Chapter 69: The Arrival of the Weapons

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After stepping into the second level of the Qi Sea Stage, Chu Yunfan could feel that the Qi Sea in his body had become much larger.
The cultivation during the Qi Sea Stage was a process of constantly increasing the size of one’s Qi Sea.
At the same time, it was also a process of constantly stabilizing one’s Qi
Sea until it had completely stabilized and would not collapse.

As his Qi Sea grew larger, Chu Yunfan would be able to expend more True Energy and his damage output would also increase.
At this moment, all the students in the training room were practicing, so no one noticed Chu Yunfan’s strange behavior.

The entire training room was divided into two parts.
One was a meditation area, and the other was the area for combat and weapons training.
The two places were separated by soundproof walls, which were made of special materials that absorbed most sounds.
Thus the two groups did not interfere with
each other.

However, not long after, Gao Hongzhi ran in and ran to Chu Yunfan’s side.

“Yunfan, Coach Qin is handing out the weapons!” Gao Hongzhi said.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes immediately lit up.
He sprung to his feet and said, “Let’s go and get our weapons!”

Chu Yunfan and Gao Hongzhi soon arrived at the campus auditorium.
Qin Wu was inside distributing weapons to the students of Class 2.
One weapon after another was handed out, tucked into a protective case made of an unknown monster’s skin, with each of its owner’s names written on it.
It was clear that this batch of weapons was freshly forged by the federal government and not weapons from the storeroom.

Besides those from Class 2, there were also quite a number of students from the lower grades and other classes who were spectating this event.
Only the two focus classes would be given weapons, while the other classes would have to wait until the next semester.
The lower grades were still far from being
strong enough and it would still be a year or two before it was their turn.

This reminded Chu Yunfan of the seniors he had watched receiving their weapons in the past.
At that time, he had also fantasized about when he would be able to receive his weapon and when he would be able to fight monsters.
He had fantasized that he would one day be able to kill monsters at the front
lines and become a great hero of mankind.

After all, the current mainstream public opinion was in favor of experts who could contend with monsters.
Those people would become great heroes whose names people would pass on through word of mouth.
Chu Yunfan also received his battle saber.
He pulled it out of the scabbard and took a look.
The blade was sharp and was suffused with a dark blue light.
He was nearly blinded by its reflectiveness.

Although by the standards of modern society, this battle saber was not considered expensive at all.
That was because of the advancement of science and technology.
If it was a few hundred years ago when the great calamity had just begun, this would have been a divine weapon.
To deal with those

monsters, it was basically “kill or be killed.”

In the early days, the monsters on Earth were still going through the early stages of metamorphosis and were not as terrifying as they were now.
The monsters of that time—even Chu Yunfan who was of more modern times—could give rookies who had yet to graduate a run for their money.

War was the primary driving factor in the race to advance science and technology.
Under constant pressure from the monsters, human science and technology advanced at an astonishing speed.
And under the pressure from humans, the growth of the demonic beasts also sped up.
Therefore, in these
hundreds of years, mankind was unable to completely eradicate monsters, and the monsters were also unable to completely destroy the humans.

Beside Chu Yunfan, Gao Hongzhi had already taken off his holster and performed a beautiful spear dance, which was a strange contrast to his plump body.

It was obviously not his first time handling a spear.
This was quite normal.
For an ordinary family like Chu Yunfan, the first time he would come into contact with cold weapons was when the school distributed them out, but for a rich second generation like Gao Hongzhi, he had probably started to come
into contact with these cold weapons at a very young age.
It was just that they would be focused on breaking through the martial arts stages and did not practice with these weapons much.

This was the difference between a rich second generation and an ordinary person.
From the moment they were born, the gap between ordinary folk and these rich young masters were miles apart.

The starting point, knowledge, and methods of both sides were not on the same level.
When the two sides competed, those rich second-generation and nobles did not even need to use much of their connections.
Just based on their own qualities, they were far stronger than people who were born


“Both of you have received your weapons.
However, as your homeroom teacher, I have to remind you of one more thing, Although the Federal Government allows commoners to bear cold weapons, it is best that you understand your limits.
If you use these weapons to commit misdeeds, you will pay the
price!” Qin Wu said with a solemn expression.

Chu Yunfan and Gao Hongzhi hurriedly nodded.
In this modern day and age, everyone practiced martial arts and was like dragons.
Which family has not cultivated in the martial arts for the last thirty to fifty years? If they really encountered bandits, it was hard to say who would rob who.
After receiving their weapons, Chu Yunfan and Gao Hongzhi quickly returned to the training room.
In the combat area of the training room, many students who had just received their weapons were trying them out.
For a time, all kinds of shouts and yells rang out through the air.

Chu Yunfan found a good comer and began to test his weapon as well.
Although he decided to practice both the Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the Earth Splitting Saber Technique at the same time, he still had to start with one, to which he chose the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
The momentum
of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique was thick and heavy.
Each strike had the power to split a mountain.

Chu Yunfan kept recalling the basic tutorial videos about the Earth Splitting Saber Technique that he had seen on the internet.
He kept picturing the techniques and felt as if there was really someone who was performing the Earth Splitting Saber Technique in his mind.
Every time the person in his mind
performed a strike, Chu Yunfan felt his understanding of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique deepen.
His amazing powers of comprehension began to show its power.

After some envisioning, he finally stopped thinking.
He opened his eyes and struck out with the sharp saber in his hand.

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A loud sound of something swiping through the air rang out.
It was the sound of the sharp blade in Chu Yunfan’s hand cutting through the air.

This sound shook everyone’s hearts.
When the saber fell, it was powerful and heavy.
It appeared to be extremely terrifying in power.

When the blade fell, Chu Yunfan simultaneously turned the blade and slashed out horizontally.
The Earth Splitting Saber Technique was heavy in momentum but not in speed.
However, this did not mean that his speed was not fast.
In fact, the speed of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique was fast, heavy,
and continuous.
Just as the first strike landed, a second strike would immediately follow.

These kinds of strikes borrowed the momentum of the previous one, making each strike more powerful than the last.
When the power of the strikes was accumulative and even the strongest enemy would be cut down.

This was completely different from the Roaring Winds Saber Technique.
That technique relied on purely speed.
All the moves within that technique would result in super-fast strikes.
This technique relied on the fact that one’s opponent would not be able to keep up with the speed of the strikes.
technique was also great at cutting down one’s opponent.

The two saber techniques were completely different.
If they were used together, the resulting power would be even more shocking.
This was Chu Yunfan’s plan.

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