a move.

It was not a problem for such a person to be described as a monster.

However, no matter how outstanding a monster was, the past was the past, and death was death.
Chu Yunfan became a legend was quickly forgotten.

Although cruel, this was the reality.

And when they thought that Chu Yunfan had died, he appeared again.

Everyone thought that they were seeing a ghost.

Sha Peng and Ruan Yingyu looked at Chu Yunfan with faces full of excitement.
They thought that their captain was dead.
They had not expected to see him again.

Thinking back to the days when they had risked their lives together, how could they forget about him? This was especially so for Ruan Yingyu.
Back when she had been attacked by monsters, Chu Yunfan had saved her.

They were so excited that they could not speak.
And behind them, although the juniors had never met Chu Yunfan, they had seen his pictures.
How could they not know that this was their instructor’s most outstanding disciple? It was the Chu Yunfan who had once pierced through the Heavens and became a legend.

They too looked at Chu Yunfan with faces full of admiration.
Ever since they entered the university, stories of Chu Yunfan had yet to die down.
Their ears from callused from hearing about him.
He was a legend—a myth.

“You… you…” an instructor pointed at Chu Yunfan and said with a face full of disbelief.

“You’re still alive!” one of the instructors blurted out.

“Is it strange that I’m still alive?” Chu Yunfan said calmly as he slowly walked out of the training hall.

“Chu Yunfan is actually alive!”

The hackers from the Jiangs were completely dumbfounded.
Although they were only considered ordinary people within the Jiang family and were not considered elites, they had all heard of the damage that Chu Yunfan had caused to the Jiangs two years ago.

Several peak Innate experts had fallen, and countless Acquired experts had been killed or injured.
Chu Yunfan had also killed dozens of advanced mechas, resulting in heavy losses.

Their first reaction was to try to send a message to the Jiangs.
Chu Yunfan was not dead and this was a big deal.
The Jiangs had only stopped searching for Chu Yunfan a year ago after confirming that he was dead.

However, who knew that he was not dead? Once news got out, the whole Jiang family would be in an uproar.

But before they could take action, they saw a sword light that was more than a hundred feet long sweep out like a giant sword.
All the hackers sent by the Jiangs died tragically.

“You dare to kill people?!” an instructor pointed at Chu Yunfan and said with burning anger.

“I’ve killedmany members of the Jiang family, let alone a few hackers.
Since they dare to plot against my instructor’s training hall, they should be prepared to die,” Chu Yunfan said coldly, “According to the laws of the Federation, if you trespass into a private residence, death is the only path.
And now you’re admonishing me for killing people? How long has it been since you’ve been on the battlefield?”

Chu Yunfan sneered as he stared at these instructors.
Although they were considered outstanding individuals and were most of them were in the Innate Stage, how could they compare to people like Jeang Yuanbin who had retired from the battlefield?

“You people should die as well.
But since you are the instructors of Federation University, I won’t kill you.
All of you will cut off one of your own arms.
Compared to death, this will be a small punishment,” Chu Yunfan said with his hands behind his back.

Although he was not afraid of offending these giants, he did not want to make an enemy out of Federation University.
Because he had been nurtured by Federation University, he still had some kinship with them.
Without the university, it would have been impossible for him to grow to this level.

If he killed these people, all the instructors in the university would probably united against him.
People stand up for their own kind.
Chu Yunfan understood this principle very well.

“But you have to die.” Chu Yunfan pointed at the medium-sized instructor.
“You’re from the Jiang family, right? Your Great Ancestor ganged up with a group of hooligans to besiege my instructor, and yet you dare bring people here to take over my instructor’s training hall.
Do you really think you’ll be able to get away with this?”

“Chu Yunfan, do you think that it’s still two years ago? Even your biggest backer, Jeang Yuanbin, is dead, let alone a mere you.
After today, the Jiangs will learn about this and you will die.
DO you still dare to be arrogant now?!”

The medium-sized instructor stepped forward.
That’s right.
He was ab instructor from the Jiang family.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to borrow the best Jiang hackers.
Those hackers didn’t have high cultivation levels.
However, they were top-notch experts in hacking computer systems.
The outside world wouldn’t be able to hire them even if they wanted to.

He had heard of Chu Yunfan, but he wasn’t afraid.
Although, he didn’t know how Chu Yunfan managed to survive.
Chu Yunfan must have paid a hefty price.
He didn’t believe that Chu Yunfan would dare to do it exchange his life for strength again.

“Hmph, what a stroke of luck.
It’s a good things to have discovered that you’re still alive.
I’ll take you down and exchange your head for merits!”

The medium-sized instructor’s eyes lit up as he looked at Chu Yunfan.
It was as if he was looking at a pile of glittering merit points.

“You overestimate yourself.”

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